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   Chapter 24 Panic

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Sebastian's blue eyes were cold, and a residual smile appeared on his sexy lips. He lowered his head and approached Carol gradually. "Woman, do you have to do this?" Carol didn't know what to say, but kept nodding. The calmness in her blue eyes had been replaced by panic.

"Okay, as you wish. I hope you won't regret it." Sebastian snorted coldly and started the car the next second.

Taking a deep breath, Carol slowly sat up and tidied up her clothes. She looked out of the window, only to find that the car was still driving in the opposite direction of her house. Carol was shocked and shook Sebastian's arm hard. She said anxiously, "Where are you taking me now? I'm going home. "

"Are you sure you can go home now?" Sebastian stared at her without a blink. His blue eyes became deeper and deeper, like a hungry cheetah on the grassland, looking at the delicious food that had been coveted for a long time.

"But I don't want to go to your place either." Carol was afraid that he would imprison her on a whim.

However, when Carol saw the dark blue eyes of Sebastian, her heart trembled and her eyes became a little unnatural. "Hey, Sebastian Ouyang! Don't look at me like that, okay? "

Being stared by Sebastian, Carol was inexplicably scared. The message full of desire in his eyes was very familiar to her.

As if her heart was about to jump out of her chest, Carol held her coat tightly subconsciously. Although it was his coat, would Sebastian suddenly change his mind and do something to her.

"Don't worry. I will keep my promise." With a snort, Sebastian squinted his eyes. His face was as cold as an elegant and dangerous black hawk, and there was a bit of wild rage on his handsome face. Hearing this, Carol finally breathed a sigh of relief. The car slowly stopped in a delicate clothing shop. Carol was confused. Was he going to buy clothes for her? "Stay here." Sebastian said, staring at her. The next second, he opened the door and got out.

Ten minutes later, Sebastian threw a bag into her hand expressionlessly. When Carol opened it, it was indeed clothes. Instantly, a trace of warmth flowed through the bottom of Carol's heart, and gradually rippled away like ripples. But now, what was it? Should she wear it in front of him? Carol frowned. In an instant, there was silence in the car, as if all the sounds had disappeared. The air was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping to the ground could be heard.

"Wear it quickly. What are you hesitating about?" Sebastian stared at her angrily, and there was a dangerous atmosphere in the car. Carol was in a daze, sitting quietly in its own world, without saying anything, without expression or any movement.

"Do you want me to help you?" With an evil smile, Sebastian raised the chin of Carol with his fingertips and said, "Right?" The next second, the clothes in her hand were taken away. Sebastian rudely began to take off her clothes. Carol shouted, "No, No!" Carol was shocked and her face was pale.

"Don't move. What are you feeling uncomfortable about? I've already seen everything. "

"No, I can do it myself." As soon as she finished speaking, Carol grabbed her clothes and turned around. Feeling that the blaz

ing eyes behind her were about to burn her skin, Carol was so nervous that she acted clumsily. When CAROL finally put on her underwear and fastened her skirt, she found that the hair behind her was stuck together with the zipper and couldn't be pulled up at all. In an instant, she was so nervous that sweat began to break out on her forehead.

"Let me help you." Sebastian got close to Carol and began to fiddle with her hair. His movements were meticulous and gentle. Biting her lips, Carol felt that time passed slowly. His hands were vaguely against the skin on his back, with a hot temperature. It was a torture. Carol's little face was wrinkled into a ball, and it was almost red.

Meanwhile, Carol cursed [Sebastian hundreds of times in her heart.

It was rare for Sebastian to be patient. This was the first time he had zipped a woman. If his brothers knew it, they would laugh their heads off.

In a few moments, the clothes were ready. The off shoulder dress was in pure white, and Carol's curly hair was naturally falling down like a sea bath. The whole pure white token Carol was as beautiful as blooming, refined, noble and elegant.

The light blue amber eyes were full of indescribable seductive luster, and Sebastian was almost dazzled by her.

"Woman, you are so beautiful." Sebastian got close to her and whispered. For a moment, it seemed that Carol saw deep affection in his eyes, but was denied by her. 'It was impossible. He only liked her body.'

At the same time, when Sebastian's hot lips touched hers, Carol also woke up and pushed him hard, "Sebastian Ouyang, you, you said you wouldn't touch me before marriage."

Sebastian held Carol in his arms and said, "Woman, I mean at night, not that I can't kiss you?" Sebastian held Carol tightly, his hot body clinging to her. Even though they were wearing clothes, Carol could still feel the temperature from each other.

Gradually, Carol gave up struggling, but she was too weak to resist. Maybe it was because she was obsessed with his kiss, or maybe it was because Sebastian were too strong, Carol couldn't tell.

The lights in the city were shining in the night. Sebastian's Rolls-Royce turned on the road and drove towards the home of Carol.

At this time, it was late at night. The Qiao family was quiet. The summer breeze gently wiped, revealing a trace of coolness.

"Thank you for sending me back. Bye." After murmuring, Carol opened the door and got out of the car quickly, as if Sebastian was a tiger or a beast in the car.

"Woman, why are you walking so fast?" Sebastian got out of the car slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at her.

"Go back now! It's late now. " Carol turned around and said gently.

"Go home? It is so late! Do you still want your future husband to go out? Yes? Aren't you going to take me to your parents? " Sebastian looked at Carol sharply, as if waiting for her response.

After a short pause, Carol looked up at Sebastian, who had a very serious expression on his carved handsome face.

"But it's daytime to meet parents, isn't it? My family is asleep now. " Carol said slightly. A hint of panic and uneasiness flashed through Carol's eyes. Many things were confused.

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