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   Chapter 88 The Whole Story

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 10836

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He looked out of the French window of the bedroom. The sky had turned white.

Sebastian took out a photo from the computer and put it in front of Carol. It was a photo of three people traveling outside. In the background of the photo, there was a fountain of the Sea God statue which was running with the pull by two horses. There were two Water God statues on the left and right, and on the right, there was a relief of 'water source indicator', and on the relief, there were four statues of four ladies represented the four seasons.

In front of the fountain of the female statue, the three of them sat side by side, looking up at the front, talking and laughing, and behind them were white doves flying all over the sky.

The girl in the middle of them had thick curly hair as thick as a seaweed. She had clear features and wore a pure white dress. A white pigeon was stopping on her shoulder, she was smiling brightly.

Carol recognized the girl at once. She was Lily The young man on the left of the girl had slightly curly black hair, and his handsome face was full of smile. He was Sebastian, and the young man on the right also had a happy smile on his face, but there were some incomprehensible emotions hidden in his deep eyes, which seemed a little profound. He was the man who came up to make trouble this morning. At that time, he looked less arrogant and more sensible. It turned out that his name was Braden. He began to tell the story.

"Both Lily and Braden are my mother's adopted children from Bart Orphanage.

Braden's mother was an old servant of the Ou family. Later, she died of a serious illness, so she sent the child to an orphanage. Before she died, she asked my mother to take care of the child.

Later, my mother adopted him from the orphanage. At that time, Braden was only eight years old.

Lily was brought back by my mother when she went to the orphanage to adopt Braden. My mother liked her very much at the first sight when she saw her. In addition, my mother didn't have a daughter, so she adopted them together. Lily was five years old at that time.

Since then, I have a brother and a sister."

The story was continued.

The three of them grew up together and grew up together. As they grew up, their emotional division gradually became obvious. It was known to all that Braden liked Lily and Lily liked Sebastian.

Sebastian seemed to like Lily as well.

This kind of relationship lasted until three years ago, when Lily was eighteen years old. After her eighteen years old birthday, their relationship began to become inexplicably weird.

On her eighteen year old birthday, Lily confessed her love to Sebastian and gave her first night to him.

Of course, at this time, Sebastian was already twenty-four years old. He was already the famous playboy, with countless women. At that time, he had been Seban who was fully influential in the underworld.

He told Lily that he cherished her, so their second night would be on their wedding night. He would be responsible for her and marry her after she graduated from college. Since then, he had only one woman in his life, and that was Lily.

Their relationship was soon known by their parents. Their mother arranged them to get eng

wantonly circulate on her, and there was a hint of anger on his handsome face. He paused, and suddenly approached her with an evil spirit, blowing gently at her, as if he was flirting with her.

The whole body of Carol was so soft that she couldn't think as his handsome face was so close to her. Her breath was gradually disordered and her hands were sweating, but she was addicted to his smell and couldn't control herself at all. Finally, she decided to respect her will. She closed her eyes gently, took a deep breath and leaned over her soft lips.

Her kiss was monotonous and dry, but careful. It was so sweet, but the heat in his body was ignited all of a sudden. Sebastian roared and pushed her aside. Damn it, she knew he couldn't do anything to her now?

She was seducing him. Looking at her, Sebastian thought of what Dr. Ji said and hesitated. Damn it, he couldn't care so much. He gently pulled her cloth open.

Knock, knock, knock...

There was a clear knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Sebastian replied impatiently.

"It is young master Zuo comes to see you." The Butler's voice came through the door.

"Let him in!" said Sebastian. He picked up a thin quilt to cover Carol, who was drunk and slept soundly. She knew nothing.

Hearing that, Aaron strode into the room. Smelling the strong smell of alcohol in the room and looking at the figure on the bed, he immediately smelled a kind of warm and amorous atmosphere.

"Brother, health is the most important. Don't be too tired," Aaron coughed slightly and said meaningfully.

"What are you talking about? It's not easy for us to meet each other. Don't talk nonsense." Sebastian frowned and paused. Then he continued, "Haven't you been dealing with the family business all the time? Why do you suddenly have time to see me?"

"I'm not very busy recently, but I saw sister in law's fashion show at the fashion week. But you just had a car accident that day. I think you don't have this!" Aaron smiled and took out a disk.

"What's this?" Sebastian's eyes became deep, staring at the thing in his hand. "Don't get me wrong. You are thinking too much," Aaron said decisively.

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