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   Chapter 3 Who Is The Adulterer

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If her father hadn't tried to be a peacemaker, she wouldn't have fallen into their trap last night.

The mother and daughter had really tried their best to set her up!

She desperately wanted to slap Lydia twice over, but she couldn't afford to lose face in front of the reporters.

Forcing a smile, Myra asked the reporters, "Excuse me, which media channels are you with?"

The reporters saw her as being amiable and charming, and it was inappropriate not to answer such a regular question. So, they handed over their business cards and introduced themselves one after another.

After collecting a business card from each of them, Myra's face suddenly changed. "Your questions all concern Mr. Xie. May I ask, from which eye did you see Mr. Xie?"

The reporters were stunned to silence. They looked around and couldn't see the object of their gossip.

What Myra just said made sense. If she cheated with Calvin last night, why was she standing here alone?

It was quite strange. The anonymous tip had said that they would find Myra and Calvin together, but now, where was he?

The reporters looked at each other in uncertainty. Myra sneered, "If you dare to spread such a rumor to ruin my reputation, then don't blame me for sending you each a lawyer's letter!"

Hearing this, the reporters became jittery.

The media outlets they worked for didn't take being sued seriously. In fact, some even invited being sued as a way to attract more attention, which would prove beneficial in generating revenue for their agencies. But those insignificant reporters who ran for the gossip section would most likely become the scapegoat and their jobs.

Some of them flinched.

However, there were still some of the reporters who were not fazed by the consequences. "But Miss An, you insisted you were not with Mr. Xie. Then where did the marks on your neck come from?"

"Yes, Miss An. If you were not with Mr. Qiao or Mr. Xie's, who did you spend the night with last night?"

Myra frowned. Were these reporters that crazy to dig out a scandal? They were pulling at any straw they could find!

But she immediately cocked her eyebrow and asked, "Are you curious? Do you really want to know?"

Myra was a beauty. When she put on an innocent and flattering expression, she could deceive anyone.

Affected by her lovely look and relaxed tone, the reporters were

drawn in and nodded.

Myra thought, 'I also want to know!'

She pursed her lips and smiled, "What a pity. It's my private business. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. If you want, you can investigate by yourself."

The reporters were stunned. Knowing that they had been made a fool of by her again, they were so depressed that they didn't know what to say.

Taking the opportunity, Myra pushed past them and pressed the elevator button again.

But regardless of their embarrassment, reporters were reporters, and they were relentless. "It couldn't have been Mr. Qiao, right? Otherwise, why didn't he speak up for you when he is right behind you?"

As soon as the question popped up, more than half of the reporters all rushed to Archer, demanding, "Mr. Qiao, you don't look well. How do you feel about Miss An's behavior?"

"Mr. Qiao, did you come here to catch them in the action? Do you know who Miss An has cheated with? Was it with Mr. Xie?"

Myra watched Archer being surrounded by reporters, noticing that he seemed to be a little surprised. So, he didn't know what would happen here in advance?

She glanced at them again and saw that Lydia took advantage of the situation, hiding herself around the corner to make a phone call. Myra didn't know who she was calling.

But she didn't have time to think about it now. Myra looked back at Archer.

Archer was staring at her with a complicated expression, and his eyes gradually became dark and malicious.

Myra snorted in her heart. She could tell from his expression that he was determined to say something bad about her.

At this moment, there were two reporters near her. With a clear composure, Myra looked at Archer and spoke into the reporter's microphone, "Before the wedding party last night, I broke up with Mr. Qiao peacefully. But we are still responsible business partners. Even though we have broken up, it won't have any negative impact on the company's dealings."

With those words, she smiled and waved her handbag at Archer before adding, "Right?"

In the reporters' eyes, it was as if Myra was proving that she had a good relationship with Archer.

But Archer was a little stunned. Her handbag?

What was in her handbag that got to do with this? It held her mobile phone.

What was on the phone? The photos of him and Lydia!

If she were to show them to the reporters now...

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