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   Chapter 23 Conditions

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Meanwhile, tears welled up in Carol's beautiful eyes, and her face was injured and sad. "What the hell do you want, Carol Qiao?" Sebastian Ouyang put his hands on the shoulders of Carol, and his blue eyes were cold, like an eagle flying in the sky and seeing its prey, sharp and arrogant.

Sebastian was in a rage. He looked at her tearful eyes. Sebastian pulled his hair off his head impatiently, and a trace of regret flashed across his eyes. 'Damn woman! She was really good at driving people crazy. He, Sebastian, was a royal member, and it was his first turn to hold a woman forcibly. But why did she made him feel so relived and sentimental?' God knew how much he missed her smell. The faint fragrance from her body rippled in his nose, making Sebastian intoxicated. This woman was drug. At last, Sebastian concluded. Because Carol really gave people a feeling of comfort. Her skin was as white as snow, soft as bones, and as white as jade, as if it could drip water. Every inch of her skin was just right and perfect.

Somehow, Sebastian felt that his heart was surrounded by the warm feelings. He didn't want to know what this feeling was. He just wanted to follow his strong inner thoughts and selfishly keep this woman by his side all her life.

Carol turned her head away, but the tears in her eyes couldn't stop. In an instant, Sebastian felt a little helpless. He hated women crying the most. This feeling was very bad, as if he had really become an unpardonable bad person.

Sebastian took off his coat and wrapped Carol up. He held her in his arms and said, "Woman, I just want to tell you that it's easy for me to do something to you. So you'd better behave yourself and don't piss me off, okay?" His voice was full of warning.

"I hate to be a mistress!" Carol struggled in his arms.

"Don't piss me off again. You have no right to refuse this matter." Sebastian said coldly, and his eyes suddenly became sharp and cold.

"I want to know how long to be your mistress?" Carol turned her face to one side and said weakly. "I don't know. Maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe no time." Said Sebastian slowly. Looking at her aggrieved face, Sebastian continued, "I can give you a few days to adapt. As long as you don't deliberately provoke me, I will be good to you." Sebastian kissed Carol's long eyelashes gently, and his eyes were full of pity.

"Why me?" There was a resolute expression on Carol's face.

"I like your smell." Sebastian slowly bent down and whispered in her ear. Meanwhile, Carol subconsciously turned her head to avoid the inexplicable male aura, which was hot and fierce, as if to make people die. "Okay, I promise you, but I have one condition." Carol said slightly. She was felt wronged. 'It seems that he just likes my body. That's it.'

"Tell me, I will promise you anything I can do." With his thin lips slightly pursed, Sebastian held Carol tightly and lowered his head to kiss her fair face.

"If you marry me, I will be yours forever." A beautiful smile slowly bloomed on her lips, and Carol was determined to give up. She was betting, on her life.

"What?" Her words made Sebastian stunned for a moment. There was almost no expression on

his handsome face, but the seemingly calm eyes were deep and frightening.

Sebastian had never expected that Carol would propose such a proposal. A marriage? Or did she take the position of Mrs. Ouyang as other women?

Sebastian's eyes were filled with coldness, and a cold smile appeared on his lips. "Are you sure? It's not easy to be Mrs. Ouyang as you think. "

Sebastian had to admit that Carol was very brave! No woman dared to ask for a marriage in front of him, except for the exception of Carol Qiao.

"Yes, of course you can refuse." Carol raised her head and looked straight into Sebastian's eyes without fear or joy.

'You win!' Raising her chin gently and looking at Carol thoughtfully, Sebastian narrowed his eagle eyes and sneered, with deep blue eyes.

"I'll give you this position. The wedding will be held in three days. Remember, it's just a marriage. It's meaningless. Don't expect that I will keep my integrity for you. A wife and a lover are no different for me. " Sebastian said in a cold voice, which was as deep as a stone and pressed heavily on people's heart, making Carol almost unable to breathe.

Carol had expected such a result. 'Why did she feel so sad when Sebastian said it himself? It turned out that the person who loved first was destined to be humble, but what could she do?' But Carol had to bear the feeling of a moth darting into the fire.

Sebastian gently pinched the lower forehead of Carol, and his pair of deep and sharp blue eyes tightly locked the beautiful face of her, but there was an imperceptible coldness on his lips. Sebastian pulled off Carol's coat for a second and pressed her under his body. He kissed her passionately like raindrops, plundering every inch of her sweetness.

When Carol raised her head, she saw that Sebastian's deep blue eyes were like a fierce cheetah that couldn't hide the light of plunder.

"You, you, no!" Carol didn't expect that Sebastian would do this. She was ashamed and angry. But the anger between Sebastian's eyebrows was self-evident. Carol's body kept twisting to protest.

"Woman, what's wrong with you?" Sebastian raised his head from her neck and looked at Carol unhappily.

"You, you can't touch me now." Carol said stutteringly. The wide chest of Sebastian gave off a frightening masculine aura, and when this aura penetrated into the breath of Carol, she felt her heart trembling violently.

"Why?" A smile appeared on Sebastian's thin lips. He raised his head and looked at her eyes, which were unusually bright because of anger. Sebastian not only sighed in his heart, but also thought that he had never seen any woman who would be so seductive even if she was angry!

Sebastian's big hand firmly held Carol's waist like an iron clamp, making her unable to break free. Sebastian bent down and approached her beautiful ear with his sexy thin lips. He said softly, "I want you now. Woman, do you know how seductive you are now?"

'He just likes my body! That's all!' Carol thought angrily!

"No, you have to marry me in accordance with the legal procedures, including going to my home to propose. You can't touch me before the wedding." Said Carol, raising her eyebrows.

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