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   Chapter 85 As Long As You Don't Leave Archer

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"Uncle Milo, Archer doesn't love me anymore. And I don't love him as well."

"I know whether Archer loves you or not. You are his first love. No man can forget his first love. You are just too cold. When the company is on track, you can leave the company and give birth to a baby for Archer. Isn't everything solved? If you like to work, you can go back to work when the child is older..."

Hearing Milo's words, Myra felt a faint nausea in her stomach.

"Uncle Milo, I don't love Archer," said Myra word by word.

She didn't love him, let alone marry him or have any child with him.

"You said that because you are angry! Alas... Okay, okay, then let's wait a little longer. You two can calm down first. It's too hasty to separate in this way..."

Myra looked at him in disbelief.

A man cheated on his girlfriend's sister. Was it too hasty to separate like this?

She smiled sarcastically. She didn't expect that his father had been so generous.

When the company was on track, she gave birth to a baby for Archer, and when the baby grew up, she would work again.

What did he take her for?

A workin


After saying that, she turned around and walked out. Suddenly, Milo stood up and said loudly behind her, "If you leave Archer, do you think your position in the Qiao group will still be the same as before?"

Myra paused, "If the Qiao group likes me, I can stay. If it's unfair to me, I have to leave. If it's just because of the relationship between me and Archer, I don't think it's necessary for me to stay. Besides, if even you think so, my efforts in the past few years was in vain."

After saying that, Myra walked out of the private room without looking back.

Milo sat on his seat and sighed.

There was also a door leading to a small cubicle in the private room.

The door of the cubicle opened and his wife, Sue, came out.

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