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   Chapter 87 Braden Said Sarcastically.

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With all his strength, Sebastian pushed away Braden, who was grabbing the corner of his clothes, and then swung his fist at Braden's face.

"No!" Carol shouted and rushed forward. She pushed away Braden and stood between the two people in an instant.

The palm stopped about one centimeter away from Carol and Carol's hair fluttered in the wind.

"What are you doing?" Looking at the woman in front of him, Sebastian was extremely angry.

Damn it! He almost hurt her.

"I'm worried that your wound will get worse because of the fight!" Although she knew that he was angry, she spoke out her thoughts bravely.

"Wiseacre." Sebastian roared at her, and his tone was so loud that the ground seemed to be shaking. Carol sniffed and retreated to the side, without saying anything.

"Brother, you are just so so!" Braden said sarcastically.

Sebastian punched Braden.

Braden couldn't dodge. Blood gushed out of his nose and his forehead immediately turned bruised.

"Ah!" Carol screamed and tried to pull them away. However, Sebastian was so furious that he pushed Braden to the ground and punched him several times in the face.

"No, stop!" Carol said.

At the same time, Sebastian also vomited a few mouthfuls of blood because of overexertion.

"Help!" Several bodyguards immediately rushed over and held Sebastian.

Carol was pushed aside, and the pain spread all over her body, but she couldn't care about herself and hurriedly helped Sebastian get up.

She found that Sebastian was trembling slightly. She looked up and found that his face was pale, his breath was heavy, and the wound on his shoulder was open.

She had told him not to be angry, but he didn't listen to her.

As soon as Carol closed her eyes, she felt sad.

But she knew that she must be calm at this time.

"Listen! Drive those irrelevant people out." Carol said coldly.

"Yes, ma'am." All of a sudden, a group of security guards and bodyguards rushed over. They took Braden outside.

"Damn it!" Braden stared inside the gate with a gloomy and horrible look. 'I remember you, Carol.' "Humph!" Braden snorted coldly. Then he gritted his teeth and murmured to himself, "Sebastian, let's wait and see!" With the help of Carol, Sebastian sat on the edge of the bed. The wound on his shoulder was bleeding, his face was pale, and his forehead was sweating heavily. Finally, he fainted.

"Call Dr. Ji." Carol shouted. A servant ran downstairs immediately.

Sebastian's wound was badly torn, and the severe pain seemed to tear his body apart. Most importantly, there were still some unhealed congestion in his chest, so he must have a good rest, and he could not be angry, or he might lose his blood.

At this time, Lacey also went upstairs. Seeing the scene in front of her, she looked sorry. Lia politely but toughly said to her, "Miss Lacey, it's too messy here. You'd better go back to your room first!"

"Lia, I'm sorry. Can I stay here? " Said Lacey in a low voice.

"No, thanks. You'd better leave now."

Lacey had no choice but to turn aro

hat shot Sebastian. He ordered someone to send it to Cory.

"You mean, it was the Japanese who attacked me this time." Sebastian frowned with disbeliefs.

"I'm sure about that." Cory took a sip of wine and said, "This incident may have something to do with Carol. You can pay attention to the people around her. She might just be used."

"I think they are really targeting you. Seban, be careful!"

"Got it." A tinge of sadness flashed across Sebastian's face and he turned off his laptop.

The porridge had been steamed for about thirty minutes. When Carol opened the pot, she smelled a strong fragrance. After filling a large bowl, she walked into the room.

Seeing her coming, Sebastian put the computer aside in a hurry.

"Do you want to eat now? It is just right." Carol sat on the edge of the bed with porridge.

"Yes. "’Sebastian nodded and took the porridge from her hand. He held the spoon in his right hand and ate it clumsily. It seemed it was very delicious. She had thought that he was used to the delicacies, so he should not be used to the porridge she made. But to her surprise, he insisted on eating it every day for the next several days, and every time he ate it all.

Sebastian raised his head and saw that Carol was still in a daze, so he asked, "Carol? Aren't you hungry? Have you eaten yet?"

It was not until then that Carol came to her senses. She picked up her own bowl and took a big gulp. Then he looked at her with a smile.

Her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly found that now he was easier to get along with than before.

If she asked him about the person this morning now, would he tell her the truth?

Carol was hesitating and did not know how to say. Sebastian seemed to know what she was thinking. "Do you want to know what happened three years ago? "

"Of course." Carol looked at him and nodded. Sebastian sat up, and Carol quickly fetched a pillow to rest on his back to make him feel comfortable.

He looked out of the French window of the bedroom. The sky was bright.

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