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   Chapter 19 A Familiar Illusion

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In the general ward of the hospital, a thin woman was lying on a small single bed with a pale face. Her eyes were closed, and her long eyelashes covered her red and swollen eyes. There was a needle inserted in the back of her hand outside the quilt, and the infusion was slowly dripping down!

In front of the bed sat a woman who looked like her. With beautiful short hair, she stared at the woman on the bed with worry. When she heard the footsteps at the door of the ward, she turned her head sharply and saw that Charles was coming in from the door.

"Charles, my sister fainted again."

The woman looked sad, with tears in her eyes. She looked pitifully at Charles who was walking towards her.

She was the woman who called Charles that morning. When Louie answered the phone, the woman said in an unfriendly tone that she wanted to teach Charles a lesson.

In fact, it was a misunderstanding. Mia Liu was an employee in Charles's company. A few days ago, she was depressed because her boyfriend fell in love with another woman. When she chose to jump off the building, Charles was in a bad mood and went to the rooftop to breathe fresh air, so he accidentally saw her. Then, he saved her, but they two fell on the floor of the rooftop at the same time. Coincidentally, Mia Liu tripped over a flowerpot, and it smashed on her feet. It was also because she was too fragile that she broke her bones.

Aria Liu, who came in a hurry, misunderstood Charles. She thought he made her sister want to commit suicide, so she called him angrily.

After getting along with Charles for a few days, Aria Liu admired him very much. She wanted to know everything about him, but she couldn't tell whether she regarded him as her dream lover or idol. Although she was only twenty years old and was a freshman this year.

Taking a look at Mia Liu who was sleeping, Charles said to Aria Liu, "Aria, you'd better go back to school. I have hired a carer for your sister, and she will take good care of her. Don't delay your study."

For her, he taught her in a completely brother's identity and tone.

"Charles, my sister has been very sad these days. I'm afraid that she wants to commit suicide again."

Although Aria Liu was outgoing, she was just a girl who hadn't grown up and had never experienced any ups and downs. She and her sister were not from A City. Their parents were in another city, and they came from the countryside. She didn't even dare to call her parents, nor did she have any relatives here. Even if Charles had no connection with them.

"Don't worry. Your sister will be fine."

Charles treated her in a tone and attitude that only brother could have.

Aria Liu's eyes inadvertently fell on his red thin lips. In a slight astonishment, she said, "Charles, what's wrong with your lips?"

She only felt a pain in her heart. She frowned slightly and raised her hand to touch his lips. Then, Charles moved aside to avoid her touch. His expression slightly changed and he answered indifferently, "Nothing. Where is Sophia?" He changed the subject.

"Mr. Charles, I just went to buy a fast food for Aria. She hasn't eaten anything yet. When she heard that her sister fainted again, she came here regardless of anything."

A touch of disappointment flashed through Aria Liu's eyes. She put down her hand awkwardly. Before she could answer, Sophia Wang appeared at the door with a bag in her hand. She waved the fast food in her hand to Aria Liu and said, "Aria, eat now. You can't even take care of yourself. How can you take care of your sister?" Sophia Wang was a carer hired by Charles to take care of Mia Liu, but Sophia Wang was very kind to them.

Charles glanced at

the bag handed over by Sophia Wang and said calmly, "Sophia, take care of Mia. Don't eat fast food. I'll treat you to dinner and send you back to school after that."

Aria Liu's dark eyes lit up in an instant, and a happy smile appeared on her little face. She grabbed the coat at the end of the bed and quickly put it on, as if she was afraid that Charles would go back on his word, and said, "Thank you, Charles."

Charles took Aria Liu to a restaurant with an elegant environment. Although it was not a star hotel, the consumption inside was unusual.

Charles didn't ask her what she liked to eat. He just ordered three dishes at random. Aria Liu was good at observing others' expressions. She could see that he was a little depressed, so she kept quiet and listened to the soft music in the restaurant quietly.

The waiter served the dishes quickly.

"Charles, the fish is delicious! You can taste it! "

The first food Aria Liu ate was boiled fish. The fish was tender and spicy, and it tasted good. She couldn't help but shout at Charles happily.

Charles fell into his own thoughts and was awakened by her voice. As soon as he raised his eyes, Aria Liu's face was full of smile. She blinked two times, but the chopsticks were still at her mouth. He was slightly stunned.

A picture flashed through his mind. A few years ago, someone gave him a bright smile, pure and bright, just like her.

At that time, Louie was totally different from what she was now. It was the first time they met. Lisa introduced them to each other. Louie called him Charles kindly and talked to him happily. He heard that she liked boiled fish, so he ordered it at dinner.

Afraid of suffering from excessive internal heat, Lisa never ate spicy food, but Louie was different. Even if it was so spicy that she sucked saliva, she kept stuffing the food into her mouth. She didn't forget to raise her head and smile at him, "Yummy, yummy!"

At that time, she was like a ray of sunshine inadvertently shone into his heart. He wanted to keep her, but unexpectedly, she was not as gentle and bright as before.

If he hadn't been so cruel to expose her identity, she wouldn't have married him in order to repay her uncle and aunt for raising her up.

"Charles, what are you thinking about?"

Aria Liu's character was very similar to that of Louie at that time, including her tone of speaking and her small movements that she liked to pout.

"Nothing. Just eat. I have already eaten."

Charles tried to hide his thoughts. He didn't understand why he thought of the past, and it was a long time ago.

Aria Liu was really hungry. She lowered her head and focused on eating without saying anything.

After dinner, Charles sent her back to school out of kindness. When his Bentley stopped at T University, it still attracted a lot of attention. Although it was late autumn night, it was time for students to return to school one after another.

"Thank you, Charles."

Aria Liu smiled brightly. Although the light was dim, her face was still shining.

"Don't run around all day long. It's not too late to see your sister on weekends."

Perhaps it was because of the deep affection between her and her sister, or perhaps it was because of her smile that Charles felt familiar. In a word, the eyes of Charles were particularly gentle, and there was even a touch of strange pampering, although it was only a flash.

Aria Liu answered in a low voice, opened the door and got out of the car. Then she waved at him before jumping into the school.

Charles suddenly remembered the famous dessert shop nearby. After hesitating for a while, he started the car and went to the FL Dessert Shop.

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