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   Chapter 18 Punishment

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With a muffled snort, Charles let go of Louie's lips, with anger in his eyes. He wantonly licked his broken lips, and a slight sweet smell of blood spread through his lips.

The light in the small car was dim, and the air was thin and dull!

Tears welled up in Louie's eyes, but she stubbornly looked at the man who kissed her. The anger in her heart was not less than that of Charles.

She bit him hard as a punishment!

"Did you learn to fight back after that man came back?"

After looking at her for a long time, Charles said in a strange and cold voice. He narrowed his eyes and looked at her. The veins on his hands on the steering wheel bulged, as if he would strangle her at any time.

"Don't forget that you are my wife!"

Biting her lips tightly, Louie looked away slightly, ignoring his angry cold eyes, and then she answered, "I remember my identity. You can rest assured. If someone wants to betray our marriage, it must be you, not me!"

Her voice was as cold as the night in late autumn.

She looked out of the window and saw the soft and beautiful moon in the distant sky. When did the crescent moon climb into the sky? Was it covered by some clouds just now? But now it was so quiet and beautiful!

Louie didn't know what was wrong with herself. It was not the first time that she behaved abnormally tonight. Was it true that she wanted to be free from the constraint because of the return of James?

Of course, Charles could sense the irony in her words. In the past, she would also say such sarcastic and indifferent words in the same tone. Normally, he would try every means to irritate her when he heard them, but tonight, he didn't feel so harsh, but a little relieved. He doubted if he had heard too much and began to be familiar with it!

"Well, that's the best!"

With a snort, he lowered his head slightly, leaving no chance for her to leave. He started the car, reversed it, turned the steering wheel, and drove on the road. All his movements were smooth and skilled. When Louie came to her senses, the car had traveled a long distance in the night. The hotel was left far behind just now.

Without saying anything more, Louie just looked out of the window at the night. The lights of A City flickered continuously, but none of them made her feel warm and quiet.

Charles glanced at her through the mirror and saw that she turned her head and regained her usual indifference. Then he made a call with one hand. His mother's unhappy voice came through the phone, "Charles, do you want to have dinner with me or not? You have been out for so long..."

"Mom, I and Louie have something urgent to deal with. We are leaving now. You don't have to wait for us. Well, if you have time tomorrow, I will apologize to you!"

After a short explanation, Charles hung up the phone. What Mrs. Nina did in front of Carson didn't work on Charles.

After hanging up the phone, he fell into silence again!

Not long after, Charles's phone rang again. He answered the phone and frowned, but he didn't say anything more except a few sighs.

Without looking at him, Louie still looked out of the window. However, from the rearview mirror, she inadvertently saw his serious expression and found that he was slightly frowned.

"If you have anything to deal with, just put me down here!"

She heard that he said that he would come there soon. He must have something important to do. As for business or personal affairs, Louie didn't know.

Charles turned around and looked at her. His face softened a little. Along

the way, the two of them were much calmer, and they were not as angry as they were in the hotel.

"It's not an important thing. I'll drive you home first."

He didn't explain anything to Louie because she didn't need it!

She had never asked him anything, whether it was business or a private affair. She had never taken the initiative to ask him about it in the past three years, and he was so lazy that he didn't want to explain.

"Sit down!"

As soon as Charles finished speaking, he stepped on the gas and sped up!

The car stopped in front of their house, and Charles quietly watched Louie get out of the car. After hesitating for a moment, Charles still said indifferently, "I'll ask someone to drive your car back. Don't go to work tomorrow, and don't eat anything in the morning. I'll pick you up."

Without saying a word, Louie closed the door, turned around and stepped on the steps.

The sound of starting the car came from behind. She slowly turned around, and Charles's car disappeared from her sight.

A gust of night wind blew over, and she couldn't help but shiver.

Standing alone in front of the luxurious prison door, she suddenly felt extraordinarily lonely, which had never happened to her before.

Sadness and pain surged up in her heart, and her eyes were filled with a faint mist. Louie raised her chin again and obstinately looked at the thin and broken moon in the dark night. It was still there, and there seemed to be two stars beside it. The moon was not be as lonely as she was.

She closed her eyes slightly, and there was a man with a handsome face, affectionate eyes and thin lips in her mind.

She felt a sharp pain in her heart, as if her heart had been gently cut by a knife. It was so painful that she was exhausted. Her feet were weak, and her body slowly slid down along the cold marble wall. At last, she had to lean against the wall and squat down.

She bit her lower lip tightly, and her tears fell down along her cheeks!

Her tears fell on the smooth floor tiles, spreading layer by layer until she could see the reflection of the broken moon in the sky through her tears.


She murmured with difficulty!

She hadn't called this name for a long time. No matter how much she missed him, she didn't gently call him. But tonight, she couldn't help but miss him.

A chill swept over her. Subconsciously, she crossed her arms over her knees, buried her head between her legs, and closed her eyes tightly. The images constantly flashed in front of her, and the words were constantly echoing in her ears!

"James, the white orchid smells so good. I will wear it every day in the future, so that I can have the same fragrance as you." A clear and coquettish voice passed by her ears, which sounded somewhat innocent and naive.

"Silly girl, why do you want to have the same fragrance as me?"

Then came a deep and mellow voice, which was particularly pleasant to hear.

"No reason. I just want to have the same fragrance as you." The girl pouted and said in a naughty tone.

"Girl, you look so beautiful when you smile. No wonder you like to smile so much!"

"Am I not beautiful if I don't smile?"

"Of course not. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful even if you cry."

Those memories that she had recalled countless times gradually blurred in her mind. However, at this moment, they were as clear as what happened yesterday.

But she still knew clearly that no matter how clear the past was, it could not be repeated!

Unless that man was willing to let her go!

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