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   Chapter 17 All Right

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Myra didn't know what to say. She couldn't say something as ruthless as that she did not believe him to this face.

It was not because he was good-looking, but because he had a calm and reserved temperament that made people willing to trust him unconditionally.

But she had once trusted Archer.

However, the result was so bad that she doubted her own judgment on men.

She even doubted if she had inherited the bad judgment on men from her mother?

If she made such a mistake again, she was not sure if she could still believe in love.

Staring at him for a long time with short breath, Myra couldn't make up her mind. She leaned back in her seat dejectedly and looked out of the window.

She didn't understand why she had some expectation on him when he didn't say anything.

But when she heard what he said, she hesitated and flinched.

After waiting for a while, Kian didn't receive any response. He said in a cold voice, "I'm just asking you if you want to see me again. That's all. Tell me the truth."

After a while, with her lips trembling, Myra said in a low voice," Yes."

"I can't hear it clearly."

She was a little angry with him for his insatiable behavior. She glared at him with her almond eyes and raised her voice. "Yes, I want to see you! Okay?"

Kian's expression did not change that much, but his eyes flashed with a complicated expression. Finally, he nodded and said, "All right, then."

All right, then?

Then, what?

With a confused look on her face, Myra watched him unlock the door, get out of the car, open the door for her, and send her upstairs...

It was not until his figure disappeared from her sight that she remembered that she did not even ask him for his phone number.

Neither did he ask hers.

Evelyn's apartment was not big. The decoration was simple and quick. It was obvious that she was a single professional woman. Everything was simple.

She found a pair of casual clothes and trousers from the wardrobe, simply tied her hair behind her head, and went into the bathroom.

Looking at herself in the mirror, sh

e couldn't help but touch the mottled marks on her neck and chest.

Thinking of the scene that the man kept imprinting these evidences on her body, her face flushed again.

"All right, then." He said that so simple and so calm.

Then what?

'Kian, what do you mean?' she asked herself.

Holding a handful of cold water on her face, Myra decided not to think about it. There was something else to consider besides him.

Walking out of the bathroom, she took out her phone and looked at it.

Her phone had been muted before, and there were many missed calls and various messages.

She turned on her volume again and replied to several work calls and messages. Suddenly, a phone call came in.

It was Evelyn.

"Hello?" Myra picked it up. "You miss me so much again?"

"Honey! Dear! Sweetie! Darling! Oh my god! I'm so excited!" Evelyn shouted excitedly over the phone.

Myra quickly put away the phone to keep a distance from the eardrum breaking, "What are you doing?"

"It's true! It's true! It is real!"

Confused, Myra asked, "What do you mean by 'real'? What's wrong with you?"

"Silk scarf! Your silk scarf!"

Although she still didn't know much about it, a strange premonition suddenly arose in Myra's heart.

"Evelyn, make it clear in Chinese!"

"Your silk scarf is the original one from that studio! The only one!"

Myra was stunned. She listened in amazement. Evelyn's voice, which was almost as louder as a boom, tortured her eardrum.

"Our editor in chief knows it at a glance! She also called to confirm. Karrie Magazine said that they sent people to take the silk scarf this morning, but the studio temporarily broke the contract and said that the silk scarf was sold to someone else a few hours ago!"

Blinking her eyes, Myra said, "How is that possible? Shouldn't they be responsible for breaking the contract? What's more, the editor in chief of Karrie Magazine is so influential in the fashion industry. How dare an emerging fashion studio break her contract?"

"Of course they dare! Do you know who owns that studio?"

"Who is it?"

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