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   Chapter 23 Disturb

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When she was sleepy, her phone rang, breaking the silence of the night!

Feeling a little depressed, Louie opened her eyes. The light at the head of the bed was dim and weak. In a daze, she fumbled for her cell phone, but she didn't look at it. Instead, she lazily answered it.

Before she could say anything, her aunt's voice came from the other end of the phone, "Louie, your uncle has a heart attack. Come to the hospital as soon as possible!"

With a frown, Louie took a look at the clock on the wall. It was already half past ten, but she answered without hesitation, "Okay, I'll be right there!"

Then she hung up the phone.

Although they lived in the same city, Louie rarely went back to her parents' home because strictly speaking, that family was not hers. The parents she had called for more than twenty years were not her parents. Since three years ago, the moment she knew her origin, she had changed the address. She no longer called them parents, but called them uncle and aunt.

No matter what they did to her, she couldn't be ruthless to them. She would go back to see them on festivals. Every time she took Charles with her, she felt that she was hypocritical, as if to prove something, but no matter how hard she tried, the love she showed them was not true.

She quickly put on her clothes, picked up the car key and walked out of the room. She hesitated for a few seconds whether she should inform Charles or not. But when she thought that it was late at night, she didn't know which woman's home he was at, so she didn't want to call him.

In the middle of the night, there were few cars on the road, so she drove very fast. It would have taken her more than 40 minutes to arrive, but it only took her thirty minutes at this time.

As soon as she entered the hall of the hospital, she met Carson, who was on duty at night. Seeing that she looked in a hurry, he asked with concern, "Louie, why do you come to the hospital at this time? What happened? Or do you feel uncomfortable?"

After giving him a simple answer, Louie turned around and went upstairs.

At the same time, Charles and Ivy were drinking in a bar.

The noisy music on the stage didn't affect the interest of Charles at all. He just lowered his eyes and stared at the glass of bright yellow liquid with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

After a short pause, he suddenly picked up the full glass and drank it up, as if he had a deep hatred with the wine. When the wine entered his throat, a cold feeling also slipped into his throat.

The spicy taste of wine lingered between his lips, but his heart suddenly felt a chill.

As soon as he raised his head slightly, he saw a woman on the stage dancing crazily with steel pipe. There were cheers, shouts and applause from the audience. He frowned slightly and felt a little noisy.

But when he thought of the loneliness at home, he felt that this kind of noise could at least prove that he was alive.

Sitting opposite to him, Ivy looked at him worriedly, with affection and tenderness in her eyes, but Charles didn't look at her. He just stared at the stage, as if he had seen through the woman on the stage somewhere further. His eyes were full of suffocating loneliness. Ivy felt a little sad, and subconsciously she reached out to hold his big hand on the table.

Charles withdrew his sight, and at the same time he pulled out his hand that had just been held by her without being noticed. Hiding the loneliness in his heart, he said in a calm and em

otionless voice, "Ivy, you're going to host the golden time show next month. Why do you look unhappy?"

With a gleam in her eyes, Ivy wanted to say something but stopped. She stared at Charles intently. In the dim light, his handsome face looked even more dispirited and sexy, which made her heart ache!

She pursed her lips, as if she had made a great decision. Her soft voice was a little drunk, and she asked slowly, "Charles, my emotions have always been controlled by you. I'm happy to see you happy, and I'm sad to see you sad. You know that I just like this job, and I don't care about that honor. Without your blessing, no matter how great the honor is, it's meaningless to me."

Charles frowned and said coldly, "As I said, Ivy, we are just friends, and we can't be lovers. The man who sent you flowers a few days ago is a good man, and he is a descendant of a soldier. In my opinion, he is a reliable man. You can try dating him."

Dating him?

Ivy pressed her lips tightly, and her eyes were gradually filled with tears. In the past three years, she had accompanied him, and she had silently felt sorry for him when he was lonely. How could he say such heartless words?

She really didn't understand why she was not comparable to Louie?

Why didn't he accept her? Even if she could be his mistress, she would agree. She never dared to greedily want to get him completely. She just hoped to be his woman. Why couldn't he agree to such a simple request?

Rumor was that Charles was a dissolute man who slept with other women, but only she knew that he did it on purpose to ruin his reputation and show it to Louie.

Charles had spent those days and nights alone. She had wanted to do something after he was drunk for several times, but he had never given her any chance even if he was drunk.

How could she believe that he would do those things to other women?

Her heart ached so much that she didn't cry but laughed. Perhaps she had held it in her heart for too long, or perhaps she couldn't endure this kind of life, so her voice was filled with endless sadness, "Charles, I just want to be your lover. Why can't you agree? Does Louie really deserve you to treat yourself like this? Do you know that she won't care about you at all? I really care about you, but you don't want to take one more look at me? "

"Ivy, you're drunk. Let's go. I'll drive you home!"

Charles suddenly stood up, took out the money from his wallet and put it on the table. Every time Louie was mentioned, he would show such a cold expression.

All of a sudden, Charles's phone vibrated in his pocket. It was too noisy in the bar. As soon as Charles came in the bar, he turned off the sound and only turned on the vibration. He asked Ivy to leave and picked up the phone, "Hello, Carson!"

Seeing that he really walked out of the bar without hesitation, Ivy felt more and more depressed. She stood up and followed him out of the bar in a trance.

"Brother, where are you now?" Carson's voice sounded on the other end of the phone, which made Charles frown more tightly. A hint of displeasure rose in his heart, and his voice became colder, "What's the matter, Carson? Why are you calling so late? Can't we talk about it tomorrow?"

"Brother, I just met Louie in the hospital. Her uncle had a heart attack again. She looked pale, so I called you. Why didn't you come with her? Did you quarrel with her again? Or you didn't go home at all? Why is it so noisy there? "

Carson's words were like firecrackers.

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