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   Chapter 86 Imperious

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 10427

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

"Who are you talking to on the phone?" His voice sounded unhurriedly, and his blue eyes emitted an incomprehensible light. With a dry towel in his hand, he strode to the bed and sat down.

"Well, a colleague in the company." Clenching her fists, the strong breath of Sebastian rushed into her breath. Carol could clearly feel the coldness and arrogance from him.

Drops of water were still dripping from his forehead, but the stubble on his chin had been tidied up. It was probably when the housekeeper helped him take a bath just now that the housekeeper also helped him shave his beard.

After a short pause, it seemed that something had occurred to her. Carol muttered and hurried to follow up. Sitting next to Sebastian, Carol took the towel from his hand and wiped his hair.

She touched her nose awkwardly and turned her eyes away. She said casually, "Sebastian, the company just called and asked when I could go to work."

In fact, she wanted to explain that it was just an ordinary phone call.

He frowned and said in a cal

the gaze from Carol, Braden glared at her fiercely as if he had seen an enemy.

Carol couldn't understand why he hated her.

"Let me tell you something. Braden, you used to be against me. For the sake of my parents, I've always been nice to you. Don't push your luck."

"Ha-ha." hearing this, Braden also got angry. He took a few steps forward and said coldly, "Do you think I will be afraid of you now? If I were afraid of you, I wouldn't have come today. "

"Huh?" Sebastian sneered and stared at him coldly. "I'm not afraid of you." Braden roared as he pounced on Sebastian, grabbed his collar. He knew Sebastian was injured, so he dared to be so blatant.

"I'm warning you, let go of me." Sebastian seemed to have lost all his mind, leaving only endless anger all over his body. He slowly raised his big palm, and when he was about to chop towards the other party, the voice behind stopped him.

"Sebastian, let's have a talk! Don't do it! "Carol trotted to them and grabbed the corner of Sebastian's clothes.

"Shut up!"

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