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   Chapter 22 Brother

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Evelyn noticed that there was something wrong with her and followed her sight.

A tall and strong man in a light blue casual suit got out of the car and stood at the steps in front of the studio.

Then, a woman in her early twenty's, dressed exaggeratedly and brightly, came out of the door of the studio happily and ran to him with a smile.

"Brother Kian..."

Freya jumped over the steps and went straight to the arms of Kian.

At the same time, Kian stretched out his arms and pressed her shoulders, keeping her far away from him.

Freya could not reach him, she felt embarrassed.

But she knew that her new brother always didn't allow anyone to get close to him, but she liked him to be like this, so she didn't care. Her big eyes were shining with appreciation.

She giggled and put her hands in front of her. "Brother Kian, you finally agreed to have a romantic dinner with me. I'm so happy..."

Kian felt a little helpless. His awkward identity should not be welcomed by his father's 'first wife' children.

However, this half sister had a different brain from normal people and liked to be close to him.

He sighed slightly, "Freya, you are already more than 20 years old. Don't always cling to me. After all, I am your brother. It's not good to be misunderstood. If you like romance, find a boyfriend to solve it. This is the only candlelight dinner. I won't do it again."

Freya pouted and shook her shoulder. "But, brother Kian... Those men who pursue me are not as handsome as you, nor as cold as you. I am not interested in romance with them..."

Kian frowned and thought, 'This girl must have been spoiled too much. So she wanted to be neglected?'

Across the street.

Although Myra hadn't seen Freya in person, she had seen her photos on the financial magazine – as the daughter of Henson.

She remembered that in the interview, the reporter asked Freya what kind of man she would find as a partner with her wealth and status.

Freya replied, "Maybe from the nobility."

With his back to them, Kian

stretched out his arms and covered Freya's figure with his tall body.

Although they couldn't see what happened, it was not hard to imagine the picture he held the slim girl in his arms.

This handsome man from England might not have a noble title, but undoubtedly he was very close to the noble style.

But who would have thought that a few hours ago, he had made another woman's heart sparkling?

A wave of anger rose from Myra's elixir field and rushed to the top of her head.

Men... Did they really act the same?

Noticing that there was something wrong with Myra's face, Evelyn also calmed down. Thinking of that she had been busy with her work all day and had almost forgotten about Myra's feelings, she felt a little remorseful.

"Stop looking at them. Forget about the silk scarf, Myra. Let's go. I'll treat you a big meal now."

She held Myra's hand and was about to leave.

However, Myra didn't move at all, as if her feet had been stuck to the ground.

"I'm already here. How can I just leave like this?"

she said in a low voice, as if she was talking to herself. Then she shook off Evelyn and rushed across the road.

The car was coming and going. It seemed that Myra's eyes were keenly aware of the environment. She just walked forward without looking sideways. And she was not hit by the car.

Evelyn followed her in a hurry. While dodging the car, she shouted in horror, "Myra! Slow down! Watch the cars! Hey, Myra!"

Evelyn's screams and the whistles of the cars on the road caused a stir.

When Kian heard the familiar name from a distance, he was slightly stunned. When he turned around, he saw Myra, who was shuttling through the traffic, in colorful lights.

She was well dressed and walked forward majestically. She looked valiant and heroic, but her hair was casually coiled up. Two wisps of soft and curly hair hung down from her ears, making her a little soft and beautiful.

Kian's mind wandered for a while, but he didn't have time to appreciate it. He moved his body and rushed out.

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