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   Chapter 16 Banquet

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Louie frowned and felt speechless about Carson's filial piety!

With a faint smile, Charles picked up the cup in front of Louie and poured her a glass of warm water. Ignoring Mrs. Nina's cold eyes, he said in a gentle and considerate tone, "Louie, you have a stomachache. Drink some warm water. Carson, I'll take Louie to your hospital for a general check-up tomorrow. You make an arrangement."

Louie just smiled and said nothing.

She despised herself for acting as a loving couple with Charles in front of Mrs. Nina.

Charles changed the topic by accident. Carson looked at Louie and asked with concern, "Louie, are you okay? I heard my brother's words just now. What's wrong with your stomach? You can go to the hospital at any time tomorrow. I'll arrange it. Call me then. "

It was not necessary to mention such a trifle at this time. Looking at his brother, Carson really didn't understand what he was thinking.

If Charles didn't care about Louie, how could he know everything about her? Even if she caught a cold, he would force her to have a check-up and take medicine. If he had feelings for her, how could he play the field?

Carson and Louie were classmates. Because of Amelia, he had always called Louie her name instead of "sister-in-law". Therefore, he always felt guilty to Louie. He couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong in the past, but his brother shouldn't have treated Louie like this in the end.

"Charles, you can also go to have a check. You are almost thirty years old..."

Hearing Mrs. Nina's words, Charles frowned and saw the waiter coming in with dishes. He interrupted Mrs. Nina immediately, "Mom, I have my own arrangements. You don't have to worry about it. You'd better worry about my father. Doesn't he feel bored at home alone? You come here now, he will drink too much again. You'd better go back early. "

Hearing this, Mrs. Nina's face changed. She glared at Louie beside Charles and said coldly, "You don't allow me to stay here for a few days. I haven't disturbed your life yet? In that case, I'll make it clear to you today. Your father and I are at such an old age, and your grandparents are always talking about having a great grandson. You shouldn't just enjoy yourself, but you should also take your responsibility to give birth to a baby. "

"Auntie, don't be angry. You just said you were hungry. Let's have dinner first. This is your favorite food. Have a taste!"

Noticing that the atmosphere was not good, Anne said with a smile, picking up a piece of cabbage and putting it into Mrs. Nina's bowl.

Hearing Anne's words, Mrs. Nina couldn't continue to question Charles and Louie. She had to smile and said that she wanted to eat. Then everyone picked up their chopsticks to eat.

Charles considerately picked up food for Louie, and Mrs. Nina also asked Carson to pick up food for Anne from time to time. Anne, on the other hand, smiled to stop Carson. She gently turned the turntable in front of her and made a face at Mrs. Nina, indicating that it was more convenient.

If it weren't for Anne, their dinner would have been dull and they wouldn't enjoy the delicious food. Anne kept talking about things, such as going abroad, what she had seen in A City, and even going shopping with Louie.

Louie was nervous by Anne's words, fearing that she would mention the encounter with James. Although Anne didn't ask Louie about James that day, she was so smart that she could see the pan

ic and pale face of Louie when she met James.

"Louie, you have promised me to do a set of beauty care for me. Don't forget it."

While Anne was talking, she suddenly changed the topic. She looked at Louie with a smile, and her eyes were full of deep meaning.

After a short pause, Louie came to her senses and nodded in a low voice. Her voice was not as calm and indifferent as usual.

"Yes, of course. Don't worry. I will do a set of beauty care for you for free."

Charles stopped picking up food and looked at Louie casually. Then he picked up a shrimp and put it into her bowl.

With a smile on her face, Louie said in a low voice, "I'll go out for a while!"

She stood up and walked towards the door. She didn't even have time to say thank you to Charles.

Walking out of the private room, she slowly breathed a sigh of relief. The look in Charles's eyes just now shocked her.

In front of Charles, it was extremely difficult for anyone to hide or lie. His deep eyes seemed to be able to see through people's heart, so Louie always showed indifference in front of him.

She didn't want to stay too close to him, and she didn't want to be seen through by his eyes. For example, just now, did he discover something, or whether he noticed her temporary pause and tension?

She didn't know why she looked guilty. She and James didn't say a word, but she didn't dare to look into the deep eyes of Charles. Feeling a little depressed, Louie walked to the bathroom absentmindedly.

Since James returned to the country, she couldn't calm down. There was always something moving in her heart like a seed which had been buried in the cold winter. When the spring came and the flowers bloomed, it couldn't bear the loneliness for a long time. It wanted to break out of the soil and absorb the warmth of spring and the fragrance of flowers.

That was how her heart was like. Although she had been depressed and told herself that the past had become a history and had been locked in the bottom of her heart, just a glance could make her heart ripple.

As long as she thought of the deep eyes of James yesterday and the radiant expression on his handsome face, her heart was so painful that she could not breathe. She would rather he hated her and he was cold to her than…

She stayed in the bathroom for ten minutes until she was sure that she had calmed down. Then she took a deep breath and walked towards the door.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom, she heard a woman's voice from outside, "James, wait for me here. I'll be out soon!"

Louie's heart skipped a beat!

She wanted to step back subconsciously, but before she could take back her sight, the man not far away looked at her and happened to meet her panic eyes.

The woman also saw Louie standing there in a daze, with a trace of doubt in her eyes. She quickly searched for Louie's familiar face in her mind.

This time, James was closer to Louie than yesterday. She saw him more clearly and her heart beat more disorderly!

As their eyes met, time seemed to condense and stop spinning at this moment!

James pursed his thin lips and stared at the face he had missed day and night. She was still so thin and beautiful, as if time had not left any traces on her face.

But there was a slight melancholy between her eyebrows. His heart couldn't help but feel a burst of pain, for her panic on her face, and for the melancholy between her eyebrows.


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