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   Chapter 14 He Wants To See You

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Seeing the faint sadness between her eyebrows, Amelia called her softly.

With a faint smile on her face, Louie said, "He looks more mature. There seems to be no other changes."

"Louie, James said he wanted to see you. He has something to tell you."

After a few seconds of silence, Amelia said slowly.

Three years ago, James left with hatred, but after he returned from abroad three years later, there was no hatred. Indeed, as Louie said, he was more mature, reserved, and his every move was more attractive to women.

Louie's heart skipped a beat!

James wanted to see her. Although she refused his date, he let Amelia tell her. Louie's calm heart rippled again.

On the surface, Louie was slightly stunned, but she said lightly, "Amelia, I don't want to see him again. I have nothing to talk to him."

Since the day she married Charles three years ago, she had nothing to do with James.

Although they met yesterday, they didn't greet each other. Before James came forward, Louie took Anne's hand and left in a hurry. She ran away in a long distance before she gently touched her beating heart.

"Louie, do you really fall in love with Charles?"

Amelia asked in confusion. She really didn't understand how Louie could stand it. Charles was excellent, rich and handsome, and he was the dream lover of many women. However, he shuttled between countless women, and he was a playboy!

A man like him was born to hurt a woman's heart, not to be loved by any woman. Moreover, he married Louie for revenge, not for love.

How could Louie maintain such a marriage with a man who didn't return home all day long for three years?

Charles was also strange. Although he was a playboy and didn't want to go back home, he spoiled Louie from time to time, letting her enjoy all the treatment that a rich lady enjoyed. He also gave her various precious gifts on every festival, playing the role of a loving couple in front of others.

He just imprisoned Louie in the castle of marriage and stood far away to watch her struggling and wandering, as if he could be happy in this way, which was so hateful.

Fell in love with him?

Louie laughed at herself. Her heart had been deeply locked and she would no longer love anyone. In this life, she could only keep the beautiful memory of her and James. In the lonely marriage castle, the memory was the only thing she could use to kill time.

Thinking of the role she had played in the past three years, even she herself thought it was ridiculous. It seemed that Charles still liked it. Of course, he should be happy that he always played the field, and there was a woman like a slave at home.

For example, on their wedding night, he pressed on her, smiled at her playfully, and looked evil and arrogant, "What do you think? I'm not worse than that man, right? Later, I'll let you know that love between men and women is a lie. Without love, I can also make you happy!"

Louie's eyes were empty and sad. That night, he rudely possessed her body, left his marks on her body peremptorily, and forced her to admit that he had brought her happiness.

Looking at her tearful face, he slammed the door and left. He didn't step into the house for a whole


She didn't know how deep his hatred was, but from the day she chose to accept it, she had to bear it. No matter how he wanted to revenge, she would grit her teeth to bear it.

But gradually, his attitude towards her became moody. Although he often said some sarcastic words and often sneered at her, sometimes he cared about her for some reasons. But in the past three years, he was generally fine with her.

"Amelia, don't think too much. I have never thought of loving anyone else. Love is a luxury for me."

Louie said slowly. Maybe one day, Charles would be tired of such entanglement and set her free. Although it was an extravagant hope, she still looked forward to it.

Especially the arrival of Mrs. Nina and Anne, Louie thought it was very good. Anne was optimistic, generous, smart and cute. If she could really be with Charles, perhaps she could make him happy.

Although he destroyed Louie's happiness and often spoke ill of her, she did not hate him from the bottom of her heart. Instead, she often felt pity for him. Although he was handsome, excellent and successful, and he had a good reputation outside, he was lonely in his heart. When he was at home, he would always fall into deep thought and often be in a daze. His back was full of undisguised loneliness.

"Louie, James told me what happened to you on the commercial street yesterday. He asked me to tell you that the girl with him is just his little sister, not his girlfriend."

With a slight smile, Amelia looked at Louie up and down as she spoke. She wished she could see through Louie's heart to see if she had forgotten James.

Louie frowned. It was uncomfortable to be stared at like this by Amelia. When she didn't know how to answer, her phone rang. She took out her phone. It was from Charles, "Hello!"

Her voice was calm and indifferent.

"Louie, don't go home after work. Go straight to the Century Hotel. Carson is back. Let's have dinner together tonight."

Carson came back. Didn't he say that the extended academic meeting would last for a week? Why did he suddenly come back? Louie looked at Amelia subconsciously and didn't know if she knew.

"Are you listening?"

Not hearing her answer, there was a trace of doubt in the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, I see." Louie answered immediately.

"Okay. I have to hang up now. Six o'clock in the evening. Don't be late."

After giving a simple explanation, Charles hung up the phone.

"What? Charles is dating you?"

Seeing Louie put away the phone, Amelia suddenly said.

With a faint smile on her face and a noncommittal look in her eyes, Louie wittily replied, "Yes, what? Can't he?"

"Louie, if you are willing to be so lively in front of Charles, he won't hang out with other women. He must be with you all day long and dote on you!"

Although what Amelia said was somewhat heartless, it was somewhat correct. In front of Charles, Louie had completely changed her character, like a soulless body, and she was always indifferent and cold without any warmth.

"Don't you know that Carson is back?"

Louie scolded with a smile and asked two seconds later.

The expression on Amelia's face changed when she heard Louie's words.

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