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   Chapter 25 Objection

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At this time, the night was quiet. The surroundings were quiet, and the noise was prevented. The night wind alone sounded in this quiet and elegant environment, with a kind of fragrance of flowers and plants blowing into the nose, making people unconsciously indulge in it.

"Let's go to bed first. We'll talk about it tomorrow." As soon as he finished speaking, Sebastian got close to hold the hand of Carol, and the hoarse and thick voice came out of his mouth gently, soft and intoxicating.

Carol awkwardly drew it out and said, "Then you sleep in the guest room."

Behind Carol, Sebastian couldn't help laughing, "Woman, did I say that I want to sleep with you?"

"You... You..." Carol opened her mouth but stopped on a second thought. She stammered and her face turned red because of anger.

"Woman, let's go!" With a smile on his face, Sebastian held the waist of Carol and strode forward naturally.

Meanwhile, Carol looked at Sebastian's face. The long eyelashes of him fluttered like butterfly wings, and a myriad of thoughts crowded into Carol's mind.

On the third floor, looking at the couples downstairs, Elliott's handsome face darkened and a cold light flashed away.

The two of them quietly walked into the living room, and suddenly the lights in it were all on. Stunned, Carol turned her head and found her father sitting on the sofa alone. He didn't turn on the light, as if he was waiting for her.

"Dad, you are still awake!" Carol said in a low voice and suddenly pulled out her small hand from Sebastian's hand awkwardly.

"I'm waiting for you." Johnson said with a meaningful look, observing what they had done just now.

"What?" Carol was stunned.

"I heard that you have a boyfriend?" Johnson took a sip of the tea and fixed his eyes on her. His cold voice was as cold as ice. He just heard it from his son today. Although his daughter was not his own daughter, he thought she was no different from his own daughter. Her daughter was just eighteen years old and she was simple minded. He was afraid that Carol would be cheated by others. It seemed that he had to interfere in this matter.

"I... I..." Carol didn't know how to answer.

"Uncle, to be exact, we are going to get married." Sebastian walked up to Johnson and greeted him. Sebastian reached out his hand to Johnson and said," Nice to meet you, uncle. My name is Sebastian Ouyang. "

Johnson raised his eyes and didn't reply. He just looked at Sebastian indifferently. This man looked good, handsome and a little cold. He was dressed in famous brands and looked dignified. Obviously, he was from a rich family. Johnson just looked at him up and down, with a teacup in his hand. Johnson didn't get up, which made the atmosphere a little awkward.

Standing next to them, Carol saw everything. At this moment, she suddenly had an idea. If her father didn't agree, what would Sebastian do?

'Would he let me go?' Carol thought.

"Get married? It was too fast! My daughter is only eighteen years old. " Johnson's tone was unfriendly and a little annoyed. Rich men like Sebastian were usually very fickle, Johnson thought.

"No, uncle, I'm afraid that after a few months, the belly of Carol will be too big to wear the wedding dress." Sebastian put his arm around Carol's shoulder and pulled her into his arms. His words were like a thunderclap, making the Qiao family in an uproar.

Carol was also stunned, and then stared at Sebastian

angrily. If eyes could kill, she must have torn Sebastian into pieces. Why did he lie? It was not a proposal at all, but a forced marriage. Carol was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

"What? Have you already...? Johnson was so angry that he couldn't say anything. He just stared at Carol with an expression of disappointment.

Lowering her head, Carol felt aggrieved as if her breath was taken away.

"Do you think I will agree with you if you say so?" Johnson said coldly. As a member of the police investigation family, he didn't want to be threatened.

"Uncle, you don't have to be angry. You can think about it for three days. The wedding will be held three days later, as long as you think it over on the last day." Sebastian Ouyang announced loudly. Sebastian held Carol and lay on the sofa lazily, as if he was born to be a king. His casual words were breathless, which made Johnson have to look at Sebastian again. Johnson had been a policeman for many years, and he thought Sebastian was absolutely not simple.

But his daughter was...? Johnson glanced at his silent daughter and sighed slightly to show his approval.

"No, I won't." A sudden voice broke the silence in the room. Elliott walked downstairs briskly. And Carol clenched her hands at the corner of her dress. Suddenly, a gloomy coldness came down from the stairs. Carol held her breath and looked up at Elliott reflectively.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Seeing that Elliott had come over, Sebastian showed a look of interest, as if he didn't mind Elliott's appearance at all.

"I'm his brother. I think you have known it." With his hands in his pockets, Elliott raised his lower lip and said coldly.

"Since your father has acquiesced, what is the reason for your objection? Brother-in-law. "Sebastian stood up, crossed his arms over his chest, looking like a king.

Ignoring him, Elliott pulled Carol aside and whispered, "Carol, is he threating you?"

'What?' Carol raised her eyebrows and didn't know how to answer.

Marriage was proposed by herself, but if Carol didn't get married, she had to be a mistress. What could she do!

The silence of Carol made Elliott frown. He could feel her nervousness and helplessness. Carol lowered her eyelashes, unwilling to look at Elliott.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. The weird and heavy air flow in the air, and after first century, Carol finally heard the cold and handsome voice of Sebastian, "Come here, Carol!" Sebastian's coldness was mixed with unpleasant tenderness.

When Carol was about to go over, she was pulled into Elliott's arms. "I don't agree with the marriage. I like her." Unable to hide his true feelings, Elliott spoke out the truth loudly.

"Brother, what are you talking about?" Carol's face was pale.

"Elliott, stop it." Johnson said awkwardly.

"Humph!" Sebastian snorted with a meaningful sneer.

"Dad, I know that Carol is not my sister. I knew it ten years ago. I swear..."

"Brother, stop it. You are always my brother." Feeling distressed, Carol immediately interrupted Elliott. Carol was afraid that Elliott would say it out. Carol hated the feeling of being in a dilemma, especially in front of Sebastian. Carol knew clearly that she only had brother-like family affection for Elliott.

"Elliott, it's settled then. Don't object." Johnson said in a low voice. It was not good to tell others about it.

"Father." Elliott's eyes were full of anger!

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