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   Chapter 13 He Wants To See You

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Amelia frowned slightly. It was not a pleasant thing for her to mention Mrs. Nina.

"In a club. If I had known I would meet her, I wouldn't have gone there!"

After pausing for two seconds, Amelia continued, "Louie, you don't know how Mrs. Nina looked at me, as if she wanted to swallow me and warned me not to tangle with her precious son. What a crazy woman! She really thought her son was a rare treasure in the world. Humph! She doesn't know that it is Carson's luck to meet me..."

"Huh!" Louie couldn't help laughing and joked, "Amelia, don't say that. I have nothing to say if you hate Mrs. Nina, but you can't say that Carson is worthless. If so, will you still let him badger you?"

Louie said it was Carson who pestered Amelia in order to comfort Amelia's injured heart.

Amelia puckered her lips with resentment. She believed that if the person sitting opposite her was not Louie but Carson, she would definitely teach him a lesson.

"She just warned you not to get entangled with Carson. It's not the first time that you are so angry. If you hear too much of this kind of words, you will be immune to these words. Why do you make yourself angry? As a cosmetician, I tell you that angry women are easy to become old!"

Sure enough!

This sentence was useful to persuade Amelia.

As soon as she heard that she would become old, she immediately squeezed out a smile. Then she reached out her hands and gently patted her cheek. She slightly closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Louie, do you think I'm a bitch? Mrs. Nina looked down upon me so much, but I still can't let go of her son. There are many good men in the world. Why should I just choose to hang on a tree? The most hateful thing is that this tree is not mine. "

Amelia's hands fell feebly, holding the coffee cup on the table gently. Her slender fingers were white, tender and well-proportioned, which made people feel pity for her.

Louie didn't care much about her self-recovery. She could hear such words once a week. In the past few years, she had heard them for hundreds of times, but she still felt a dull pain in her heart every time she heard them.

Louie saw Amelia like this, as if she was seeing herself. Who said that a good friend was like a mirror?

She admired the person who said this. She and Amelia were really like looking at themselves in the mirror. The two of them suffered a lot in love. What was lucky for Amelia was that although she and Carson constantly hurt each other, they could still be together. However, Louie could only bury her feelings in the bottom of her heart.

After saying that, Amelia became as cheerful as usual. Two minutes later, she recovered her vital energy without being comforted by Louie. She stared at Louie for a long time to adjust her mood and asked softly, "Louie, have you seen him?"

After a short pause, Louie understood who Amelia was referring to. A touch of sadness flooded in her heart, as if to rush through her limbs and bones. She could not help but lower her head and stare at the liquid in the glass.

"I met him on the commercial street yesterday."

Louie said lightly, but she didn't tell Amelia that this morning, she received his call, saying that he wanted to have dinner with her, but she refused. For some reason, she wanted to agree, but as soon as she said it, it changed. Hearing the silence for a few seconds on the other end of the phone, she was very distressed.

She recalled the scene she met him on the commercial street yesterday afternoon, maybe because of the gi

rl who was leaning close to him with a bright smile.

Yesterday was weekend. Louie was resting at home, but she received a call from Anne, and Anne wanted Louie to be her guide. Anne wanted to buy something, but she didn't know where the products were good.

Louie had to agree. Although Mrs. Nina was dissatisfied with her and had a bad attitude towards her, Anne was a pleasing woman. She was generous and straightforward. Accordingly, Louie drove her red Volvo S40, which was not eye-catching in front of Charles, to stroll around with Anne.

The two of them went to the commercial street first. In Louie's opinion, if they wanted to find the fun of shopping, they had to go there. It was bustling and romantic, with sexy clothes from all over the world, and all kinds of fashion things.

While they were shopping, Louie explained the new things on the commercial street and some interesting stories that had happened here to Anne. Anne was not only a straightforward woman, but also a good listener.

More and more interested, Louie told Anne her experience of shopping with Amelia when she was in college unconsciously, which was her most memorable shopping experience.

It was late autumn at that time. They had seen a handmade knitted hat on the website. The style was exquisite, and the colors matched noble and elegant. The two of them were fond of it at a glance, but they hadn't found it on the Internet.

Unwilling to give up, the two of them went shopping on the weekend, hoping to meet the same style. However, they spent the whole day, eight hours, from sunrise to sunset, and all the shops were finished.

The two of them sat on the steps of the underground shopping mall, waiting for the night market to open. While eating bread, they let their tired feet rest for a while.

Anne listened attentively, with admiration in her eyes. She must have been wild in her blood, hoping that she could have such a proud experience.

While they were talking, they happened to walk to the underground shopping mall. Although there had been a lot of changes, the location of the shopping mall was still the same. With one hand holding the bag, and the other pointing at the entrance of the underground shopping mall, Louie showed it to Anne.

Then, Louie said, "Anne, look there. I once sat there and waited for an hour. The night market didn't open until the lights were on."

Before she could finish her words, her smile and words suddenly froze!


Anne looked at Louie in confusion. She didn't know why Louie suddenly stopped, and the expression on her face was very dull.

James was walking up from the underground shopping mall. When Louie pointed at that place, he turned his head as if he had a tacit understanding and looked straight at her through the crowd with his deep eyes.

Stunned, Louie didn't know how to react. Her mind went blank as if she couldn't think. She didn't expect that she would meet him here again.

Many things happened in the past came to her mind, but she just looked at James blankly. She was a little far away, and she was nearsighted. She couldn't see James's face clearly, but she could see the light in his eyes. He smiled at her, which she hadn't seen for a long time.

He was still so handsome and sunny, his smile was implicit and warm, his eyes were deep and bright, and his voice was warm and deep. This was James in Louie's memory.

She looked away from his face and saw the white thin wrists on his arm and the young woman standing next to him with a bright smile.

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