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   Chapter 21 Something To Fight For

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But apparently, Evelyn didn't hear what she said. She looked at Myra strangely and asked, "His name is Kian?"


"Didn't you say that you didn't know his name today?"

It was not until then that Myra remembered that she hadn't told her the second half of the story, so she explained hesitantly, "Oh, after you left, I happened to meet him again..."

Evelyn took a deep breath and said, "So you didn't ask him for his phone number?"


"Oh, my God!" Evelyn was a little disappointed at her.

But she immediately waved her hand and said, "Well, forget it. At least I know his name."

Then she held Myra's hand and walked out.

Myra was dragged to the door by her, so she protested, "Alas! I'm hungry! Let me have something to eat first!"

But Evelyn couldn't stop. She even put on her shoes and said, "Let's go. If this thing can be done today, I'll treat you a good meal!"

It was dark when Kian came out of Minton No. one.

To his surprise, Henson had already prepared all the documents. As if Henson was afraid that he would go back on his word, Henson called the lawyer to explain all the terms to him and then stared at him to sign.

Then, in front of him, Henson called David, his stepfather in England, and faxed him the signed documents.

Like the winner, he told David that he had taken his son back and that the press conference would be held in a few days.

Although the channels of news release would not be on a grand scale, it was enough to let people at a certain level know.

He asked David if he should make a statement in advance to cut off the father and son relationship, in case he would be humiliated.

After all, in order to make Kian's mother rest assured to go to England with him, David promised to tell the public that Kian was his own son and that he would inherit everything he had in the future, including the manor, all other industries, and even his title.

David remained silent for a long time and then hung up the phone.

Hearing the sound of the phone being hung up, Kian's mood sank to the bottom.

From childhoo

d to adulthood, his stepfather had really treated him as his own son. From a certain point of view, his feelings for his stepfather were stronger than his feelings for his own mother.

Now he didn't know what David would think of his decision.


However, things had to come to an end.

The business war between the Bai's Global and the business of his stepfather should be ended by him since it was caused by him.

Although he and David had discussed a lot of ways, none of them was the best.

Except for the path he was taking now - to admit that he was the illegitimate child of Henson, both mentally and nominally.

Now he had no way back. As an illegitimate child, everything in England had nothing to do with him.

However, he felt a little more relaxed. Perhaps those things were not supposed to be his, and what he should strive for might be here from beginning to end.

When they got into the car, the phone rang. Darren said that Freya would be free tonight and asked him if he should fulfill his promise.

Kian agreed without hesitation.

It was better to end this kind of trifle as soon as possible.

Darren had already booked a place for him to have a candlelight dinner. He asked him to pick up Freya from her studio and said apologetically that he couldn't accompany him because he had to write his thesis.

Ignoring his plaintive tone, Kian replied calmly, "Okay."

Freya's studio was on the other side of the road.

Myra and Evelyn were arguing with each other.

"I don't want to go in! What should I say?"

"Oh, I will handle with her before Kian appeared. It will be your turn when Kian shows up."

"I'm impressed! Even if you can let Kian show up, what's the relationship between me and him? How can I help you?"

"Why don't you know how to deal with him? Where are your skills when you negotiate with others in business?"

"How can it be the same?"

Just as they were in a stalemate, from the corner of Myra's eyes, she suddenly saw a Maybach parking outside the opposite studio. She was stunned, with her eyes wide open.

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