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   Chapter 9 Wedding Anniversary

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"What's wrong with you? What do you want to tell me?"

Louie didn't want to think about that question. She didn't like to think about it. If she couldn't figure it out, just put it aside.

Charles finally stirred the soup in the pot. He looked up at her indifferently and said, "Ask for leave this afternoon and have a few days off at home! You are my wife. You don't have to work so hard! "

Although his voice was flat, Louie could tell his dissatisfaction and even anger. However, she asked the question in her heart, "How do you know I got gastroenteritis? It's not serious."

Hearing her words, Charles frowned and sneered, "If I hadn't gone to the hospital and accidentally seen your medical record, you wouldn't have told me, would you? No matter you admit it or not, you are my wife, Mrs. Louie. You should at least consider the overall situation! I don't want to be misunderstood that I am abusing my wife! "

"Don't worry. No one knows that I'm working when I am ill."

There was a hint of coldness in Louie's voice, and more mockery in her heart. She had thought he was caring about her.

"Tomorrow is Mrs. Zhao's birthday. I have received the invitation. Since we met Mrs. Zhao last time, she likes you very much. She specially asked you to come there with me."

Noticing that the atmosphere was a little tense, Charles tried to control his emotions and changed the topic.


After a moment's silence, Louie agreed in a low voice.

"I've asked Stephanie to make a cheongsam for you. I'll pick you up after work tomorrow."

Without saying anything this time, Louie pursed her lips and looked at the food in the pot.

Charles had always been domineering. He didn't ask for her opinion on anything and arranged everything for her, even depriving her of her freedom.

Since she got married for three months, she had never used the luxury brands, clubs, hotels and other consumer cards he had given her. Then he would buy her new clothes in every season. He would take her to a star hotel for dinner every week, and from time to time, he would ask the people in the club to call her and force her to enjoy it.

Perhaps other women would be moved by Charles, but Louie knew that he was not good to her. He was trying to make her remember her identity and make her live a life without freedom. She was just a sign of Charles, and an accessory of him.

Later, she had a quarrel with him, so he restrained himself a little. He just reminded her to pay attention to her identity from time to time.

"When Carson comes back in two days, I'll accompany you to the hospital for a physical examination."

The waiter was sent away by Charles at the beginning. He put food materials into the pot by himself and said casually, "I had a physical examination at the beginning of the year. There is no need to do it again."

Louie suddenly drank up the warm water in her glass and became more and more depressed.

Glancing at her in silence, Charles turned to the boiling soup and food in the pot, skillfully picked up the spoon and picked up a piece of fish into her bowl.

"What did my mother say to you?"

He just asked casually, not really cared about her because he knew that his mother had no topic to talk with Louie. At the worst, she could interrogate Louie about what happened between Carson and Amelia, or warn Louie.

Although his mother didn't like Louie, she didn't dare to do anything bad to Louie because his mother knew that his temper was not as gentle as that of Carson.

Looking at the fish in her bowl, Louie frowned because she really didn't like the l

ight hotpot. She pursed her lips unconsciously, hesitating whether to pick up the chopsticks or not. When she heard his question, she looked up at him, "Mom just asked me if I knew anything about Amelia and Carson."

Wasn't that asking the question knowingly?

In her heart, Louie couldn't help but despise him.

"You admit it?"

Charles's eyes were sharp. It was she who admitted that pissed his mother off. Therefore, his mother didn't want to have lunch with them.

Seeing his scrutinizing and dissatisfaction, a surge of anger surged up in Louie's heart. He was obviously blaming her, but he had no right. In a moment of anger, she blurted out, "No, but your mother said that if I dared to help Carson and Amelia, she would let you marry Anne."

After saying this, Louie seemed to be relieved. Seeing the change of Charles's face, she was much happier.

The smile at the corners of her mouth disappeared in an instant, but it was seen by Charles. His face became more and more gloomy. He frowned and squinted slightly. Suddenly, Louie felt a chill and subconsciously looked away from him.

"Are you so happy?" Charles snorted, as if he was going to teach her a lesson if she admitted it.

Although Louie was happy in her heart, she didn't dare to smile on her face. On the other hand, she was afraid that Charles would ask his mother about it and cause her trouble, so she had to pretend to be innocent and said gently, "No, I just think that it's rare for mom to like a girl. She wants Anne to be the daughter-in-law of the Liang family, but Carson only likes Amelia. Although he promised to break up with her on the surface, in fact, you know, they two can't break up at all. How can Carson marry Anne?"

Seeing that the expression on Charles's face became colder and colder, Louie stopped talking. He was so angry that he clenched his fists with the spoon in his hand. Blue veins protruded on the back of his hand, and his sexy thin lips were pursed again and again.

It was also hard for him. Under such an angry situation, he not only controlled his anger, but also had the mood to talk with Louie, "It's impossible for Carson to marry Anne. Is it possible for me to marry her? You must be very happy when you heard what my mother said. Maybe you are planning how to realize this wish in your heart, right? Do you need my help? "

Louie wasn't afraid of Charles's anger and coldness. She had been used to it for the past three years. If he talked gently to her, she would feel uncomfortable all over. On the contrary, she wouldn't feel nervous even if he was cold or indifferent.

But he knew her well.

She was planning in her heart how to achieve this wish, but it was a little difficult. The most important figures were not Carson and Amelia, but Charles, a self-righteous man. No one could change his mind.

"Do you remember what day it is today?"

While Louie was still thinking about how to answer, Charles took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He really didn't know why Louie was always able to make him angry.

Although he was cold and indifferent to everything and he was bad-tempered, he didn't get angry with everyone except for Louie.

Every time he wanted to get along well with her, she would always provoke his anger with one or two words, and then they ended up in a bad mood.

In fact, he didn't need to ask. He knew that Louie couldn't remember. She had never remembered any holiday about him and her, which was ironic!

Sure enough, Louie glanced at him, frowned slightly, thought for a moment, and asked indifferently, "Is today a festival?"

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