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   Chapter 9 Evelyn Jian

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Thinking of so many benefits, Darren thought it was worth taking the risk to question his master's decision just now.

At the thought of this, he saw a mysterious smile on the corner of Kian's mouth. He stood up from the sofa and walked over.

"Darren, you don't have to follow me today."

Darren was shocked. "What?"

Kian came to him and said, "In the afternoon, you go to the library and write a thirty thousand word thesis. Report to me tomorrow about the consequence of the behavior of burning the bridge after crossing it. I need to learn from you,"

he said word by word in a very gentle tone.

However, Darren's back was cold and he was stunned for a moment. His shoulder collapsed. "Yes, sir..."

Kian patted him on the shoulder two times, passed him, opened the door and left.

In a private room of a cafe near the hotel.

As soon as she got the phone call, Evelyn rushed over and sat down in front of Myra.

"My lady! I called you one hundred times last night, but you didn't answer. Everyone is looking for you. What happened to you? Where were you? Why didn't you call me? Do you know how I worried about you?"

Evelyn was Myra's best friend since she was a child. She was forthright and quick tempered.

Her voice was also loud.

Therefore, this series of loud questions attracted the attention of the people outside, and they all looked at this side strangely.

Myra stood up in a hurry, closed the door and went back to her seat. She said, "Keep your voice down... That is why I am coming to give you an explanation as soon as I have time."

As soon as she finished her words, Myra] saw that Evelyn was staring at her neck with her big bright eyes.

Myra was stunned. Did they exposed?

She quickly tidied up the silk scarf and nervously looked at the eyes that staring at her neck.

Evelyn was confused and surprised. She tilted her head and pouted, "What? Hiss... Well? Really?"

Myra's heart was about to jump out of her chest. She couldn't help but lean forward and slapped heavily on Evelyn's forehead with a crisp sound!

"What are you

looking at?"

But at the same time, Evelyn also took action.

She grabbed a corner of the silk scarf and pulled it carelessly!

The silk scarf was as smooth as a snake. It slipped down from Myra's neck and fell into the hand of Evelyn.

Myra felt that her neck got hot from the friction of the silk scarf.

She touched her neck and felt scared.

Fortunately, the tie was not complicated, or she would have been strangled to death!

She stared at Evelyn with hatred. Her cheeks, which were still flushing, were now even redder with anger.

But the woman in front of her seemed to be completely unconscious. She didn't notice that she had been slapped at all. She even forgot the existence of Myra. She only put the silk scarf in her hand, looked at it carefully and rubbed it.

She murmured to herself, "How is that possible? No way... "

Myra was so angry that she squeezed out her name between her teeth, "Eve-lyn-Jian!"

Evelyn was stunned for a while and then remembered the existence of Myra.

She raised her eyes suddenly and asked excitedly, "Where did you get this scarf?"

Staring at her for a long time, Myra gritted her teeth and said, "Do you care about me or the silk scarf? Why are you so interested in it?"

Confused, Evelyn asked, "You? Aren't you feeling good?"

She looked at Myra up and down and said, "Your hair is as black as clouds, your forehead is full, your face is pink and fine, and your eyebrows... full of hatred?"

She frowned, but soon digested it. "It's okay. You often look at me like this."

She looked down, "You have red lips, white teeth, and your neck..."

On her neck... There were traces of intimate interaction!

With her eyes wide open, Evelyn took a deep breath and said, "Myra, you just give yourself to..."

But she was stunned for a moment, "No, it is not right. Archer has been looking for you last night. When did you..."

Speaking of this, she finally realized that something was wrong, and a look of worry appeared in her eyes.

She put the silk scarf aside and asked, "What happened last night, Myra?"

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