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   Chapter 24 Not Crying

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Freya turned around and glared at Evelyn], "Who are you?"

Evelyn opened her mouth, but swallowed back the words that came to her mouth to attack her. She still wanted to work in the fashion industry.

Freya didn't seem to be bothered by her. She just looked at her and Myra up and down.

These two women were both beautiful with their own uniqueness. But what was the relationship between them and her brother?

"Who are they, Oba?" she asked in a sweet voice.

Kian didn't answer, but took her into the car and asked her to wait for him. Although Freya was confused, she didn't ask any more and nodded obediently.

Looking at Freya coldly, Myra knew that Freya was definitely a spoiled lady, but she was obedient to this man. It could be seen that he was good at winning over women.

Kian came back immediately and asked, "What can I do for you?"

A mocking smile appeared on his face. Myra smiled bitterly.

She came over just because she was angry and wanted to see how flustered and embarrassed he was. Maybe she could see his ugly expression like trying to explain.

In that case, she could despise him and tell herself that it was just a joke and she didn't need to care about it.

But he didn't. He was still calm and skillful!

And the one who was really embarrassed was herself. They were a perfect match. Who the hell was she?

What's worse, she still couldn't hate this man!

Myra touched her nose. Maybe it was because she bumped into him just now and felt a little sore, but why did she feel the same pain in her heart?

Her eyes gradually turned red, and then she lowered her head to avoid the eyes of Kian. At the same time, she pushed Evelyn forward and said, "Tell him by yourself."

However clumsy Evelyn was, she could tell that Myra was sad. She regretted it and felt a little embarrassed.

Facing this handsome man with a slightly sullen face and a sense of oppression around him, Evelyn also felt a little afraid.

She snorted at Kian with a f

ake smile. Then she took Myra's arm and suddenly turned around. "Don't cry. What's the point of crying for a lousy silk scarf? Let's leave it behind. You are the most important. Let's go. I'll treat you to dinner."

"I'm not crying!" Myra glanced at her.

"Okay, okay. You didn't cry. My eyes are blurred."

Myra rolled her eyes at her and then looked at her suspiciously. "You really give up?"

Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief and nodded heavily, "Yes! After this matter, I won't worry about it! I'll tell our editor in chief tomorrow that we don't have any way to solve this."

Her words were very straightforward, but her expression looked a little sad, which almost amused Myra.

The two ignored the existence of Kian and walked forward.

"Wait!" Kian suddenly said in a deep voice, with irresistible dignity in his calm tone. The two stopped with their backs to him.

"What's wrong with the silk scarf?" he asked.

This question hit the nail on the head of Evelyn. She frowned, bit her fingers and looked at Myra pitifully.

Myra glanced at her and knew that she wanted to seize the great opportunity.

With a sigh, Myra turned around.

She came back to him and said, "Mr. Zhong, here is the thing..."

After the greetings, she half lowering her eyes, Myra introduced Evelyn to Evelyn in a businesslike manner, and then briefly explained the reason why she wanted to use the silk scarf.

Then she added, "We know that you have a special relationship with Miss Bai. So, we want you to be the middleman and see if there is any way to make my friend get what she wants without offending Miss Bai. If you need to be paid for this... What's the price?"

'It's not a big deal. I'll pay the price. Evelyn only wants to rent this two hundred thousand dollar silk scarf for one or two days. I can afford the payment of a middleman, ' thought Myra.

Kian took a look at Evelyn and then looked back at Myra. "What do you think of the relationship between me and Miss Bai?"

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