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   Chapter 25 I Didn't Lie To You

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Updated: 2020-07-23 00:02

Myra was stunned. She raised her eyebrows and said, "I don't need to say that."

Kian frowned, "What do you think of my relationship with you?"

Turning her eyes away, Myra shook her head bitterly and answered honestly, "I don't know..."

Kian looked at her red eyes in silence. He pursed his lips, but his eyebrows and eyes softened.

He then went to open the back door of the car and waved at Evelyn, "Come in. You can talk about it yourselves."

Evelyn was stunned for a while and then reacted and got into the car immediately.

Kian bent down and talked briefly to Freya. Then he locked them in the car and returned to Myra. "How much do you remember what happened last night?"

Seeing that he helped her so decisively, Myra had an inexplicable good impression of him again.

She felt that she was a little spineless, so she said stubbornly, "I don't remember."

Kian raised his eyebrows and suddenly stepped forward, "Do you want me to help you recall?"

Myra's heart sank. She stepped back defensively and said, "No, no. I... I remembered most of them! But... I have forgotten what I said?"

Kian nodded. "So you think you told me everything yourself? Do you think it's a coincidence to meet me there?"

Hearing this, Myra was stunned. She raised her eyes suddenly and asked, "Or what?"

Kian looked at her for a few seconds and took out his phone and slide his fingers over it.

When Myra was confused, her phone rang. She took out her phone and found it was an unknown number.

She looked up at Kian subconsciously.

He looked straight at her and said, "Answer it."

Like a puppet, Myra answered the phone obediently and put it on her ear.

Kian also put the phone near his ear and opened his mouth. His voice passed through the telephone receiver with the warm air of summer night to Myra's ears at the same time.


a, you have my number now. Call me if you need anything. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you the number earlier. I just didn't expect you to need me so soon... This is my fault. But from now on, don't do that dangerous thing again."

Staring at his melancholy face with a helpless smile and listening to his unprecedented soft tone, Myra couldn't help but burst into tears.

"What do you mean... Kian, what do you mean?"

Kian sighed slightly, put away his phone and removed her hand from her ear.

Then he raised her chin and looked down into her eyes. "Didn't I make it clear today?"

"I don't understand!" She cried.

Kian frowned, wiped her tears with his thumb, and slid his slightly calloused finger pulp across her face. "Do you think I'm lying to you?"

This was the first time he had been gentle to her since last night. The touch in her memory was like a flood in an instant, and Myra couldn't help shivering.

She opened her mouth, but before she could make a sound, she saw Evelyn coming out of the car. Subconsciously, she wanted to keep a distance from him. She put her hands on his chest and retreated.

However, he refused her to leave and held her in his arms as if no one was around. "I said I didn't have any other woman. I didn't lie to you."

His gentle and slightly coaxing tone made Myra's heart soften. She couldn't say a word. She looked at him with tears confusion in her eyes.

At this time, the car window was rolled down. Freya poked her head out and said, "We have finished our business. When will you take me to dinner? I'm so hungry..."

Kian glanced at her and said, "Wait a minute."

Then she turned to Myra and said, "I'll give you one night to remember what you said to me last night. Whether you can remember it or not, I will give you an explanation tomorrow. After that, we will talk about the pay."

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