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   Chapter 24 Visit The Patient

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Charles frowned and his face darkened!

Without hearing his answer, Carson's voice came from the other end of the phone, with a faint worry, "Brother, if you have time, come to the hospital. If there is anything wrong, I'm afraid that Louie can't handle it alone."

"Okay, I'll be there soon." Charles was very unhappy, and all his good mood was ruined by the phone. He hung up the phone after saying that.

When Ivy walked out of the bar, the night wind blew. She trembled unconsciously and tightened her clothes.

Charles turned his head to look at her. Seeing the tears in her eyes, he felt a little guilty, but he still said calmly, "Ivy, I have something to deal with, so I can't drive you home. Can you go back by yourself?"

With a wry smile, Ivy wondered whether Charles was hypocritical or guilty. Since he couldn't send her back, it was meaningless for him to ask if she could go home by herself.

She felt that she had to be herself tonight. She couldn't lose herself in front of him again and again. She snorted and said stubbornly, turning around to look at the roadside, "You don't care whether I can go back or not. You don't have to care about me. If you have anything to do, just leave first. But, Charles, do you really think that everything you have done will pay off?"

Charles was stunned. He was not used to the mean and sharp words of Ivy, but he quickly calmed down and answered indifferently, "Take care of yourself, Ivy. I'm leaving."

Then he strode towards the parking lot.

Looking at his resolute back, Ivy suddenly felt heartbroken, and tears finally fell down from her face.

In the hospital.

After the doctors' rescue, Aaron Ling was temporarily out of danger. He was on an intravenous drip and woke up from coma.

Sitting aside, Louie asked Bella Wu something about Aaron Ling's condition briefly and then comforted her, "Aunt, don't worry. Uncle will be fine."

Tears were still on Bella Wu's face. She was almost scared to death just now. Now she held Aaron Ling's hand tightly, and her heart could not calm down.

Aaron Ling frowned and looked more painful. He glanced at Bella Wu and said, "What Louie said is right. Don't be sad. I'm not that easy to die." His words undoubtedly made Bella Wu sad again. She lowered her eyes and tried to hold back her tears.

Louie sighed in her heart and looked at Aaron Ling. Because of too much work, her uncle, who was less than sixty years old, had turned grey, and her heart was also filled with sadness. Although he had always been strict and meticulous, he was only a patient at this time, less timid and fierce as usual. Louie said softly, "Uncle, don't work too hard. If you are not in good health, you should apply for retirement as soon as possible. No matter how important your job is, you should take care of your health, right?"

Hearing her words, Bella Wu looked up, with a flash of emotion in her eyes, as if she wanted to say something but she stopped on a second thought. Her lips moved a little, but she didn't say anything. After two seconds, she looked away.

Louie was keenly aware of the flicker in her eyes, and she was even more confused. Before she could speak, Aaron Ling had already sighed deeply, and his tone was full of deep emotions, "Louie, I'm not tired because of work this time. I have nothing to hide from you. It's Lisa. She called and said she would come back."

Aaron Ling sai

d as he carefully observed her expression, with complex emotions in his eyes.

"Louie, in fact, Lisa has always been very guilty. Although she hasn't called you for three years, she said that she was sorry for you."

Bella Wu said hesitantly as she looked up at Louie.

Louie frowned and her mind was in a mess. She felt the air in the room became dull all of a sudden. Maybe it was because the smell of disinfectant in the hospital was so strong that she felt dizzy and her thoughts were not as clear as usual.

What day was it this year? Those who had left chose to come back. Did time really heal the wounds, or erase the traces in their heart? Lisa thought that everything seemed to have not happened when she came back now.

Since Lisa left, Charles had never taken the initiative to mention her name and everything about her, but Louie knew that Lisa had an indelible trace in his heart, so that Lisa's favorite songs had been kept in his car. When he was drunk, he had called Lisa's name for twice!

Louie's heart seemed to be slightly gnawed by something, and an imperceptible pain slowly spread from her heart. She pursed her lips and slightly narrowed her eyes, trying not to think about the past.

She had to face what she had to face sooner or later. Since everyone had come back, it was also a good thing. It was easier to remove the scars once, than to remove them again and again. Some things should have an end.

"Louie, no matter what Lisa did wrong in the past, she is still your sister. At least, Charles has been good to you in the past three years. You should think about it from another angle. If Lisa hadn't left, you wouldn't have such a position and life that makes people admire you today. There are few outstanding men like Charles in A City."

Bella Wu's words made Louie even more depressed, and an uncontrollable anger rose in her heart.

Should she thank Lisa?

Louie bit her lips tightly. In the past three years, Charles had played the role of a loving couple with her, but at home, she didn't care about the envy of others at all. Those were just illusions, but they had become the best words for Bella Wu to help Lisa.

Louie really wanted to laugh, but she wondered why Bella Wu didn't ask why Charles didn't come with her tonight?

At this moment, he was lying in a gentle bed. Was this the reason why she should thank Lisa?

She could have had her own plain happiness, but it was ruined because of Lisa. She couldn't help but laugh at herself. Sure enough, as an outsider, she was no match for Lisa, their biological daughter.

Perhaps noticing that Louie's face was getting darker and darker, Aaron Ling winked at Bella Wu to stop her from continuing. With a smile on his face, he realized that an important person was missing, "Why didn't Charles come with you? Is he still busy with his work?"

Being stopped by him, Bella Wu shut her mouth with dissatisfaction, and her eyes returned to the usual coldness and alienation. She was not as weak and dependent as before.

Perhaps she was frightened by Aaron Ling just now, so she restrained her coldness and became gentler.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Louie raised her hand subconsciously to rub her temples. When she was about to find an excuse, an apologetic voice came from outside the door, "Uncle, aunt, I'm sorry. I was delayed by something just now. Is everything okay with uncle?"

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