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   Chapter 15 The Feeling Of Jealous

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The waiter served the food with a radiant face and respectfully said to Kian, "Please enjoy yourself."

The sweet voice made Myra shiver.

She glanced at the waitress, who completely ignored her existence.

Myra felt that she was a rich and beautiful woman who attracted a lot of attention. Now she felt like she was a noon in the daylight, which was eclipsed by the brightest sun in front of her.

However, the man who was as charming as the sun was staring at the food in front of him and didn't pay attention to it. He began to eat after expressing his thanks.

The waiter stood there with the folded menu in her hands, staring at him with an obsessive expression.

Afraid that the waitress would be blind by his charming rays, Myra raised her hand and snapped her fingers. The waitress looked at her as if she had just woken up from a dream.

With a faint smile on her face, Myra asked, "Anything else?"

Looking at her bright eyes, the waitress shook her head in a hurry. "No, nothing else."

Then she ran away quickly.

Taking a glance at her back, Myra turned around and saw Kian looking at her thoughtfully.

She was stunned and thought about her performance just now. It seemed that she was a little... jealous?

However, since he came to her by himself, was she not allowed to take advantage of him for a while?

Thinking of this, she picked up the spoon and ate her congee leisurely.

After a while, Myra said slowly, "Mr. Zhong..."

"Kian Zhong," he corrected her.

"Mr. Kian Zhong..." said Myra.

Kian squinted his eyes, seeming to accept this appellation as he asked, "What's wrong?"

"You just met me on the roadside. Did you happen to meet me or..."

Kian stared at her without blinking, "What do you think?"

"I didn't know, so I asked you..."

Kian looked at her with a complicated expression for a moment and said, "Eat your food."


For the rest of the time, Myra ate silently, looked up at Kian from time to time, and met his eyes from time to time.

She tried to guess what he was thinking, but she couldn't figure it out at all.

Didn't he want to

say something to her by inviting her to have breakfast together?

But he didn't say anything. She took the initiative to ask, but he still didn't say anything.

A few minutes later, he ate up all his food and took out his wallet to pay the bill.

Myra had almost finished, but there were only two pieces of the chopped green onion pancake left.

Every time she ordered that, she would have only two pieces left, she felt a little pity. She thought it was troublesome to take them away.

Looking at the empty bowl and plate in front of him, Myra hesitated for a while and pushed hers to Kian. "I can't finish it."

She was a little nervous and curious. Such a reserved and pride man wouldn't touch other people's leftovers, would he?

He would refuse her?

But Kian didn't say anything. He put down his wallet and started to deal with the two pieces of pancakes.

Myra smiled. This man had just come from the UK, and he probably didn't have a payment APP in his phone?

She took out her phone from her bag and scanned at the payment code on the table. Then she heard a voice prompt for the confirmation of the payment.

Then she said to Kian with a smile, "I paid for this meal first."

Kian was stunned. He frowned slightly, but then unfolded it. "Okay, I'll pay next time."

With her eyes wide open, Myra asked, "Next time?"

"You don't want to?"

"I said I'm not a saucy woman."

"Do you call it saucy to have a meal together?"

Myra choked, "You mean... just eating together?"

"What do you think?"


Myra's face turned red and pale.

Well, she was wrong. She thought he was talking about the whole shebang...

"Let's talk about it later..." She turned her head away in embarrassment.

Kian smiled silently, "But if you want to do something else..."

"I don't want to!" She stared at him.

He raised his eyebrows and pretended to be innocent, as if he didn't believe it. "Okay, then."

Suddenly, his phone rang. He took out his phone and hung it up directly after checking it. He looked a little unhappy.

The phone rang again, but he hung up directly again.

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