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   Chapter 87 Replace The Negotiation Personnel

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"Brother Archer," said Lydia. "The patent N2006 that my sister is investigating is indeed much better than that of Pearl Group's N2014. But... According to Chloe's investigation, although N2006 had been applied for a long time, it hadn't been passed yet, nor had any company applied for it. Because it had disputes of ownership and was not perfect. According to my analysis, if we want to perfect this patent technique, we have to bear a lot of risks, and our company is not able to bear such risks."

When Chloe heard the words 'according to my analysis', she took a look at Lydia.

It was her analysis. How did it become Lydia's?

But on second thought, it seemed that Lydia didn't have any real talents and could only talk like a parrot.

Obviously, it was easier to fool and control than Myra's. Myra could leave anyone, but Lydia couldn't live without her in the future.

Thinking of this, Chloe was happy. As long as Lydia had a firm foothold in the company, she would naturally become irreplaceable.

So she didn't say anything. When Archer looked at her, she nodded to show that she agreed with what Lydia said.

Archer thought for a while and nodded.

"Brother Archer, I think it's more secure to cooperate with Pearl. Our company is going to be listed soon. As long as we sign the cooperation agreem

, I'm so worried!"

Lydia smiled proudly. "If I give you a chance now, you don't have to lower the price or compromise. But it is just me who will be replace my sister to negotiate with you, what do you think?"

Calvin took a deep breath and said, "Are you kidding me?"

"Of course not. How are you going to thank me?" Lydia said with a smile. She was in an extremely good mood.

Calvin was overjoyed, "Of course I should thank you, thank you! How about I invite you to dinner tonight and we talk about the cooperation by the way?"

Lydia agreed with a smile.

It was getting easier and easier to steal things from Myra. She almost lost her sense of achievement.

After hanging up the phone, Lydia looked out of the window at the small scenery of the mountains. Her eyes gradually became cold.

"Sister, sister, it's not far from the day when you cry and beg me,"

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