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   Chapter 13 Exposed Her Full Name

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But this Mr. Zhong was also strange. Why did he let her get in the car?

Wrapped in the light blue suit, he looked so indifferent, as if he was otherworldly, or even very innocent.

But she had already seen through his beastly side.

Last night, when she dragged him into the room, she didn't know what did she say that made him unhappy, so every move he did later was like a punishment.

But when he found that she was inexperienced, he apologized to her unexpectedly, "Sorry, I don't know..."

So now he knew that she had no man before him.

So what?

Did he want her to be a mistress? Just like Archer, enjoying a woman and getting engaged to another woman?

After all, Mr. Zhong didn't seem like a man who had no woman.

The man had already sat in the car, with his left hand on the steering wheel, he remained silent.

Subconsciously, Myra glanced at his fingers on the steering wheel. They were clean and slender... And, he didn't wear a ring.

Not married, or...

My God? What was she thinking about?

She quickly collected herself and glanced at him with a guilty conscience.

The man looked straight ahead with no expression on his face. His profile was three-dimensional and handsome, but at this moment, he looked a little tense.

Looking away, Myra's heart skipped a beat. She felt it necessary to make it clear, "Mr. Zhong, in fact, I'm not a casual woman. I..."

"I know. You explained it last night."

Myra was stunned. Had she explained? How?

She wanted to ask more, but the man seemed to have no intention of continuing this topic. He said to himself, "I haven't had breakfast yet. Is there anything delicious nearby?"


It was not until then that Myra remembered that she hadn't had breakfast either. She was very hungry when she woke up, but she lost her appetite when she met Archer and Lydia, as well as a lot of people and things later.

Even in the coff

ee shop, she only took a sip of coffee without ordering a simple meal.

Now hearing his question, she felt that her stomach finally returned to work and began to groan.

"Turning right twice, there is a good congee shop."

Before she finished her words, the man started the engine.

It seemed that he was really hungry.

That's right. He had exercised a lot last night. She should treat him to this meal.

The car started. It was steady, but a little slow.

Seeing that he was controlling the steering wheel with a serious look on his face, Myra couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Zhong... You just got your driver's license?"

He was a little stunned and looked at her. "Sorry, I'm not used to the domestic traffic rules."

"You were abroad before?" asked Myra in surprise.

"Yes, England."

No wonder...

"Well, Mr. Zhong..."

The man turned his head and gave her a helpless look. "My name is Kian."

Kian Zhong...

Myra was stunned. She felt the name was a little familiar, as if it existed in a distant memory, but she couldn't remember it for a moment.

But it should be just an illusion.

If she had seen this face, she would never forget it.

Out of courtesy, Myra said, "My name is..."

But she suddenly stopped.

She remembered one thing that Darren called her 'Miss An' directly.

At that time, she wanted to ask him how he knew her last name was An, but she took the silk scarf by accident and was in a hurry to leave, so she forgot.

Now she guessed that it must expose it when she explained it to Kian last night.

What a fool!

Myra scolded herself in her heart.

But she only mentioned her last name? Or did he say his full name?

Since she had already started, she had to bite the bullet and continue, "Myra An."

Kian looked at her again and said, "I know."

These two words made Myra's heart jolt. As expected, she exposed her first and last name last night!

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