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   Chapter 14 What Kind Of Innocence And Honest Is That

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She was so embarrassed that she quickly changed the topic. "You... You speak Chinese so well."

Although he didn't talk too much...

But for a person who had lived in England for a long time, his Chinese pronunciation was very standard, and he didn't mix English with Chinese while talking.

Hearing this, a faint tenderness flashed in his eyes. "My mother is of Chinese descent. She usually speaks Chinese to me, and there are also Chinese descendants among the servants in my home."

Myra nodded slowly. It was the first time that she had heard such a low-key show of wealth.

Like her, they had only hired one help at home.

But this man, 'there are also Chinese descendants among the servants in the house'. It meant that there were not only Chinese descendants, but also other descendants.

And it sounded like there were a lot of servants in his house!

But she had to admit that it sounded as natural as talking about the weather from him.

Perhaps because he mentioned his mother, his expression softened a lot, which made him look a little... innocent and honest?

Noticing that it was a little awkward to use this word on such a cold man, Myra couldn't help laughing.

Hearing this, Kian turned around and saw the smile on her face, which was amazing.

He paused and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

With a mischievous smile on her face, Myra squinted at him and asked, "How many servants do you have?"

Realizing what she meant, Kian apologized, "Oh... Sorry, I didn't mean to show off."

However, Myra didn't want to let him go at all. She asked playfully, "How much on earth?"

He shook his head helplessly and changed the topic with a slight blush on his face. "Is that the shop you mentioned?"

She saw his face flushed, so she stopped and turned to a wooden congee shop on the roadside. "Yes, it's there."

After Kian parked the car, the two entered the shop and found a place to sit down.

The environment of the shop was very good, because it was located in the most prosperous area of the city, the beautiful waitresses were also well-informed. When they brought the barley tea, they didn't make a fuss about the evening

dress on Myra. Instead, their face with polite smiles brighten up as they took a few more glances at Kian.

Myra ordered her favorite Congee with minced pork and preserved egg, and a chopped green onion cake.

After Myra finished ordering, Kian said to the waiter, "The same."

Myra looked at him and asked, "You are so tall. Why do you eat so little?"

He was not only tall, but also had wide shoulders, big bubble but and tight muscles. Was that really enough for him?

Kian looked straight at her face and said, "You are care about me?"

These three words were obviously full of flirtation, but from his tone, it could not be sensed at all.

Even his expression was obscure. His inexplicably sharp eyes seemed to pierce into her soul.

An indescribable feeling arose in her heart, which made her confused, but she couldn't catch it or see it clearly.

The only thing she could see clearly was the handsome face of the man in front of her. She couldn't take her eyes off him before, but now he was even more handsome.

His eyebrows, nose and lips could easily seduce a woman's heart.

When she came to her senses, her face turned red. "I'm just talking about the fact."

As she spoke, she looked away, and secretly overturned the previous comment on him in her heart, 'What kind of innocent and honest is that?'

He flirted with her without even blinking his eyes. He must be an experienced man!

Then she recalled the boundless tenderness he had shown to her after apologizing to her last night.

She sighed in her mind, 'How many women have he practiced it on?'

Although, she was thinking it in her heart, she couldn't help smiling sweetly.

To cover it up, she took a sip of the barley tea.

Every change of expression on Myra's face was noticed by the opposite Kian. He raised the corners of his mouth imperceptibly.

Kian took off his suit jacket and put it on the back of a chair. His slender fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and rolled up his sleeves towards his arms.

With the teacup in front of her mouth, Myra looked at it and gave him a sidelong glance.

Why was he so tempting even if he rolled up his sleeves?

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