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   Chapter 10 Wedding Anniversary

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Frowning slightly, Charles looked at the food in the pot in silence. A strong fragrance lingered in his nose, but a chill quietly overflowed from the bottom of his heart!

Louie found that there was something wrong with his expression, as if he felt a little disappointed. She thought it over again and suddenly remembered that today was their wedding anniversary. They had married for three years!

Three years ago, today was a helpless and confused day for her.

When she walked into the wedding hall with Charles, James left by plane with endless hatred. James took away her heart and happiness. From then on, there was a daily required course in her life: missing!

Since then, she couldn't find the real smile on her face.

Since then, she had become an ice sculpture in front of Charles. From inside to outside, Charles didn't feel any warmth from her. Even when he held her in his arms, he still felt that she was cold all over. Therefore, he seldom hugged her and slept with her. He slept on the same bed with her for a few times. Home was not warm at all for him, and it was freezing coldness and madness.

"Do you remember? Today is our wedding anniversary. We have married for three years! "

Charles smiled with mockery and coldness!

Hearing the mockery in his words, Louie didn't care it at all. For her, this was his normal expression. She just pursed her lips, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She said lightly, "Oh, really? I really forget it these days. In that case, let me drink? "

"You don't need to drink. If you really want to drink, you can drink it after you have a check-up and you are healthy. Two days ago, I got two bottles of romanee-contiI1995. I wanted to drink one bottle today and open another bottle next month on your birthday. Now I can only drink it with you on your birthday."

Louie was a little surprised. Although she knew that Charles was a capable man with many social connections, she couldn't believe that he could buy such expensive red wine because many rich people couldn't get it. In fact, she just mentioned it inadvertently last time.

It was on Charles's grandmother's eightieth birthday that Louie had drunk a small glass of that wine, and the taste was unspeakable. She didn't like any brand of red wine before, but at that moment, she fell in love with this kind of fragrant and beautiful aroma, with the smell of roses, leather and spices. She was very happy. She tasted it, and the soft texture made her feel like a real gentle touch, which was intoxicating. The fragrance lingered in her tongue and did not disappear for a long time!

At that time, seeing her intoxicated face, Charles, who was sitting next to her, whispered to her, "If you like it, I'll get you two bottles later and let you enjoy them slowly." At that time, she only thought he was flattering because the smile on his face showed that he didn't take it seriously.

She didn't expect that he really remembered it after half a year. She almost forgot it.

"How did you get such an expensive wine? I just said it casually. I don't really want to drink it. In fact, I will feel uneasy if I drink it."

Louie said softly, with a hint of melancholy between her eyebrows.

"Why do you feel uneasy?"

Charles asked casually, looking down at the delicious food in the pot. He stirred it gently and wanted to know where to start.

"The price of a bottle of wine is equal to my salary of half a year's work. Besides, I cannot spend my money eating or

drinking. How can I not feel uneasy?" With a gentle smile, Louie's eyebrows relaxed. Her fair skin was as smooth as water, and her skin was gradually filled with a layer of faint mist because of the heat, and it seemed that she was more beautiful.

"I know that your salary is not enough to do anything, so just listen to me. Quit your job and stay at home to be my wife, Mrs. Louie. Can I not give your money?"

There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Charles's words, and he had already put a large spoon of food into Louie's bowl.

The relaxing atmosphere became dull again because of his words. Without saying anything, Louie lowered her eyes and concentrated on eating the food in her bowl.

The meal ended in a dull atmosphere. Charles didn't feel unhappy at all. He looked indifferent!

On the way back, Charles didn't turn on the music, and he just drove silently. Louie turned her head to look out of the window!

When they stopped at an intersection, Louie saw a familiar figure sitting in the red BMW.

Her heart skipped a beat!

Her body slightly stiffened, and her hand holding the window tightened unconsciously. She took a deep breath, but her heart still could not calm down.

She didn't dare to blink her eyes, nor did she dare to turn her head to look at Charles. She was afraid that he would see her difference, so she sat there uneasily and didn't dare to move.

Even so, Charles was so keen that he still saw the subtle change in her expression. He frowned slightly and looked in the direction of her sight. When he saw the elegant face opposite, he frowned.

James was finally back?

He was really punctual, and he did come back after three years!

A hint of mockery rose from the bottom of Charles's heart. Louie was so nervous, and she didn't hide it at all. Did she know that James had come back, so she didn't care about their wedding anniversary at all?

Seeing that Louie was holding the cushion tightly, the coldness in Charles's eyes became stronger. He squinted slightly. When the road light changed, he started the car and turned left sharply. By accident, Louie almost hit the glass window, but Charles smiled coldly and said, "What are you looking at? Why are you so concentrated that you don't even notice the turn?"

The villain complained first!

Biting her lips and exhaling softly, Louie wondered whether Charles had seen James in the red BMW. Did he go crazy because he saw James?

But on second thought, Charles only had disdain for her. If he really saw James, he would take the opportunity to mock and warn her, how could he talk with her so easily? Although it was just a sneer on his face, it was also a smile!

"Why don't you say anything? Are you too excited to see your old lover?"

Sure enough, he had seen James. Hearing his indifferent words, Louie only felt a sharp pain in her heart, as if she was gently cut by a knife, which had not been easy to heal. The dazzling blood gushed out again, blurred her eyes and even numbed her heart.

How could he give up any chance to hurt her? She kept silent, biting her pale lips. Her fair skin became paler and paler, almost transparent.

Seeing that she didn't say a word, Charles suddenly turned around and stared at her, with anger in his eyes.

"It's none of your business!"

It seemed that Louie had used up all her strength to utter those words. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and leaned against the back of the chair, trying to hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes. .

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