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   Chapter 18 Biological Father

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"Freya Bai! Freya Bai, the daughter of Henson Bai! As far as I can see, they are all eager to flatter the Bai family in the whole Feng City. Who is crazy to provoke them?"

Myra's heart skipped a beat. "Henson Bai? The chairman of the Bai's Global?"

"Yes, yes! Exactly that Henson Bai!"

Myra understood.

No one dared to offend her in the whole world, let alone in the Feng City.

A company like Qiao An Trading Company was about to be listed. It was not a small company. But when it came to Bai's Global, it could be said that it was a battle between an ant and an elephant. They would turn the world upside down if they blew!

Then the question was, why would a rich lady like her break the contract?

It was definitely not for money or fame. She didn't lack it.

If Evelyn didn't make a mistake, the only thing that could make Freya change her mind was emotion!

What kind of emotion?

Freya Bai, Kian Zhong.

There was one same Chinese character in their Chinese names.

That character showed that they were from the same generation in the same family.

But their surnames were different. How could cousins share that generation character? Besides, Freya's brother is called Jerrold, a famous playboy. And her mother was the only child of her grandparents. If they were not related by blood, it would be even more unnecessary to share that generation character.

Was it just a coincidence?

Then they were not related by blood.

They were young, handsome man and beautiful woman of equal family background. They must be affectionate with each other.

What else could be more imaginative than this?

Unknowingly, Myra put down her hand holding the phone and held it tightly with her slender fingers. Her mind went blank.

Minton No. one.

It was a top Luxury Apartments in the city center.

The highest floor with swimming pool was one of the residences of Henson Bai in Feng City.

The servant knocked on the open door of the study and said, "Sir, madam, young master Kian is here."

Behind the desk, Henson in black shirt and black pants lifted his eyes, revealing a pair of dark brown pupils.

His angular face showed a little displeasure, but his tone was relatively calm. "Bring him here."

Henson had called this son two

times, but he didn't answer. He had thought that his son would change his mind.

But now, he was here.

The servant nodded and left.

Mrs. Bai, Kenna Kang, was less than fifty years old. She was well maintained and had exquisite makeup. She looked young, but her face was a little pale.

She pressed her red lips tightly and sat on the chair in a purple cheongsam. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she glance at the servant who was walking away. Her chest heaved more and more.

She suppressed her anger and turned to her husband, "Are you really going to give your family business to an illegitimate child?"

Henson turned his head to look at her and said, "Kian is my son."

Kenna smiled sarcastically, and a tear fell from the corner of her eye. "Do you want me to remind you? His surname is Zhong, not Bai!"

Henson squinted his eyes, which looked as dangerous as a leopard. Kenna regretted for irritating him like that.

Henson said patiently, "Who do you think I should give it to? Your son? I gave him fifty million dollars to start his business. How did he repay me?"

Kenna didn't know what to say. Fifty million dollars for two months of extravagance life with beautiful cars and girls.

She stood up with a glimmer of hope, "What about Freya? You've always liked Freya. She's excellent. You said you didn't prefer boys to girls!"

Henson shook his head helplessly and said, "I don't value boys more than girls, but Freya's excellence is only in her major. She doesn't have the guts and mind sight to manage a group company with business across the world."

Kenna couldn't understand. "So you think that bastard has that ability? and is willing to do it?"

Henson looked up at her and said, "Maybe he doesn't have that intention, but he has the ability. He passed my test and was approved by the board of directors."

Kenna sneered, "Your test? You almost made his father's manor go bankrupt. He hates you so much. If you give the company to him, he will only destroy it!"

Henson pounded the table and stood up. Blue veins stood out on his forehead. He roared, "My blood is flowing in Kian's body, and even his eyes are the same color as mine! Even if he doesn't have my surname, he is still my child! I am his biological father!"

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