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   Chapter 85 Taking Care Of Him

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In the dead of night, in a VIP room of a luxury hotel in the noisy downtown, Braden was drinking red wine leisurely. Knock, knock, knock -- suddenly a knock came from the outside into the bright white living room. Braden raised his head slowly.

"Come in." the deep voice became deeper in the dark night. Hearing the response, a man in black walked in respectfully and said, "Mr. Braden, Miss Lacey has been here."

Hearing his subordinate's words, Braden put down his glass and said, "Let her in."

"Yes, sir." the man in black pushed Lacey in and left the room.

"Well, you are here. What news did you bring this time?" Braden couldn't help laughing. In addition to dealing with Sebastian, he also found an interesting thing, which was to control all the movements of Lacey.

"When will you let me go?" Lacey didn't answer his question directly.

Now she came here once a week, reporting to him something and accepting the devil's torture.

She was going crazy.

Yesterday, Sebastian was seriously injured all of a sudden. The whole Ou family didn't tell her anything. It seemed that he had already known the deal between her and Braden.

But there was one thing that Sebastian didn't know, that was, every news she reported to Braden, in fact, had been screened, trying not to hurt them too much.

For example, when Carol ran out last time, she sent a message to Braden. But it was after Sebastian went out to look for her, because she knew that with his strength, Sebastian must be able to find Carol first.

Now she was in a dilemma.

She could feel more and more Sebastian's indifference to her. She really didn't want to continue this kind of life.

"Well, I haven't thought about it yet."

Looking at her, Braden continued, "Would you like to come and have a drink?"

"I won't drink it." Lacey said coldly.

"Then tell me!" Braden didn't seem to be angry. He gently stroked his chin.

"Sebastian was injured. It seemed to be a car accident." Lacey said slowly.

"Oh, really? Is he hurt badly? It seems that it is a deliberate car. "Braden said happily. It seemed that Sebastian had offended many enemies, which was beyond his expectation. "It's not that serious. He only hired a private doctor and didn't go to a big hospital." Lacey pursed her lips. "Good news. I didn't expect you to be so obedient." Braden stood up and was in a good mood.

"Come here and drink with me." He ordered.

Lacey wanted to refuse, but she found that he had already walked in front of her and pulled her into his arms. Lacey moved, trying to get rid of Braden, but it was useless, she had no choice but to follow his steps to the bedside.

"If you don't want to drink, I will feed you directly." Braden threatened in a low voice.

Before she could react, he pinched her chin, poured all the remaining red into her mouth. The wine flowed into her stomach along her throat.

"Ahem!" Lacey coughed. He seemed to have no reaction, but suddenly suppressed her body and began to make love which he had to do every week.

Usually, there was no foreplay. He took off her clothes and went straight in. The pain made Lacey grit her teeth, but he seemed to enjoy it very much. He was still unwilling to let her go until the dead of night.

Lacey couldn't get used to his rudeness and wildness at all. He was just a maniac.

Only when he was drunk would he be very gentle, which made Lacey feel that they were a pair of affectionate lovers.

Lacey doubted whether he had a split personality.

Obviously, he was not drunk tonight, so she had to spend the night

wet towel to wash his body.

My God? Why did she feel hot all over her body? It was him who was naked? He should be the one who should be shy!

"Go out and call the housekeeper over." With a cold voice, Sebastian took away the wet towel from her hand in an instant. Carol was in a daze. She didn't know where she didn't do well and offend him all of a sudden. Forget it. Anyway, she couldn't stand the heat any more. With a sigh of relief, Carol walked out of the bathroom quickly.

Sebastian cursed in a low voice. The towel in his hand was almost deformed. Damn it. He had meant to make fun of her, but it turned out that he really made himself suffer. God knew how hard he had endured. Her little hands were almost ignited. Every cell in his body was shouting that he wanted her, which was a torture for him.

It seemed that he had underestimated her influence on him.

After informing the housekeeper, Carol sat on the sofa and continued the call.

"Beep..." After a few beeps, the phone finally got through.

After she said a few words, Alvin said coldly on the other end of the phone, "Carol, you finally called me back. What's wrong with you? You suddenly disappeared and I couldn't get through to you. The company has its rules... "

Carol said "I know. Please ask for another week's leave for me. I have something to deal with these days."

"What happened?" Speaking of this, Alvin stopped and then asked with concern, "Carol, if you have something to do, you can tell me, instead of disappearing without a sound?" He said it so naturally, as if all the accidents had nothing to do with him.

"Nothing. I just caught a cold and felt a little uncomfortable. Carol made up an explanation. "If you feel uncomfortable, just stay at home and rest for a few more days! I'll come to see you when I have time. "

Came to see her? Carol pursed her lips and didn't know what Alvin meant for a moment. She faltered and replied, "Whatever." Alvin sensed something and she was prevaricating. Of course, he knew the real reason why she didn't come, so he didn't say anything more.

"Well, that's it! Bye. "

Patting her aching forehead, Carol said, "Okay."

As soon as the phone was hung up, Sebastian opened the bathroom door and came out.

"Who are you talking to on the phone?" His voice sounded unhurriedly, and his blue eyes emitted an incomprehensible light.

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