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   Chapter 89 You Can't Go Anywhere

Deeply In Love: CEO's Spoiled Girl By Qing Jiu Characters: 4190

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Confused, Myra looked through it.

There were several photos in the hospital, in which Kian was holding her in his arms. Only his back could be seen. It was probably from the staff group.

There was also a photo of the permanent residence certificate. The person on the photo ——

Myra didn't know him.

It could only be seen that he was a very handsome foreigner, and the identification showed that his national

A storm was gathering in his dark eyes. He couldn't wait any longer. He must conquer her today. Thinking of her appearance in bed, he felt more impatient.

[安] Mu had never seen [乔裕泽] being so crazy. She stepped back in fear and asked, "[乔裕泽], are you crazy?"

"I'm crazy. I'm crazy to respect you and not touch you. That's why I let other men get ahead of you! If I knew this would happen, I would have... "

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