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   Chapter 6 Well Prepared

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"Charles, have you called your brother? When will he come back?"

The decoration and design of the most famous five star hotel in A City were distinctive. It was noble, luxurious and warm.

During the meal, Mrs. Nina stopped smiling, with a little dissatisfaction. She suspected that her son, Carson had deliberately dodged. When he heard that she was coming, he went on a business trip, so he would come back three days later.

Charles picked up a piece of cabbage to Mrs. Nina with a pair of serving chopsticks and said seriously, "Mom, I've called Carson and asked him to come back as soon as possible. You can dispose of him then."

Louie's phone rang inappropriately, and then Mrs. Nina's face darkened. Charles looked at Louie with a meaningful look and said in a low voice, "Go out to answer it. Don't talk too long."

Then he pointed to the door.

Biting her lips, Louie said to Mrs. Nina and Anne in a low voice, "Mom, Anne, I have to answer the phone first."

Walking out of the private room, Louie took out her phone from her sweater pocket. Fortunately, she changed the deafening ring tone to a light and slow music two days ago, so the ring tone didn't frighten Charles's mother.

It was a call from Amelia. As soon as Louie pressed the answer key, she heard the voice of Amelia with a little anxiety and doubt, "Louie, where are you now? Didn't you say that we would pick up together? Why don't you come? Does Charles know that and don't allow you to come?"

Subconsciously, Louie looked back at the door behind her. It was closed, and she could hear the conversation inside. She took two steps aside and said in a low voice, "Amelia, I forgot to call you. I have something to deal with now, so I can't leave. I'll tell you later."

"Louie, how can you do this to me? Didn't you promise me that you would come here? You can't make fun of me like this. If you really don't want to see me, you shouldn't have promised Nelson yesterday!"

On the other end of the phone, Amelia raised her voice with a little dissatisfaction, which made Louie feel a little painful. However, Louie also didn't want to be so.

In the past three years, she missed James Shao and felt guilty every day. She couldn't tell the story during the three years quickly. It was more than one thousand days and nights, tens of thousands of hours. However James Shao didn't even give her a chance to apologize and left with resentment.

She didn't want to break up with James Shao that year. If she hadn't left, James Shao wouldn't have been able to go abroad, and even his father wouldn't have been able to get rid of the trouble so easily.

No one knew how bitter she was. Charles was cold and domineering, without any tenderness to her. He was busy looking for other women all day long, but she didn't care about it because he was not the man in her heart and his attitude didn't hurt her too much.

She just felt humiliated and sometimes wronged. Sometimes, she was scolded by Charles, and he looked at her coldly. She could endure all these things and only take them as paying off the debt for her sister.

But James Shao was so perfect in her heart. He was the man she loved with all her heart. Those sweet past had become her most painful memory in the past three years.

For many lonely nights, her pillow was wet because of her tears. Thinking of the cruel words he left and the cold and lonely back when he left, her heart was entangled with pain.


Unable to hear Louie's voice, Amelia called her again and her voice softened a little.

Louie tried her best to calm down, "Amelia, I really have something to deal

with. I can't explain it in a few words. I'll call you later to tell you in detail. That's all. I'll hang up."

As soon as Louie finished speaking, she hung up the phone in a hurry, fearing that Amelia would say something that would make her sad again on the other end of the phone.

When Louie pushed the door open, she saw that Charles was telling a joke to his mother. Anne smiled brightly, and Mrs. Nina was also in a good mood. Standing at the door, she suddenly felt that she was an unnecessary person. Although Charles was looking at Mrs. Nina, and Louie could only see one side of his face, she could still see his upward lips.

It was rare for her to see such a bright smile on Charles's face. It should be said that in front of her, Charles was usually cold and sarcastic, and he rarely had a fresh and innocent smile.

Seeing that, Louie was stunned for a while. Then Charles turned his head to look at her. Seeing that she was in a daze, he raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a clear voice, "Louie, what are you waiting for? Come here. I'm talking to mom about you. Why did you answer the phone so soon?"

"I don't have anything interesting." Louie smiled. She didn't know whether she should be grateful to Charles or ignore his protection for her. She sat back to her seat as he spoke.

Anne was very happy. She looked at Louie with her bright eyes and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law, just now, Charles told me that when you first learned to cook, you put white sugar as salt and poured the soy sauce as vinegar. Is it true? I think he is exaggerating."

Louie looked at Charles with a smile, and she found that his eyes were bright, clear and a little mischievous. When he had a look at her, he picked up a piece of fish and put it into her bowl, and said gently, "Eat it, your favorite boiled fish."

"You have forgotten me after you get married," said Mrs. Nina in a low voice, glancing at Louie indifferently. She lowered her head and ate food.

"Mom, I dare not forget you!"

Charles hurriedly picked up food for Mrs. Nina.

"Don't just pick up food for me. Anne just came back from abroad, and she is not used to it. You should pick up food for her. After all, this is your territory. You are the host here."

As Mrs. Nina ate the food that Charles picked up, a smile appeared on her face. She ordered Charles, and she ignored Louie.

Charles obediently picked up some food for Anne and said some words as her brother, "Anne, my mother has always disliked me and Carson because both of us are her sons. However, you are willing to hang out with her. You'd better be my mother's goddaughter."

Anne blinked and said with a smile, "Although Aunt Nina doesn't have a daughter, she has a daughter-in-law. How could she want a goddaughter like me? What she wants is probably a grandson!"

Anne's words made the atmosphere freeze!

Charles stopped smiling and glanced at Louie indifferently. Louie also raised her head, so their eyes met, and both of them were in a mess.

"Since your mother and Anne don't live at home, why do you ask Auntie Zhang to go back in a hurry?"

After sending Mrs. Nina and Anne to the villa at the third ring road, Charles and Louie left. On their way home, Louie asked in confusion. Why did he pretend like this?

With a faint smile, Charles turned to look at Louie and said in a somewhat casual tone, "I originally wanted my mother to live at home, but on second thought, I was afraid that you would feel uncomfortable and that my mother would make things difficult for you, so I temporarily decided to let them live in the villa near the third ring road."

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