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   Chapter 4 What Shall I Say

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Archer's hair stood on end. This woman was threatening him not to talk nonsense!

He had thought that since they were going to break up, he would just put the blame of cheating on Myra. In this way, it made sense between him and Lydia.

However, Myra had the evidence of his betrayal, and it was a photo, which was solid evidence.

What did he have? The marks on her neck?

If she wanted to deny it, she could find an excuse to smooth it over. For example, if she said her throat hurt, she pinched it by herself, so there were marks. Then no one could investigate it.

What's more, he remembered that the company was in preparation for the listed and there were many other places that needed Myra's help. It was not good for everyone to fall out.

Thinking of this, Archer had no choice but to restrain his impulse and smiled at Myra, "Yes, just like... what Myra said. We broke up peacefully yesterday, so we haven't time to inform the media yet. Please forgive us."

"Not yet? How could it be possible!" A reporter doubted, "But you and your family, as well as Miss An's family, were present yesterday!"

"Well..." Archer cleared his throat awkwardly, "It... It is my mistake. After all, we have been together for so many years. I thought there was still room for us to make it up... "

Archer tried his best to explain. Although his handsome face was flushed with grievance, he still pretended to be infatuated in front of the media.

'well, you are not that stupid. After all, we have to maintain the image of the company, ' thought Myra with a sneer.

At this time, the elevator stopped again.

This time, a fat bald middle-aged man with disheveled clothes came out. He smiled at Myra and revealed his gold inlaid front teeth. "Miss An..."

All of a sudden, Myra got goose bumps, and then a sense of anger rose out of nowhere.

'Damn it! So I cannot leave here today? They really try their best to set up on me!'

The man was none other than Calvin, the hero of the gossip that the journalists were thinking about.

But the reporters were confused. He was here, but where did he come

from? It was obviously not on this floor!

But they had to ask.

"Mr. Xie! Are you with Miss Myra last night?"

"When did you and Miss An start? Is she trying to win you over by sleeping with you? Or... do you really have feelings for each other?"

At this time, Lydia came out of the dark and looked a little annoyed to see Calvin.

She had promised that she would take Archer and reporters to block them in the morning, and ask Calvin to keep Myra in the room.

But now, they were not in the same room, not even on the same floor!

This useless Calvin, the good play was ruined by him!

Lydia was furious, but when she saw the marks on Myra's neck, she became complacent again.

Myra must have been slept by Calvin!

Before the engagement party last night, she deliberately pestered Archer to buy time.

She asked her mother to find an opportunity to put the drug in the wine of Myra. Then, Marilyn sent Myra to room 1908 in person.

And that room was booked by Calvin early in the morning, and the room card was given by him. There was no mistake!

'Let's wait and see. The truth will come out as soon as Calvin opens his mouth. Let's see what else Myra has to say!

I had to see her cry today!'

Thinking of this, Lydia returned to Archer and was ready to watch a good show with expectation.

At this moment, Calvin was surrounded by a group of reporters, which made him a little annoyed.

He stole a glance at Myra's cold face, and then glanced at Lydia, who gave him a gloomy look, indicating him to speak quickly.

But what could he say?

Last night, when he got the news that Myra had been sent to his room, he rushed over happily.

But as soon as he entered the hall, he was stopped by the hotel security guard. He insisted that he looked like a wanted criminal and dragged him to the security room to have tea and chat. His clothes were wrinkled.

Then he was unconscious...

When he woke up just now, he found himself lying on a wooden bench in the security room, which was so hard that his whole body ached. Then he received a call from Lydia, so he rushed up.

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