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   Chapter 8 Burn The Bridge After Crossing It

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With Myra's character, it was impossible for her to take the initiative to sleep with Calvin. If she was forced to do so, she couldn't have acted like this today.

She used to be domineering and cold, with no smile on her face.

But today, facing those sharp questions from the reporters, she was actually in the mood to laugh at them and play with them?

Having known Myra for so many years, he had never seen her as witty as today.

Even after she learned that her fiancee to be was cheating on her, she didn't look sad at all.

He could clearly feel that Myra's mood today... was good?

Squinting his eyes, Archer asked in his heart, 'Myra, have you ever loved me?'

An answer that scared him emerged in his heart.

Archer gritted his teeth and pressed it down.

But another thought came up in his mind, 'Who on earth did Myra have an affair with? How dare she cheat on him!

Or on the engagement night!'

He swore to himself that he would get even with what he had suffered!

All sorts of emotions surged in his heart, and he completely forgot that Lydia was still in his arm.

Ding! Ding——

The two elevators stopped on the nineteenth floor at the same time.

While Darren was walking out of the elevator, Archer walked into another one with Lydia in his arms.

After casting a cold glance at them, Darren came to the door of room 1908.

He knocked on the door and it opened soon.

After entering the room, Darren closed the door and nodded to the man who was a few steps away from him with a smile.

"Sir, Miss An accepted the gift. It matches her temperament very well. But miss An said she was looking for a friend nearby, so she didn't need the drive."

Kian nodded and sat down on the sofa.

Just as he thought, this woman was very tough and would not easily accept other people's kindness.

After a moment of silence, he raised his head to look at Darren. His dark brown eyes flashed with a glimmer of light, and there was obvious concern in his clear eyes. "Is she okay?"

His voice was mellow and deep.

Darren looked at him and told him the truth, "Miss An seems to be in a good mood."

Kian nodded slightly with an imperceptible smile on his face.

Noticing that he looked gentle, Darren hurriedly added, "But miss Freya..."

"What's w


"Miss Freya was woken up at four o'clock in the morning and forced to go to the studio to get a silk scarf. She lost her temper," Darren explained to him.

"Okay," replied Kian in a low voice, as if he didn't care about it at all. "So what?"

"Miss Freya wants compensation."

Kian raised his eyebrows, "You didn't give her the money?"

"Four hundred thousand dollars have been transferred to Miss Freya's account, but you know, Miss Freya doesn't lack money..."

Kian frowned slightly, "Then what compensation does she want?"

"She wants you to have dinner with her... Candlelight dinner..."

Kian frowned and said indifferently, "I don't have time."

Darren was speechless.

After a moment of silence, Darren finally took a breath and said tentatively, "Sir, someone said that it was unwise to burn the bridge after crossing it. Because... You might have to cross the same bridge a lot."

Hearing this, Kian tilted his head slightly and looked up at Darren slowly with an unfathomable expression.

He stared at Darren's eyes without a blink. His brown eyes, which could have been very gentle, were now flickering with gloom.

Not knowing what he was thinking, Darren didn't dare to look away. He had to brave himself to look into his eyes.

At the same time, he felt that the air pressure around him was getting lower and lower...

But his heart beat faster and faster.

Just as he felt his heart was about to jump out of his throat...

"Okay." His voice rose slightly at the end.

Okay... Good?

"You arrange it."


Hearing that, Darren heaved a sigh of relief. He nodded and avoided eye contact with Kian. "Yes, sir."

Alas... In fact, he felt pity for Miss Freya because she did like his master but his master always put on a cold face to her. So he spoke for her once.

What's more, what he said was true. Freya had just stood out in the fashion circle, so she must have a bright future.

If the clothes that master would send to Miss An in the future were all customized by Miss Freya, the scene must be very harmonious.

More importantly, his master just came back from abroad. It was definitely a good thing to have someone to take care of him in the Bai family. So it was necessary to have a good relationship with Freya.

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