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   Chapter 22 Asking For Help

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"Brother, Louie is in good health. She is fine."

Looking at the test report, Carson explained to Charles, who was sitting on the sofa, while Louie was biting the bread in her hand with a depressed face.

Damn it! Charles did it on purpose. It was just a physical examination. Why did she come to the military hospital?

She had been tossing and turning all the time, from head to toe, from inside to outside, and there was no missing one. Normally, an hour of physical examination was enough, but this time, it took her two and a half hours.

Although she didn't like eating breakfast, she would eat snacks or drink milk before ten o'clock. Now it was half past eleven, but she didn't even drink water.

Charles glanced at her indifferently and was dissatisfied with her eating. He frowned and said in a cold voice, "Don't just eat junk food. Let's go to have lunch together, Carson. The restaurant nearby is good. I'll give you a chance to show your hospitality today."

With a smile, Carson closed the medical report and asked, "Brother, do you still want to take this report home?"

"Put it here. It's useless for us to take it back. Clean it up quickly. I'm hungry, too. "

While speaking, Charles glanced sideways at the bread in Louie's hand, snatched it rudely and threw it into the trash can beside. His movements were so skilled and accurate that both Louie and Carson changed their expressions.

One was angry, and the other pursed his lips to stifle the laughter!

Carson put the report into the drawer, stood up and smiled, "Brother, Louie, it's my treat this noon, but you have to think of a way for me."

A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at the restaurant.

"Carson, did Anne really move to your house?"

Louie asked in confusion. She was worried about Amelia.

With a smile on his face, Charles gracefully held the cup in his hand, with usual indifference in his eyes, and his voice was calm and casual, "Carson, in my opinion, Anne is also a good girl. Since mom likes her so much and you don't hate her, why don't you try dating her?"

"Brother!" "Charles!"

They shouted at the same time, but Charles didn't take it seriously.

"Louie, I'm just afraid that Amelia will misunderstand me." Carson had to be careful. He could solve any problem, but he couldn't solve his mother's problem.

"Brother, how about letting Anne stay in your house for a few days?"

After a short pause, Carson asked, looking at Charles for help.

With her eyebrows slightly lowered, Louie resisted the urge to laugh. She felt a sharp glance at herself, but she pretended to raise the glass to drink water.

The faint smile at the corners of Charles's mouth disappeared, and he said with a cold and non-negotiable tone, "No."

"Brother, you seldom go home anyway. It's lonely for Louie to stay at home alone. Anne can get along well with Louie..."

"Do you invite us to lunch or let me clean up the mess for you?"

Before Carson could finish his words, Charles interrupted him coldly and his face darkened.

Puzzled, Carson looked at Charles. He didn't understand why Charles suddenly changed his expression and why he didn't want to help him at all. He turned to look at Louie, who was just looking up at him.

"Carson, in fact, it's not a big deal for Anne to live with you. If you don't want Amelia to misunderstand you, just tell her a

nd take her to your home to meet Anne. In this way, Anne will know that you have someone you like, and she naturally won't have any interest in you. Maybe it's just mom's wishful thinking."

Louie couldn't agree to Carson's request to invite Anne to her home. It would make Mrs. Nina happy. More importantly, she didn't know what kind of trouble it would bring to her if she irritated Charles.

"Carson, if you really don't want to let Amelia leave you, get married as soon as possible. Don't hesitate all day long. It not only makes Amelia feel insecure, but also makes mom worry about you and think about finding a girlfriend for you all day long."

Charles's tone was a little stiff. He hated Carson's indecision.


As they were talking, a familiar voice came. The three of them looked at the door at the same time, only to see Anne walking towards them with a smile.

"Anne, how do you know we are here?"

Carson asked indifferently. He was not as enthusiastic and polite as his mother was to Anne.

Anne greeted Charles and Louie, and then she sat down next to Carson. She smiled brightly and said happily, "I went to your office just now. Your colleague told me that you were here for lunch, so I came. How's your physical examination, Louie? Are you all right? "

With a faint smile, Louie observed Anne discreetly and replied gently, "It's okay. I'm in good health. Anne, I heard that you lived in the house of Carson last night. Are you used to it?"

Anne looked up at Carson and said with a smile, "I am used to it. There is a warm feeling in his house. Charles, don't be angry. I have a better life in Carson's house than I did in your villa a few days ago."

Charles just smiled faintly, but his true emotion was hidden in his eyes.

He was sure that Carson would suffer a lot in the future!

From Anne's eyes, it could be seen that when she looked at Carson, she would unconsciously become gentle, and there was a faint shyness in her smile. It was not pretended, but nobody knew whether she could make Carson like her or not. Charles turned around and looked at Louie. Seeing that she frowned slightly and lowered her head to drink water, he immediately understood, "Louie, didn't you say that Amelia was investigating in a shopping mall nearby? Why don't you call her and ask her to have lunch with you? Carson, haven't you told her that you're back yet? "

Charles said casually, turning his eyes from Louie to Carson, noticing the hesitation in his eyes.

"It's a familiar name, Amelia. I seem to have heard of it somewhere. Is she your friend, Louie?"

Had she heard of it?

Biting her lips, Louie wondered what was wrong with Charles. A few days ago, she told Mrs. Nina that she hadn't contacted Amelia, but now if she called Amelia and Anne told Mrs. Nina about it, wouldn't it cause trouble for her?

But she couldn't watch Anne take away the man that Amelia loved deeply. Although this word was not pleasant to hear, Amelia and she were like sisters. If she chose, she could only stand on Amelia's side, not to mention that Amelia and Carson were in love.

Then she thought quickly in her mind, 'Has Mrs. Nina told Anne about the relationship between Carson and Amelia? But it's impossible.'

"She is a designer and also the girlfriend of Carson. "Carson, how about you call Amelia? It will be more efficient than my call."

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