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   Chapter 8 Well Prepared

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"Do you know whether Carson has any connection with Amelia or not?"

Mrs. Nina changed the topic quickly, but her meaning didn't change. Her eyes were still sharp.

"Mom, Carson has been busy with his work. He seldom contacted us, nor did he talk about Amelia. I guess he has no contact with Amelia." Louie replied calmly.

"Humph, you don't have to hide it from me. I've heard that Carson still has connections with that woman, Amelia. I can tell you clearly that I'm not just coming to A City for a trip. The reason why I bring Anne here is to deal with this matter."

Mrs. Nina fixed her eyes on Louie. Seeing that Louie was still calm without any surprise, Mrs. Nina continued, "Anne's parents are our close family friends, and Anne is a smart and beautiful girl. She is a good match for our Liang family. I hope that Anne could become the daughter-in-law of the Liang family. If you dare to help Amelia get entangled with Carson, I will let Charles marry Anne. At that time, don't blame me for being ruthless as your mother-in-law."


Although Louie was calm, she was also slightly surprised!

"If you don't want to divorce Charles, don't help Amelia."

There was a clear warning in Mrs. Nina's voice. With a slight change in her expression, Louie lowered her head and stared at the petals floating in the cup.

If she hadn't received good education, she would have replied, "If I can really divorce Charles, I will not hesitate."

But she had to keep these words in her heart, and she pretended to be gentle and quiet!

Louie knew that Mrs. Nina had been thinking about this from the beginning, but she also knew that Mrs. Nina's intention was in vain. Unless Charles gave up, no one could let her leave this unhappy and emotionless marriage.

Charles once said that since Louie agreed, she couldn't leave. Even if she had to live a painful life, she had to accept it.

She accepted it. In the past three years, she finally understood that what Charles wanted to imprison was not her, but her heart. Unfortunately, she had locked her heart. She didn't want her heart to be imprisoned by him.

No matter how domineering and powerful Charles was, as long as she didn't fall in love with him, he couldn't punish her in the cruelest way.

Therefore, in the past three years, she had been more calm and composed than Charles.

When Louie was about to say something to reassure Mrs. Nina, her phone rang again. Seeing that Mrs. Nina looked at her with disdain again, Louie calmly took out her phone. It showed that Charles was calling her, which relieved her a little.


She answered the phone in a gentle and calm voice.

Charles said on the other side of the phone, "Are you free at noon? Let's have lunch together. I'll pick you up at your beauty salon."

It seemed to be a question, but in fact, it was a statement. Charles never talked in a tone of discussion. He only liked to give orders, even if Louie didn't treat him well all day long.

With a slight frown, Louie took a look at Mrs. Nina, who was also looking at her phone.

"Mom and I are in the coffee shop opposite the beauty salon."

"Okay, I'll come to you."

Charles paused for a few seconds and answered.

After saying that, Louie hung up the phone. Raising her eyes slightly and raising the corners of her mouth, she said, "Mom, please wait a moment. Charles will come here. What do you want to eat? Western food or Korean food? "

Although Mrs. Nina was a real Chinese, she liked eating foreign food like many people who worshiped foreign countries.

However, Louie didn't think so.

She liked the authentic Sichuan cuisine and liked the spicy taste. It was very interesting. Maybe that was a way for her to vent her anger. After all, now her calmness and indifference were more like self-abuse. From time to time she needed to vent her anger, she would eat the spicy food.

After thinking for a while, Mrs. Nina took another sip of the coffee in front of her and raised her eyes arrogantly and said indifferently, "I won't have lunch with you. You can wait for Charles alone. Remember, I'm not joking."

"Yes, I will remember." Without any hesitation, Louie waved to the waiter, paid the bill and left the coffee shop with Mrs. Nina.

After sending away Mrs. Nina, Louie hesitated whether she should call Charles and tell him not to come. But she gave up the idea as she thought that he seldom had lunch with her. Therefore, he must have something to tell her.

The sun was shining outside, with a breeze gently blowing her soft hair, and her face was a little itchy. She raised her hand to brush the hair on her face, and subconsciously looked at the shop just now.

She couldn't help walking over. It was a grocery store. There was only the boss in it, and she didn't see the person she was looking for.

She felt a little disappointed, but also a little calm. Maybe she was not ready to meet him again.

More than ten minutes later, Charles drove his Bentley here. Louie stood by the road. The sun was shining on her blue sweater, and the little beads on her clothes were shining faintly.

Seeing that she was alone, Charles didn't get out of the car. He just made a gesture to her, and Louie understood it. She walked to the other side and opened the door to get in.

"Did mom leave?"

Charles asked casually as he started the car.

"Well, she said she had something urgent to deal with and didn't want to have lunch with us. Where are we going for lunch now?" Louie leaned her back on the chair casually with an indifferent expression.

"Where do you want to eat?" Charles didn't answer but asked. His voice was calm, but Louie was slightly stunned.

"How about hotpot?"

She thought for a while and said.

What Mrs. Nina said just now made Louie very depressed. She really wanted to have a spicy hotpot and put all her troubles aside.


After a simple answer, they stopped talking. Charles focused on driving while Louie looked out of the window unconsciously.

Soon they arrived at a hotpot restaurant. Louie frowned slightly, thinking that Charles was really a corrupt person. He had to come to such a place to eat hotpot, which was the most famous hotpot restaurant in A City. It was five star, and the cost for a meal was a month's salary of the office workers.

"What is this hotpot?"

When Charles ordered, Louie went to the bathroom. When she came back, the waiter had already left. She didn't care about it. A few minutes later, the hotpot on the table was light, without any trace of pepper.

"Don't you have a stomachache? Do you still want to eat spicy food?"

Charles didn't look at her. He was stirring the raw materials in the pot leisurely with a spoon in his hand. With the rising smell, a strong fragrance spread in the air.

The expression on Louie's face changed slightly, and there was a flash of doubt in her eyes. She didn't know how Charles knew that she had a stomachache. If she remembered correctly, he had come back two times this month, and he didn't find she took any medicine. Did he see her medicine when he slept in her room that night?

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