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   Chapter 19 A Chill On The Back

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 6838

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Alvin raised his thick eyebrows, and his dark eyes blinked slightly, revealing a playful smile. "Did you just find it out now?" Alvin Jin sighed, pretending to be regretful. "I didn't expect that a girl would ignore me, the famous Duncan."

"Err..." The next second, Carol stopped for a moment and smiled. "Ha-ha... Duncan, you are so good at joking. " While eating, Carol's eyes were shining. In the bright sunshine outside the window, her eyes was like a fairy or an angel falling into the world.

Alvin Jin was almost absent-minded. He didn't expect that the girl in his childhood had grown into a beauty. With a refined expression, Alvin couldn't help reaching to the corner of Carol's mouth and wiping the cream from it. Looking at his action, the face of Carol was stunned and turned her head awkwardly.

"Don't you remember me?" After a long time, Alvin suddenly said, staring at Carol with expectation.

"Uh..." Did they know each other before? Carol was tried to remember. But she didn't remember anything and said, "I can't remember. I'm sorry." As soon as Carol finished speaking, Alvin took out two photos from his phone and came up to Carol.

As soon as she took the phone, Carol was attracted by the first photo in the middle.

Carol narrowed her beautiful eyes and focused them.

In the photo, her skin was white and she was five or six years old. But Carol was sure that it was her photo when she was a child.

There were two photos in total. One of them was a photo of her. At that time, Carol was like a cute little doll, wearing a pink chiffon dress. The hemline of her dress fluttered with the wind in the sun, and her long black curly hair danced with her light dance. Her white, tender and small face flushed, and there was an innocent and sweet smile on the corner of her mouth. The two dimples of her were partly hidden and partly visible, and she was like an angel.

Looking at herself in the photo, Carol couldn't help smiling. The other was a photo of her and a boy. At this time, she was lying on the back of a boy, smiling happily and somewhat heartless.

On the contrary, the boy in the photo was black and didn't look beautiful at all. The memory of her childhood came up little by little. In the blurred memory, it seemed that there was a young boy next door who had been playing with her, and Carol herself seemed to have been calling him Alvin.

"Are you Alvin?" Carol asked slightly and she also felt excited. 'Is my idol the brother who played with me when I was a child? If he really is him. Then she is so lucky.' Carol thought in mind.

"You just remember, my girl? My full name is Alvin Jin, remember? " With a doting smile, Alvin rubbed Carol's nose.

"Ha-ha, that's great."

The joy couldn't be hidden on the face of the Carol. Looking at the smile of Carol in front of him, Alvin was shocked. For a moment, he felt as if he had fallen into the world of Carol and wanted to reach out to touch this other-worldly woman.

"Carol, how about you work in my company?" A moment later, Alvin said with a little tenderness on his handsome face.

"Okay!" While eating the dessert, Carol was very happy. The light of the setting sun reflected in from the window and circled the people in the dessert shop. At this time, they were the brightest couple in the shop, looking so harmonious and sweet.

An hour later, the two walked out of the dessert shop t

ogether. "Carol, let me drive you." Alvin said with a smile, raising an elegant arc.

"All right! My home is at No. 54, Wu Yu Street." Carol said with smile. "My car is on the opposite. Wait here." Then Alvin walked towards the opposite road. Meanwhile, Carol was looking at the constant stream of cars on the road, lost in thought. Compared with the boredom of looking for a job these two days, Carol was much more relaxed and finally didn't have to worry about looking for a job. Suddenly, a luxurious Rolls-Royce floated past her, and its speed was as fast as lightning, raising a strong string wind, as if with a ghost like cold air, as if it could kill her. It was so horrible that Carol felt a chill on her back.

Carol felt something was wrong and couldn't tell what it was. When Carol was in a daze, the car of Alvin slowly came over. He rolled down the window and his handsome face was imprinted. "Get in the car, Carol!" Feeling that she herself was extremely insecure now, Carol quickly got in the car and muttered in her heart. 'I don't seem to have offended anyone!'

Through the rearview mirror, Alvin saw the pale face of the Carol and asked with concern, "Carol, what's wrong with you! Do you feel uncomfortable?"

The sudden voice pulled Carol back from her nervous thoughts, and she gradually calmed down. She said lightly. "It's okay. Maybe I just ate too much and felt a little uncomfortable."

"Are you going to the hospital?" Alvin asked by nervous. "No, thanks. I'll be fine after I go home and have a good sleep." Carol waved at him and started to drive forward. Soon, they arrived at the apartment building near the Wu Yu Street. Carol got off the car, thanked Alvin and walked towards the door.

Meanwhile, she didn't notice that there was a pair of angry eyes staring at her in the distance.

As soon as Sebastian got off the plane, he received several calls from his father all the way. He wiped his hair irritably and drove a Rolls-Royce towards home. The road was not wide, and the car was a little blocked. He couldn't stand the red light all the way. He suddenly rolled down the window, wanting to breathe fresh air. At an intersection, a familiar one entered his eyes. It was her?

Sebastian's eyes were fixed on the dessert shop not far away, and anger was rising in his blue eyes. What was the relationship between her and the man? They talked and laughed happily, as if they were a couple in love, but in the eyes of Sebastian, they were so annoying.

With the man's doting eyes on Carol, Sebastian's mood became more and more gloomy. His face became more and more serious, and the nameless anger was burning in his heart. 'Damn it! This woman was indeed in China.' Sebastian wished he could get out of the car and pull the woman over to interrogate her, but he held it back. A cold smile appeared on the corner of Sebastian's mouth, which made people feel chilly. Seeing that she got into the man's car, Sebastian stared at her coldly. He squinted his blue eyes, quietly started the car and followed her. 'Woman, do you think you can escape?'

Carol felt a little dazzling. She just wanted to go home and have a good sleep. All of a sudden, a black figure rushed out from behind, with a powerful arm around her neck from behind, and took her into his arms. The man pressed Carol against the wall beside the iron door, and the whole action was done in one go.

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