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   Chapter 11 A Crazy Busy Day

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Evelyn frowned and looked very worried.

"Don't mention it! Our editor in chief wanted to use that silk scarf, but they didn't rent it to us because they thought our magazine was not that high class. Our editor in chief is so depressed. She doesn't like anything these days, so we don't dare to talk freely!"

She sighed and looked a little excited. "I can't rent the silk scarf in every mean. But if I take this one back, even if it is not real, I think it can be comparable to that real one. Maybe our editor in chief will feel better after she sees this."

"What studio? It's so arrogant!" Myra asked curiously.

Evelyn said, "A clothing studio which has just been popular recently has made a hit in the recent French fashion show. So now, every new product they launched, regardless of clothes or accessories, was very popular. This scarf was their new product. So, do you get it?"

Myra sneered, "I don't understand! You guys are really hypocritical in fashion. It's just a silk scarf. I can't believe it's so popular!"

Evelyn raised her eyebrows. "You don't understand? Let me tell you something. Fashion, fashion, is a temporary trend. Whoever catches up with the chance and gets the limelight will be able to reap a lot!"

Shaking her head helplessly, Myra said, "You've been so crazy busy with these things all day long. When did you..."

Before she finished her words, Evelyn suddenly received a call.

Then she hailed a taxi, got into it and slammed the door.

Myra stood still and looked at the taxi. It had just driven for a short while and stopped again.

Evelyn opened the door and jumped out of the car. She ran back to Myra and stretched out her hands, "Give me the silk scarf."

With her eyes wide open, Myra said, "Now? Are you kidding me?!"

With a flattering smile in her beautiful eyes, Evelyn shook Myra's shoulders and said, "Sweetie, yes, now! It's time to show your value as my best friend!"

Myra was a little anxious. She raised her hand to cover her neck and said, "I... It's not convenie

nt now."

Evelyn looked her up and down and her eyes lit up. "Don't worry. I have an idea!"

Ten seconds later.

The bun that was originally high tied behind Myra's head was put down, and her long black hair with a casual roll fell on her shoulder, barely covering the marks on her neck.

Evelyn nodded with satisfaction, "You look different!"

Then she put the silk scarf into her bag, took out a set of keys and gave it to Myra. Then, without hesitation, she turned around and ran back to the taxi. She turned around and shouted at Myra, "You know my house. Go ahead by yourself! Take a shower and wait for me tonight!"

Myra was speechless.

Passers-by was shocked! The conversation between the two was so weird. It was definitely abnormal!

Watching the taxi running away, Myra gritted her teeth in hatred.

But she had no choice. From childhood to adulthood, Evelyn had always been like this.

After a short pause, Myra walked to the side of the road and stretched out her hand to stop a taxi.

At this time, a black Maybach came slowly from the roadside and stopped in front of.

Who was he?

Staring at the all black car window, Myra didn't know what was going on.

Soon, the door of the driver's seat opened and a person got out... The person was in a light blue suit.

Myra's heart skipped a beat. That was what the man wore last night...

She stood still and watched the man turn around unhurriedly and look at her from above the car roof.

His dark brown eyes and sharp facial lines made him look extremely handsome.

It was him, indeed.

Myra's ears were burning and her heart was beating fast.

When she left the hotel room, she took a quick look at him and found that he was asleep.

She thought they would never see each other again, but she didn't expect him to appear in front of her so soon.

The man frowned and looked at her up and down. Then he came over, calm and elegant, like the clear moon and breeze, which could not be desecrated.

But last night, she desecrated him...

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