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   Chapter 4 Pick Up

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After Louie cleaned up the bedroom and living room, it was already ten o'clock.

Hearing the honk outside, Louie quickly picked up her phone and key and went out.

Charles was driving a dark blue Bentley sports car. She couldn't remember his car model, nor did she remember his car number, but she could only remember the color of his car. Louie thought that his car was too ostentatious. Therefore, she seldom took his car, and her own car was the kind that could not be found in the traffic.

Although she was so fast that it took less than five minutes, Charles had already lit a cigarette in his hand, and the faint smoke circle curled up.

Fortunately, Charles didn't show any impatience on his handsome face. When he saw her, he stubbed out the cigarette, threw it to the green trash can and said, "So soon? Get in the car! "

Perhaps it was because he was skilled at it that half of the cigarette fell into the trash can. He raised his eyebrows and withdrew his head into the car. The window glass slowly rose.

Louie was speechless at his childish behavior, but she didn't want to talk to him. Because of the phone call just now, she looked at him subconsciously, but she couldn't tell whether he was happy or angry. He was the same as usual.

"Have you finished your work?"

She asked in a vague voice.

"Yes, it's not a big deal!" Charles opened the door for her and answered gently.

However, there was a small loss in Louie's heart. Realizing the evil thoughts in her heart, she suddenly felt it funny. Who would treat her husband's affair as a joke, and even hope something would happen? Was life really so boring?

She was wondering what Charles would do if that woman really came to their home. Would he end their marriage and give her a simple single life?

"Someone wanted to call you this morning. It was from a woman."

When Louie got into the car, she closed the door and told Charles in a calm tone because she wanted to test him.

Charles frowned and said "Oh" without any explanation. He turned to her and said gently, "Fasten the seat belt."

Being ignored by him, she felt a little embarrassed. She pursed her lips and fastened the seat belt.

Then Charles lowered his head and started the car. He glanced at her and said casually, "There is an employee in the company who wants to commit suicide. It should be her sister who called you this morning!"

Louie felt a little surprised and answered, "Oh, I see." The atmosphere froze again.

On the way, the two of them were both speechless. Charles was just focusing on driving. Feeling bored, Louie looked out of the window for a few minutes, and then she turned her head, and lazily leaned against the cushion. She just secretly looked at the man who had lived with her for three years. Sometimes she knew him very well, but sometimes she didn't know him. She had never thought of such contradictory views and had never had such contradictory feelings before.

Although she looked at his side face, he still very handsome with short hair, which did not lose his mature and reserved temperament. His eyebrows was dashing, and even if he did not speak, he exuded an invisible dignity. His nose was high, and his thin lips were slightly pursed.

Who said that a man with thin lips was fickle?

She had studied this sentence for countless times, and found that this sentence was not suitable for Charles.

He was heartless, but he was faithful to the woman he loved. He was affectionat

e, but he could marry a woman he didn't love, and then fall in love with countless women.

"Don't be obsessed by me."

A low and slightly sarcastic voice sounded beside Louie. She was stunned for a moment, and it took her two seconds to come back to her senses. It turned out that he knew that she was observing him, so that her face was a little hot. Then she blinked her eyes to cover it up.

In fact, Charles didn't turn his head to look at her. He just found that she was looking at him intently through the glasses. There was no emotion in her eyes, as if she was just looking at him out of curiosity or…

It was rare for him to see a gentle and calm expression on Louie's face, so he couldn't help teasing her. His unexpected words made her a little confused.

"Who is obsessed? I'm curious. Why can your skin be well-maintained and smooth when you don't you go to the beauty salon? "

Louie said, her eyes flickering.

Charles looked at her sideways, with a smile in his eyes, and answered proudly, "I'm so handsome since I was born. That kind of beauty salon will never get my money, and you can't have this kind of skin."


Louie curled her lips and raised her eyebrows.

"After a while, if my mother asks about Amelia, don't mention that you still have contact with her, okay?"

Charles didn't care about Louie's disapproval and changed the topic.


Without hesitation, Louie asked.

She didn't like to lie. If her mother-in-law asked, why couldn't she tell her the truth? So what if she had contact with Amelia? Was Charles afraid of what his mother would do to her?

Thinking of Carson Liang's filial piety, she admired him very much.

She wondered why Carson Liang and Charles were totally different in character although they were brothers. One was gentle, the other was domineering and cold.

She and Amelia were not liked by Charles's and Carson Liang's mother, but Charles insisted on marrying her. It was fine if they loved each other, but they didn't like each other at all, and they were at most familiar with each other. As for Carson Liang and Amelia, they loved each other, but they chose to break up because of their parents' objection.

Louie really hoped that the personalities of the two brothers could be changed or neutralized, so that she wouldn't be forced to tie to Charles by the marriage.

Charles slowed down the car and said unhurriedly, "My mother came here this time probably to introduce someone to Carson. She came from Shanghai in a hurry because she got the news that Carson still has connection with Amelia. She won't stay here for a long time. Why do you have to cause unnecessary trouble? If you make her unhappy, you will also be depressed. "

Louie thought, 'How can he not care about his brother at all? Will Carson live a happy life if he really gets married with another woman? I don't know whether he hopes that his brother will also live an unhappy life like him.'

Feeling that she was not convinced, Charles smiled and said indifferently, "Are you criticizing me in your heart because I don't deserve to be an elder brother and because I don't care about the affairs of Carson at all?"

Louie didn't say anything, but her expression showed that she thought so.

"He has to deal with his own business. If he really loves Amelia, he should make up his mind. He shouldn't keep in touch with her and hurt her and himself when he doesn't make up his mind."

Charles said calmly.

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