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   Chapter 5 The Posture Of A Shrew

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But in the face of the reporters in front of him, at least Calvin was a senior manager of the group, not a fool.

He would admit it if he had done it, but he didn't.

Even if he had a bad intention, he couldn't lie anything.

So he said to the reporters seriously, "Don't spread the rumor! I have nothing to do with Miss An. The cooperation intention between our Pearl Group and the Qiao An Trading Company has been decided. Let me make it clear here. Who dares to talk nonsense at this crucial moment and affect our reputation? Don't blame me for being rude, and then you will be in big trouble! Humph!"

After saying that, Calvin shook his hand and left the stunned people behind. He entered the elevator, turned around and gave a flattering smile to Myra, and then closed the elevator door and left.

The rest of them fell into silence.

Even Myra was confused. Had the intention of cooperation been decided? When did it happen? Why didn't she know?

The journalists were completely frustrated at this time. They came here in vain and took a few photos that could not prove anything.

They were dejected and prepared to take another elevator to leave.

Before leaving, they passed by Myra. Thinking of that she said she would send them the lawyer's letter, they nodded and bowed.

"I'm sorry, Miss An. I came here just because I got the anonymous message. I didn't mean to hurt you!"

"Me too, Miss An. Please don't take it to heart. It's all that person's fault! "

"Yes, that person is really horrible! How could the person slander Miss An like this? That person must have done it on purpose since he or she deceive so many media at the same time!"

"Yes, yes, we are also wronged!"

Myra looked at them coldly and disdained to argue with them.

But she glanced at the restless expression on Lydia's face.

The latter bit her lips tightly, and her eyes were gloomy, as if she could not figure out the cause and effect of this matter.

No matter what Lydia thought, Myra was in a good mood so far.

She woke up from an empty r

oom last night and was unable to bear the effect of the drug in her body, so she planned to leave the hotel and go to the hospital.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw a man in a light blue casual suit standing in the corridor. He was elegant and handsome.

He looked at her with his deep brown eyes, indifferent and gentle.

She was enchanted by that man, and her heart seemed to be smashed into pieces. All her reserve, pride, and defense were thrown out of her mind.

If she could spend her first time with such a man, there would be nothing to regret about.

Therefore, she pulled his tie and dragged him into the room regardless of anything...

She vaguely remembered that she said something to the man. He looked a little angry, but she couldn't remember what exactly she had said that irritated him.

But she clearly remembered that the man's slightly sullen and more handsome face seemed to make her want to bully him.

However, she seemed to be wrong. That man was not easy to be bullied at all.

His appearance was so different from his performance in bed...

Thinking of this, Myra felt her face burning. She took a deep breath and lit up the elevator button for the third time.

Then she stared at the elevator door with her hands on her hips.

She would like to see who dared stop her this time!

Lydia, who was standing behind her, was about to say something, but when she saw the shrew-like standing posture of Myra, she withdrew her foot.

She took a look at Archer, who was frowning and staring at the back of Myra. No one knew what he was thinking about.

He must feel uncomfortable about her posture?

Lydia couldn't help but feel proud again. How could a woman, who always showed her strong side in front of a man, keep a man's heart?

After a while, the elevator door opened. A man in a dark gray suit with a clean face was standing inside, with something thin in his hand.

The man seemed to be stunned when he saw the look on Myra's face.

Myra looked at him and wondered if he came for her.

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