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   Chapter 12 He Wants To See You

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"Louie! Here! "

As soon as Louie entered the coffee shop, she heard the clear voice of Amelia from the left corner. Part of her voice was dispersed by the soft music, which sounded a little graceful.

With a smile on her face, Louie walked towards Amelia steadily.

"Amelia, why do you ask me to come to this kind of place? Didn't you say that you would treat me to hotpot?"

Sitting down on the brown soft chair opposite Amelia, Louie gently smoothed the hem of her sweater, in case it would ruck up. This action immediately attracted the rolling eyes of Amelia.

"As the wife of the CEO of the LC Group, you don't have to cherish a sweater worth hundreds of dollars so much. The clothes your husband bought for his lover is also better than yours. If I were you, I would change my clothes every day and never wear the same clothes within a month. If I were you, I wouldn't drive the same car in a week. "

Hearing Amelia's words, Louie couldn't help but chuckle. She rolled her eyes at Amelia angrily. The waiter had come over with a smile. Therefore, Louie had to restrain her smile and ordered a cup of milk tea. But Amelia just looked at Louie with a serious expression.

"Amelia, do you want to make fun of me? Although this apparel is not priceless, it was bought with my money. Of course I should cherish it. But I went to that shop two days ago and found that this apparel were sold at a discount. It was a discount of two hundred dollars. It was really pitiful. "

Louie was not as cold and indifferent as she was in front of Charles. She pursed her lips and frowned slightly. There was some pities in her eyes. She had rich expressions. If Charles saw her now, he would be depressed again.

"You bought a new bracelet! Where did you buy it? It has the same shape as your previous bracelet. "

With her sharp eyes, Amelia saw the shining bracelet on Louie's wrist. The next second, she opened her mouth slightly in astonishment and sighed, "Louie, you didn't buy it yourself, did you? The star in the middle is made of emerald, and the crescent moons next to it are made of platinum. Who dares to be so arrogant that he bought it for you? No, don't tell me this is a gift from Charles to you?"

With a slight frown, Louie put her index finger to her mouth and made a gesture of silence to Amelia. She didn't want to attract the attention of everyone because of a bracelet. Most importantly, she didn't want to expose her wealth. If the kidnappers were attracted, she would be miserable.

"Amelia, don't be so exaggerated. Haven't you ever seen such an item? Don't tell me you, as a famous designer like it very much. If you want to get it, just ask Carson to buy it for you, and he will promise to meet your requirements."

Hearing that Louie mentioned Carson, the smile on Amelia's face disappeared. She lowered her head and stirred the coffee in the cup.

After a short pause, the waiter brought Louie the milk tea she wanted. After the waiter left, Louie asked, "Amelia, what's wrong? Did you have a cold war with Carson again?"

The reason why she said so was that the cold war between Carson and Amelia was quite common.

Louie didn't understand that Carson was a gentle and polite gentleman, who was kind and polite to everyone. He doted on Amelia in all ways except that he couldn't marry her immediately.

But Amelia could often get angry with such a good man just for a marriage certificate.

Human bei

ngs were really strange animals!

Louie was totally different from Amelia.

Although Amelia got the love from Carson, she couldn't get a marriage certificate. She was just his girlfriend.

As for Louie, a marriage contract between her and Charles killed her happiness in her life. What Amelia cared most was just a contract for Louie!

Louie often wondered whether she would be as stubborn as Amelia was if she were Amelia.

The answer was the same!

If Louie really didn't care about the emotionless marriage certificate, why didn't she dare to see James who had come back from abroad?

She could always keep that love in the bottom of her heart, but she could no longer have anything to do with James. She was the wife of Charles now.

The sad song echoed in the hall. Perhaps the singer's singing was too touching, or perhaps the song's words were too real, so a strong sadness quietly surged up in Louie's heart and gradually overflowed uncontrollably.

Louie picked up the cup and took a big sip of the milk tea. The strong fragrance was mixed with a slight sweetness, but she felt a little bitter when she took a sip, as if what she drank was not milk tea, but coffee.

Just as she was immersed in her own emotions, Amelia said in a cold and depressed voice, "Louie, I saw Carson's mother this morning!"

A mouthful of milk tea choked on Louie's throat and she coughed violently. Her face was flushed, and her tears were welling up in her eyes. At the same time, Amelia suddenly raised her head and handed Louie a piece of tissue. She looked at Louie worriedly. When Louie finally stopped coughing, Amelia asked, "Don't you know that Mrs. Nina has come to A City? Didn't Charles tell you?"

Amelia thought that Louie didn't know, so she was choked by her words. Amelia raised her voice with a trace of doubt and frowned slightly.

Amelia was not a timid woman, nor was she a docile woman. She was different from Louie in character. She was more irritable and stubborn than Louie. Even so, she couldn't defeat Mrs. Nina. She had to admit that Mrs. Nina was not an ordinary person. If Mrs. Nina was born in ancient times, she should have been a model of all women, or she should have dominated the nation!

The reason why Amelia often had a cold war with Carson was not because of the emotional problems between them. Every time Carson mentioned about Mrs. Nina, Amelia would be angry and unpleasant to hear. Naturally, Carson was so filial that he couldn't bear it. Therefore, although they loved each other deeply, they had been in a cold war. Then, they would patch it up, as if there was a vicious circle between them.

Amelia didn't blame Carson, but she felt aggrieved, sad and indignant. In this free love 21st century, her love was actually stopped by an old woman, and there was no room for her resistance.

This made her extremely frustrated and unbearable.

Mrs. Nina didn't use any sophisticated method. The way she threatened Carson was too low-level and unskilled. She just cried and said that she wanted to die!

However, every time Mrs. Nina pretended to be like this, Carson, who claimed that he was going to marry Amelia, would throw up the white flag and join Mrs. Nina's side, fearing that she would really die.

"Is she alone? Where did you meet her? "

After a while, Louie asked tentatively.

She felt a little uneasy. She was afraid that Amelia would know why Mrs. Nina came to A City!

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