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   Chapter 89 A Bloody Lesson (Part One)

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Chang Du Characters: 10814

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"Who said I was wrong?" Sebastian raised his thick eyebrows and took the thing in his hand.

Meanwhile, it seemed that the sound of talking had been heard by Carol, so it was hard for her to open her eyes. In the haze, she saw that Aaron, that enchanting man, was sitting leisurely on the sofa in the room, with evil charm and unruly smile as usual on his lips. A simple style white shirt could show his character and unusual demeanor.

What happened! Why was he here? He was in the room.

Carol was getting confused. She felt pain on her neck.

Seeing that the eyes of Carol had opened, Aaron waved at her and said, "Hi sister-in-law, you're awake!"

A smile appeared on Zack's face, but the cunning in his eyes couldn't be underestimated. Although Aaron was extremely evil, for some reason, Carol always felt that he didn't sound stressed when he spoke.

"It's none of your business! You can continue to sleep," said Sebastian coldly, turning his head to look at Carol. He pulled up the thin quilt on her and covered her head.

Speechless and sleepy, Carol went back to sleep.

"Seban, you can pay attention to the person on the disk. I have made a mark," Aaron reminded him on purpose and told him some matters. Not long after, he drove away.

Sebastian put the disk into the computer and fixed his eyes on a man standing at the backstage. A hint of coldness and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

The light changed, and with the slow music, the charming face jumped into his eyes, and his eyes were fixed. The girl walking slowly on the stage was really his little woman, Carol.

Wearing a pure white evening dress, she was like a fairy in the dark night, bringing him a different visual conflict. Her appearance brought a high atmosphere on the party

As she stepped onto the stage, thunderous applause broke out from the audience. Their screams broke through the night sky and resounded through the entire clothing hall. Everyone was intoxicated with this incomparably grand fashion show. Everything was so natural on the stage, and every expression and action were charming. Wherever she went, it seemed to bring a storm, bringing the atmosphere to the highest point.

Watching the whole process of the fashion show on the disk, Sebastian's blue eyes were full of special colors.

He turned around and looked at her sleeping face. He couldn't help but kiss her on the cheek.

Five days later, in the old mansion of the Ou family. "Woman, come here!" The sound of Sebastian came from the room, and Carol rushed in.

"What's wrong?" In the center of the room stood the man, with a tie on his slender fingers. The well-tailored and expensive suit showed his strong figure completely. And his handsome features, which was like the perfect work of God's hands, returned to the usual cold face.

Carol was slightly stunned. The tie was the one she gave him on her birthday. To be honest, although it was a famous tie, it was not expensive. She didn't expect him to wear it when he went to work.

But judging from the color alone, the tie matched his suit very well.

"Why are you still standing there?" He urged her and interrupted her meditation.

She walked up to him gently, lowered her head a

called that a man and took sister in law away from the campus."

"Ask them to keep an eye on them. Wait for me. I'll be right there."

Ten minutes later, Sebastian, Luka and others arrived at TM cafe with the address reported by their men.

Following behind Alvin, Carol chose a seat facing the window, sat down and took out her phone. Then she couldn't help but think about Sebastian. After thinking for a while, she still sent a message.

"Your Highness, look, it's that man. He is the son of Alex, the leader of the Black Dragon Gang from the Japanese underworld." Luka pointed at the photo.

Since they were sitting by the window, Sebastian could see clearly in the car.

Including his little woman, Carol.

Damn it! This woman really didn't remember. She went out alone with another man behind his back and dated with him.

Damn it! Sebastian's face turned livid with rage.

"Your Highness, what are we going to do now? Do you want to take her out first and then send out men in?" Luka asked cautiously. He could clearly feel the coldness from Sebastian.

Thinking of this, he continued to think that according to the previous character of their Highness, sister-in-law might suffer, so he quickly suggested to call her out first.

"Wait a minute." His tone was extremely cold.

He wanted to see how she would spend the whole afternoon with this man.

A message came.

"Seba, I'm drinking coffee with a colleague. It's that Alvin. Don't take it wrong! Tell the driver not to pick me up from school. I'll take a taxi back later." Although he was still very angry, after reading this message, he obviously calmed down, because she told him the truth and did not lie to him.

Sebastian immediately replied.

"Come out. I'm outside." These concise words in the message made Carol stunned for a while.

What did he mean? He was outside? How could it be possible? She turned to look out of the window and saw his Rolls-Royce.

Because of the black glass of the car, Carol couldn't see his expression. 'Oh my God! If I'm caught on the spot, will he...

Carol's heart skipped a beat and panic appeared in her beautiful eyes.

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