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   Chapter 2 Mr. Xie

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Hearing this, Archer's face hardened. He and Lydia glanced at each other, and the latter shook her head innocently.

Myra narrowed her eyes and stared hard at Archer.

She had been in love with this man for seven years. However, due to her uncertainty, she hadn't shared any intimate behavior with him. After several failed attempts, Archer stopped that.

He had told her, "I'm willing to wait until the day you feel comfortable enough to lower your guard."

Therefore, Myra had considered him to be a trustworthy gentleman. She had even felt somewhat guilty for using up his patience in making him wait for her.

So, she had worked extra hard for their company, and she had agreed to get engaged to him, planning to give herself to him after their engagement.

But yesterday, she had realized that she had been mistaken!

It turned out that waiting had been no hardship to him at all, because he already got what he wanted from her half-sister!

Although it was a disgusting betrayal, love could not be forced. If they really loved each other, Myra decided to let him go.

She just couldn't understand why he lied about it? Why did he insist on going through with their engagement?

Last night, she had wanted to verify her suspicions, but she didn't expect that she would be trapped.

Myra didn't want to waste her time on this phony couple anymore.

She took out her cell phone, opened the photos she got yesterday, and showed them to Archer.

Archer was stunned. His eyes instantly widened, and his face stiffened. "These photos... Where did you get them? Tell me!"

Lydia came over and also looked. She was shocked and reached out to grab the phone.

Myra slapped her hand away.

With a scream, Lydia staggered backwards and fell to the side.

Archer hurriedly supported her, and then turned his head to look at Myra in vexation. "Myra, it's all my fault. You shouldn't take it out on Lydia!"

Myra sneered. How in love they were!

Lydia had always pretended to be weak in front of others, which suited her lovely face and pretentious name.

But ever since they were children, Myra had seen through her!

She lowered her eyes and dropped the phone back into her bag. Then she said slowly, "You must be as thick as a brick not to see through h

er trickery. Archer, I slapped her; I didn't push her! Why would you think I'd use so much strength?"

Myra didn't like waste time discussing nonsense. She'd had enough now.

However, Archer was more than simply fascinated by Lydia's beauty, and Myra couldn't help but doubt his intelligence.

She looked at him arrogantly and decisively. To set things straight, she said, "I don't want to know any more about the two of you, and I don't want to mix with you. As for what happened to me last night, it's none of your business. Archer, from now on, we have nothing to do with each other except work!"

With those words, Myra walked past the couple who were standing in front of the elevator and pressed the button.

The elevator door slid open, but Myra didn't expect a group of reporters to come rushing out, snapping photos of her.

For a moment, the flashlights were so bright that Myra couldn't open her eyes.

"Miss An! I heard that you slept with a client in order to win him over. Is that true?"

"I heard that your lover is Mr. Xie from the Pearl Group! Mrs. Xie just passed away, and you two have checked in at the hotel. Does this mean that you two have been engaged in a romantic relationship for a long time?"

"What about you and Mr. Qiao? Last night was your engagement party, but you stood up your fiance to have a late night tryst with Mr. Xie at the hotel. Can you explain it?"

After adjusting her eyes to the light, Myra felt angry and disturbed when she heard the reporters' questions, phrased with such obvious bias.

Mr. Xie?

The middle-aged old fat man who tried to seduce her at the negotiation table a few days ago—that man, Calvin Xie?

It turned out that the one who drugged her was planning to send her to his bed.

But she didn't see Calvin Xie last night. Instead, she knew who the person was who had drugged her.

Myra looked at Lydia, who was stretching her neck anxiously to look down the other side of the corridor.

Squinting her eyes, Myra sneered in her heart, 'Are you looking for Calvin Xie?'

Sure enough, the incident of her being drugged had something to do with Lydia! When she was drugged last night, Lydia and Archer hadn't arrived yet, but her stepmother, Marilyn Fang, had been diligently offering her drinks.

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