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   Chapter 7 Well Prepared

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"Louie, are you busy now?"

When Louie had done a beauty treatment for a customer, Mrs. Nina called her. She knew it would happen sooner or later, but she wondered why Mrs. Nina called her.

She looked at the time at the corner of the computer and found that it was already eleven o'clock. She hesitated for a while and replied gently, "Mom, I've just finished my work. What can I do for you?"

"I'm in the coffee shop opposite to your beauty salon. Come here." On the other side of the phone, Mrs. Nina's voice was neither cold nor warm. With a smile on her face, Louie replied, "Okay, mom. I'll be right there."

After hanging up the phone, Louie said a few more words to her assistant, picked up her bag and walked out of the beauty salon.

Her guess was right. Anne didn't accompany Mrs. Nina in the coffee shop. Mrs. Nina came here alone on purpose to have a talk with Louie. Mrs. Nina didn't come here to invite Louie to drink coffee.

There was a faint smell of coffee with a slight warmth. After calming herself down at the door, Louie walked towards Mrs. Nina.

There was undisguised arrogance and a mocking smile on Mrs. Nina's face, and Louie felt that Charles's habit was the most successful inheritance from his mother.

"Mom, are you alone?"

Louie smiled. No matter what she thought, she was polite and respectful.

The waiter came over and asked Louie what she needed. Louie only ordered a cup of scented tea, which made Mrs. Nina's face change slightly.

"You don't want to drink coffee, or are you afraid that I will ask you to pay the bill?" There was obvious dissatisfaction in Mrs. Nina's tone.

But Louie didn't care about it at all. She still smiled and said calmly, "Mom, I can't drink coffee recently. Please don't mind."

She couldn't drink coffee?

Mrs. Nina thought for a while, and her eyes became sharp. Although Louie looked thin and fair-skinned, she was healthy, unlike a patient.

Did she?

At the thought of this possibility, a hint of joy appeared in Mrs. Nina's heart. With a strange expression on her face, she said in a confused tone, "Louie, you can't drink coffee. Are you pregnant?"

Hearing that, Louie was stunned for a while. She didn't expect that Mrs. Nina could have such a rich imagination. Mrs. Nina thought that Louie was pregnant, but Louie felt a little bitter and sad in her heart because she was misunderstood.

Louie ignored her feelings, and the waiter came over with the tray.

After the waiter left, Louie said, "Mom, I am not pregnant. I have a stomachache these days, so I rarely drink coffee and wine."

"Oh, I see."

The expression on Mrs. Nina's face changed dramatically. She put on a cold face again.

After taking a sip of the coffee, Mrs. Nina came straight to the point, "Louie, do you know why I came to you today?"

With a smile on her face, Louie looked at Mrs. Nina calmly and said, "Mom, if you want me to leave Charles, I still want to say that you've found the wrong person. You should persuade Charles to let me go."

Regardless of Mrs. Nina's reaction, after saying that, Louie lowered her head slightly and stared at the rose petals floating in the cup. The rose petals were red and slightly fragrant, making her calm and broad-minded.

"Humph!" Mrs. Nina snorted, with obvious and deep contempt in her eyes. She really didn't understand why her son got married with the woman in front of her. She didn't know what was wrong with her son, and Louie was ju

st a little bit delicate and smart. Louie was not beautiful at all. Although Louie worked in a beauty salon, she didn't wear much fashionable clothes, and she had no makeup on her face.

It was obvious that Charles liked Lisa, but he married Louie in the end. Mrs. Nina couldn't figure it out after thinking for a long time. She had heard rumors that Charles had a woman outside, but he didn't want to divorce Louie. They still looked like a loving couple in front of others.

She really felt sorry for her son, no matter whether Charles had a crush on Louie or not.

There was one thing Mrs. Nina could see clearly. Louie didn't fall in love with her son because her eyes were cold and her smile was indifferent when she looked at Charles.

"I don't want to cope with the matter between you and Charles now. But Louie, you have married Charles for three years. No matter whether you love Charles or not, and no matter what reason you two got married before, you are already Charles's wife. Should you bear your duty, be more considerate and gentler to Charles, and have a baby with Charles as soon as possible?"

Louie was a little stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect that Mrs. Nina would be so calm when she said these words. It seemed that Mrs. Nina really gave up on letting her leave Charles. Louie was a little disappointed. Even as Charles's mother, Mrs. Nina couldn't do anything to him. So what could she do?

The smile at the corners of Louie's mouth disappeared. She took a deep breath and replied softly, "Mom, I'll keep your words in mind. I'll discuss it with Charles."

Although Louie said so, she knew that giving birth to a baby was not easy like buying anything. It would be impossible for her to get pregnant in the ten years because the relationship between her and Charles was bad.

She looked out of the window by accident, and her heart suddenly tightened. The figure passing by the window just now looked like someone she was familiar with.

Unfortunately, the figure entered a shop. She didn't see that person clearly, but her heart was out of control.

"Louie, what are you looking at? Why are you so polite to the elders? Do you have the phone number of Amelia? "

Mrs. Nina's voice was full of contempt.

Louie was lost in thought. Hearing Mrs. Nina's words, she was in a daze for a few seconds and remembered that Charles reminded her yesterday. He was really good at guessing his mother's idea.

"Did you hear what I said?" Mrs. Nina asked again with dissatisfaction.

Louie smiled and answered calmly, "Mom, since I got married with Charles, I haven't contacted any of my friends before. Besides, how could Amelia have any connection with me after what happened between her and Carson? I'm afraid she doesn't want to see me again."

With a sense of scrutiny in her eyes, Mrs. Nina stared at Louie, trying to find out whether she was telling the truth or not, but Louie didn't look like she was lying.

Although Mrs. Nina didn't believe what Louie said, on second thought, what Louie said was reasonable. According to her investigation, although Louie and Amelia were good friends, their relationship was a little complicated because of the involvement of Charles and Carson.

Facing Mrs. Nina's gaze, Louie gently moved her fingers back and forth along the edge of the glass with a faint smile on her face.

But her mind wandered to an unknown place unconsciously.

The figure was still so tall and straight.

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