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   Chapter 22 Overbearing

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 6550

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"Tell me, who is he?" There was a hint of displeasure on Sebastian's indifferent face. Gradually, a cruel smile appeared on his thin lips, and the strength in his hand increased a little. It was so painful that Carol was sweating. 'Bastard! He always bully her!' So Carol gathered all her strength to push Sebastian away, and then desperately jumped out of the chair and ran towards the door of the hall. "Damn woman!" Sebastian cursed angrily in a low voice. Then, Carol heard his steps and her light blue eyes became more and more nervous, and the breath became faster and faster.

Without turning around, Carol ran towards the door as fast as she could. She touched the doorknob, but she couldn't open it. It was locked inside. Panic and fear spread out from her heart. She could clearly feel the great pressure approaching her step by step.

Feeling a sudden chill on her back, Carol suddenly turned around and looked at Sebastian, who was a step away from her. His face was covered with cold and frightening light, and Carol touched her pale face, and her heart trembled. She had a bad feeling that this fiend might haunt her for a lifetime.

The next second, Carol found herself lifted up by him, "Let go of me! Put me down. " Meanwhile, Carol struggled and shouted. "You'd better not move, or I'll do something to you here."

Sebastian gave a cold smile and the cold voice seemed to come from the North Pole. So Carol stopped shouting.

Sebastian held her to the front of the car, opened the door and threw Carol in, which caused pain feeling. "Hey, Sebastian Ouyang! Where are you taking me? I'm going home. " Patting the window hard, Carol cried out and regretted following him out.

Ignoring her roar, Sebastian started the car. The Rolls-Royce drove forward like a gust of wind, leaving a perfect arc in the street, heading for Sebastian's villa.

Seeing that she was farther and farther away from home, Carol was frightened and afraid that Sebastian would find another place to imprison her. "I want to get off! Bastard, do you hear me? I want to go home! "

However, Sebastian ignored him and seemed to be afraid of her words.

"I don't want to be your mistress. I already have a boyfriend. We love each other very much." The fist in Carol's hand fell on Sebastian, which was really painful.

After Sebastian's arm was punched by her for a few times, the car on the road began crooked. In an instant, Sebastian was so angry that he pulled out a hand and easily caught the waving hand of Carol.

"Damn it! Woman, don't piss me off! "Sebastian cursed in a low voice. He turned the steering wheel, pulled over the car and roared," You are my woman. Who allows you to have a boyfriend? "

"Should I follow your words? You can't control my heart. "Said Carol fearlessly, and her beautiful eyes were full of the aura of fighting.

"Who is he? Don't tell me that the man in that damn dessert shop is the man you have loved? "

Carol was a little shocked. 'Is he referring to Alvin Jin? Then let him think so.'

The silence of Carol meant acquiescence, which almost drove Sebastian crazy. "I'm the only man in your heart! From now on, keep a distance of three feet away from him or any other men! Do you understand? " As soon as he finishe

d his words, Sebastian kissed Carol's lips with a little bit of punishment. The kiss hurt her lips, and her mouth was full of his breath. Carol couldn't push him away with weak strength, so she could only let him go. What made Carol more afraid was that his kiss seemed to have some magic, and the strange throbbing took away all her reason. She hated this feeling.

After the kiss, Sebastian released Carol and looked at her tender lips with satisfaction. Her lips were red and swollen, covered with glittering water stains, which were very seductive.

"Remember, everything you have is mine." Sebastian's fingertips touched the lips of Carol and announced.

Carol flew into a rage, "You bastard! Sebastian Ouyang! What else can you do except forcing me and imprisoning me? Regardless of your noble and rich identity, you are just a poor man who won't love or be loved. "

"You!" Sebastian's dark blue eyes narrowed slightly, with a hint of danger flashing in them. The big palm holding Carol's wrist was gradually tightening, and a wild cold smile appeared on his thin lips. "Damn it, woman! You are really cool, right? I tell you, you will never let go of you before I finish my words." The rage on Sebastian's handsome face was frightening, as if there was a huge storm. With a tug of his big hand like an iron clamp, the body of Carol was pulled close to Sebastian and he bit her neck hard. His big hand quickly reached out to her back, and the dark chain of the chiffon skirt was pulled down in an instant.

"Bastard, let go of me! Go away! With her hands above her head, Carol tried to kick Sebastian with her legs, but Sebastian didn't give her the chance. He pressed the button gently, sat down and fell back, and gently pressed on her legs. Sebastian's hot body pressed on her in an instant, like a hot iron, and Carol couldn't move at all.

Carol was trapped between Sebastian and the seat, and his lips had passed through the sexy collarbone and slid down to her waist. Sebastian rudely pulled her underwear. "Err... ". Carol was frightened and took a deep breath. Carol suddenly raised her head and looked into Sebastian's dreamy eyes. "What... What are you doing? You, you, you can't force me. " Carol said stutteringly. The upper part of the body was completely exposed in Sebastian's dark blue and ferocious eyes. Surrounded by his strong body, Carol was ashamed and angry.

Staring at the delicate body under her body, Sebastian's blue eyes became hot.

His desire was aggressive and undisguised, just as domineering as before. "Don't touch me." Tears fell down from Carol's eyes.

Sebastian looked down at her and said domineeringly, "Don't you want it? It's your honor to be my woman! "

As soon as he finished his words, Sebastian bent over and kissed Carol like raindrops. Sebastian slowly stroked her skin, as if he was flirting with her, with an infinite sense of torture. The kiss fell on her chest indistinctly. Carol wanted to break away, but the big palm on her back was close to her skin with a palpitating temperature. Carol didn't know what happened to her. This wanton plunder inexplicably dominated all the thoughts of her. Carol was afraid, and it was like an invisible force that made her sink into it uncontrollably.

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