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   Chapter 11 Wedding Anniversary

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Suddenly, a sharp sound of brake sounded. With a sudden shake of her body, Louie subconsciously reached out to grab the chair.

The heating was on in the car, but the air was cold. Charles's hands was holding the steering wheel with blue veins, and his face was covered with rage. His eyes were so cold as if they could freeze others. He stared at Louie closely.

All of a sudden, he reached out his hands and grabbed Louie's shoulder with great strength, which was enough to show his anger at the moment. Seeing that her face gradually changed, his eyebrows were tightly knitted, and his lips were tightly closed. He looked at her stubborn eyes, which were unwilling to look at him. The anger in his heart became more and more intense.

"Louie, you said that it has nothing to do with me. What do you mean? You should know your identity. You are my wife now. You have been my wife since three years ago. No matter how much you loved that man in the past, from the day you married me, you must stop loving him. You can't love that man anymore. If you still want to love someone in your life, you can only love me, your husband!"

He said it word by word, with all his anger and tyranny. His handsome eyebrows were tightly knitted, and his eyes were cold, as if he wished that he could crush her bones.

A sneer appeared on Louie's lips, but her eyes were sparkling. She slightly narrowed her eyes and said in an indifferent voice as usual, "Charles, don't you think it's ridiculous? Can you be more reasonable and fairer? As the saying goes, don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. Have you ever heard it?"

The atmosphere in the car was dull and tense, and what Louie said undoubtedly added fuel to the fire. Charles's anger was burning up, and he grabbed her shoulder more tightly. She bit her lower lip unconsciously and struggled hard to get rid of his hands, making him touch the clothes bag. A delicate box flew out of his clothes bag and fell into the car with a bang.

Charles was stunned. Apparently, he didn't expect that Louie would suddenly struggle. Moreover, when the box fell, he looked a little embarrassed.

Louie also stopped, frowning slightly and staring at the exquisite box. A strange feeling flashed through her heart.

Two seconds later, Charles calmed down and bent down to pick up the delicate box. After staring at it with a complicated expression for a few seconds, he slowly opened the box, and there was a delicate bracelet in the box.

"The star in the middle is an emerald. These crescent moons are made of platinum, which is exactly your type."

Staring at the bracelet in the box, Louie's mind was gradually in a mess. She subconsciously tightened her lips.

She once had a bracelet in the same shape, which was made of many fine crescent moons surrounding a bright star. The design of the bracelet was the opposite of the law of nature.

That was the first gift that James bought for her. It was a silver bracelet, which was not too expensive, but she liked it very much and had been wearing it all the time.

Charles didn't know the reason why she wore the bracelet. He thought she bought it by herself and laughed at her for wearing that low-grade and tasteless thing. Not long ago, she dropped the bracelet in the river in the suburbs because she saved a drowning girl.

It was the first time that she shed tears in front of Charles. In the past three years, no matter how he bullied and mocked her, she was indifferent and calm, and she never cried. But when she saved the girl, and the bracelet fell into the river, she cried sadly.

Just then, Charles came to have dinner at the fish restauran

t across the river in a hurry. When he saw her jump into the water, he was frightened and hurried over.

He was also frightened by her tears. He looked at her blankly for a long time. When he heard her intermittently say that her bracelet had fallen, he didn't know how to comfort her. He gritted his teeth and jumped into the water to stop her tears.

As a result, both of them were wet, but they still couldn't find the bracelet. Therefore, Louie felt guilty for a few minutes. After that, her attitude towards Charles softened a little.

Their relationship was so strange. A second ago, they were still angry, and then the atmosphere calmed down. Charles's eyes gradually softened. He gently picked up the bracelet and whispered to Louie, "Give me your hand!"

"How did you get this bracelet?"

Louie finally came to herself. She blinked her eyes and hesitated whether she should stretch out her hand or not. James's smiling face appeared in front of her eyes again.

Charles raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was no smile on his face, but there was gradually a smile in his eyes. He said, "A few days ago, I met an old classmate who just came back from abroad. He is an expert in design and has the best material. Then, I asked him to make this bracelet. The most important thing is not this style, but this emerald. It's not easy to get, and the size is also made according to your wrist. This one must look better than the original one. Don't be sad for the bad bracelet."

"Who says it's a bad bracelet? And why do I wear such a valuable bracelet? Do you want me to attract the robbers? "

Louie disagreed. Seeing that Charles's face darkened and he was about to lose his temper, she had to shut up. After all, he was kind enough to give precious gifts to her on every festival, and this bracelet was one of her favorites.

She paused and said lightly, "I can wear it myself!"

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to take it, but Charles dodged gently. Instead, he grabbed her hand and said coldly, "Why are you so ignorant of amorous feelings? It depends on my mood if others want me to wear it for them. Don't move. The design of this buckle is really bad. It's hard to buckle it."

While complaining in a low voice, he buckled it for her clumsily, While Charles was buckling the bracelet, Louie was able to carefully look at the handsome man in front of her. His appearance was comparable to that of James, but he was more domineering, while James was gentler and more refined than him. Although their attraction for women was similar, but Louie had fallen in love with that gentleman a few years ago. When facing Charles, she was only calm.

Louie found that Charles frowned, squinted, and looked a little ridiculous. Presumably, he had never worn anything in the necklace for a woman. The reason was that he didn't need to please those women around him, but instead they came to serve him considerately.

His treatment was no worse than that of the emperor in ancient times. He didn't need to worry about his life, and there were many women around him. He didn't have to worry about that those women would be jealous as the emperor in ancient times did. It was good for him to have a handsome face. Louie couldn't help but guess that if one day Charles's company went bankrupt and he became a penniless man, would those women still chase after him?

The answer was yes!

Just by his appearance, he could also attract countless beautiful and rich women!

She never doubted it, so she didn't have to be like those women who fell in love with him wholeheartedly. Since she had become his woman, at least she should keep her heart!

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