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   Chapter 20 Punishment

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The familiar masculine breath made the body of Carol tremble. It was him? Carol's slender waist was tightly held in the huge palm of Sebastian Ouyang, and she stared at him in horror with her eyes wide open. 'How could he haunt her all the time?' Frowning, Carol felt that her body was fixed like an iron clamp and couldn't move, but this posture was really warm. Carol Qiao turned her face to avoid his breath and she tried to say in a calm tone. " Sebastian Ouyang! What are you doing now? " "Huh? What do you think? " A cold smile appeared on Sebastian's face, which seemed to be able to freeze people. He turned her face to him and said, "I've grown up in todays, but it is the first time that I was cheated by a woman. How do you think I should punish you?" Sebastian slowly blew on Carol's ear, and the warm breath rubbed her skin faintly.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." Carol turned her face aside. "Don't play dumb with me. What about the seven days? It seems that I only enjoy your duty for one day. " Although Sebastian seemed to speak unhurriedly, the coldness in his tone could be felt urgently by Carol.

"You!" Carol bit her lips angrily. 'This bastard, how can he say such words? He is going to get married!' "I was cheated, so the seven days were not counted at all." The voice of the Carol was low, and she lowered her head, not wanting to see his angry eyes.

"Shut up! Do you have the right to refuse? " Then Carol felt a sharp pain in her lower jaw and took a deep breath, Sebastian rudely pressed her against the wall, reached out his hand to hold the head of Carol, lowered his head and bit Carol's lips with resentment. The pink rose lips seemed to be stained with his breath, and his strength was ruthless. It was so rough and it was without any tenderness! As if Carol was going to be crushed or kneaded into his bone, Carol felt that she was about to suffocate to death, and under his strong power, she could hardly breathe any oxygen in her lungs.

The next second, Sebastian let go of her. Finally, Carol breathed fresh oxygen. She patted her chest. "Woman, kissing should take some breathe. How many times you want me to repeat this sentence?" Sebastian's hoarse voice came from above, which startled Carol. Carol looked at him in disbelief, wondering why his voice became so strange.

When Carol was in a daze, the kiss came to her again and forced her to open the corner of her mouth. It swept around the mouth of Carol unscrupulously. The kiss was emotionless, but more anger and punishment.

"Let go of me! Are you crazy? This is my home. " Carol kept dodging and spoke inarticulately. With his fingertips pressing on her red and swollen lips, Sebastian said coldly, "Do you think I'm afraid?"

"You..." Carol was so angry that she couldn't say a word. Her soft body kept wriggling in Sebastian's arms. Sebastian was speechless. He felt hot all over his body and he even wanted to drink some water because he was thirsty. "This woman!" Sebastian cursed in a low voice.

"Don't move, woman. You'd better not piss me off, or you can't afford the price." Sebastian said slowly and gently, piercing into her ears. Carol suddenly felt cold all over.

"What on earth do you want?" Said Carol in an aggrieved tone.

"Of course you will continue to be my woman," said Sebastian slowly. His face was covered with fro

st, and his eyes also burst out a frightening sight.

"Okay, there are still six days left." Carol pursed her lips and forced herself to accept the fact.

"No, I didn't say it would be seven days. This time, forever, until I say it's over." Looking at her aggrieved look, Sebastian was inexplicably angry. 'Damn it, she should have such an expression when she treated him as her woman. It was a good thing that many girls dreamed of.' Carol's reaction made him very unhappy.

If it was other woman, she might be so excited that she couldn't fall asleep. This women, Carol, she was really a freak.

What? For her whole life? It was thunderstruck when Carol heard this. Carol couldn't accept the fact.

"Sebastian Ouyang, you bastard! Why do you say that? Who are you? " 'My whole family are police, so I'm not afraid of him! 'Carol thought.

Sebastian stared at her and heard what Carol said, and his handsome face became more and more serious. 'Damn it, only she had the courage!' Sebastian didn't know how many times Carol had scolded him.

"I will let you know clearly whether I dare or not."

As soon as his words faded away, Sebastian flirted with Carol's fair neck, pulled open the collar of her clothes, and kissed her snow-white shoulder. 'Son of a bitch! How dare he do whatever he wants! 'Carol thought.

The chest of Carol was trembling uncontrollably. His invasion carried an overwhelming aura, and even the heart of Carol, which had never been affected, was beating wildly. She felt that Sebastian was like a lion beast, which made people naturally terrified.

Carol Qiao wanted to resist, but her strength was like an egg smashing a stone in front of him.

Tears were welling up in Carol's beautiful eyes.

"What are you doing?" The sudden voice made Sebastian stop. He turned around unhappily and stared at the man two meters away from him.

"Who are you?"

Sebastian quickly straightened the clothes for Carol and asked coldly.

"I should ask you this question. I'm her brother." As soon as Elliott Qiao finished his words, he pulled Carol out of Sebastian's arms at a lightning speed.

With a sense of challenge, Elliott stared at Sebastian with his beautiful eyes full of fighting spirit. 'Damn it! How dare he bully his sister at the door of his house! Who did he think he was?' Anger was burning in Elliott's heart.

"I'm her boyfriend. What do you think?" Sebastian said coldly, squinting his eyes. 'The man in front of him was not just Carol's brother, was he?' Sebastian thought in mind. Sebastian saw jealousy in Elliott's eyes.

"Boyfriend? Are you kidding me? I don't think so! Didn't you see the unwillingness on her face? "

The two men stood opposite, and a sense of danger rose in the air. "It's not up to you, is it?" Sebastian said coldly, staring at Carol with his blue eyes. Carol shook her head violently, indicating that it was not.

Then Carol looked into Sebastian's angry eyes and felt a little regretful. She didn't know what he would do to her next time.

Sebastian sneered with a cruel smile on his face.

The next second, he turned around and left. When he passed by Carol, Sebastian stopped for a moment and whispered in her ear, "Woman, remember, you are mine. You have been branded with me. If I find that the woman I care about betrays me in this period, I will choose to destroy her."

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