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   Chapter 18 First Encounter With Alvin Jin

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The manager looked at Carol up and down, and there was something hidden in his eyes. He pretended to read her resume and some of her works carefully and gently asked, "Do you really want to work here?"

"Yes." Carol nodded seriously, scratched the hair beside her ear nervously and answered truthfully. She wondered if she hadn't received enough education and that the company didn't need her. The manager frowned and said gently, "You can stay as my assistant. The design department is next door. You can learn from them and work for them. They will give you a good salary."

He put Carol's resume on the table beside and the manager stared at Carol without a blink. Carol felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by him, but she couldn't figure out why. It was her first job, and Carol cherished it very much.

"Thank you for letting me stay. I promise I will work hard and do whatever you ask me to do." Carol Qiao said by a sweet smile. But she didn't know that her smile almost distracted the manager.

After working for two days, Carol realized that it was not a good job at all. The manager was just like a lecher, who kept harassing her and pestering her. Finally, Carol couldn't help but roar him out. She didn't expect that the manager would put medicine in her tea. If Carol hadn't found it with her sharp eyes, she would have suffered a great loss, so on the third day, she was left. Before leaving, Carol beat the manager hard, as if only in this way could she vent her anger. The manager wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and sneered, "You will never find a job like this."

"Humph! What's the big deal! Even if I can't find a job, I won't stay here! " With a snort, Carol turned around and left.

It was afternoon when she walked out of the clothing company. The warm sunshine was baking the ground ruthlessly, just like the mood of Carol, with a trace of depression.

'My first job was ended with such a failure. 'Carol sighed.

The following job hunting was not as expected. Either the other party said that she was not qualified, or they looked like perverts. And a few hours had passed. Carol had tried her best.

She checked the time and found that it was already four o'clock in the afternoon.

Since she was hungry and her legs seemed to be out of control, Carol chose a bigger dessert shop and walked inside.

As soon as she entered the room, she was bumped into by someone inside. Then, she fell into a man's arms, and a faint smell of man's perfume rushed over. Stars lit up in her head, and her resume was spread all over the ground.

"I'm sorry." The man's gentle voice came from above her head. When Carol raised her head, a smartly and arrogant face bumped into her beautiful eyes. He was wearing a pure white silk shirt and a pair of black trousers, which made him look low-key and reserved.

But he was a little free and handsome, with an innocent smile on his face, which gave people a strong sense of existence.

This was the first impression by Carol.

"It doesn't matter." Carol said slightly. The strange aura made her frown, and then she quickly retreated from the man's arms.

"Are you looking for a job?" The man picked up the information on the ground and asked softly, looking at her name in the file. 'Is this her name, Carol Qiao?' Something flashed across his mind.

"Yes, these are all very shallow resume." Carol was a little emba

rrassed and grabbed the thing in his hand in a hurry.

"Did you design all these?" The man looked down at Carol and said.

"Of course." Carol nodded.

"Your design is very talented. As long as you have professional design knowledge and concept, your work will be very popular." The man looked at her work carefully, with appreciation in his eyes.

"You can understand my works?" With an expression of surprise, Carol stared at him with her beautiful eyes wide open.

"Of course, I'm also a designer." The man looked down at her with a gentle smile.

"Excuse me, who are you?" When Carol looked at his clothes, she suddenly felt that his clothes were a little different. If she guessed right, this dress was a limited edition with a unique design of FOM logo.

There was no second one in the world, let alone this shopping mall.

Was he...? Duncan?

Noticing that Carol was staring at his clothes, a hint of disappointment flashed through his eyes. Alas, it was the first time that he had met a girl who only stared at his clothes.

Why didn't she look at his face?

It seemed that she didn't recognize him at all.

"Excuse me, sir. Are you the famous chief fashion designer, Duncan?" Carol came to herself in embarrassment, bit her lips and said gently.

"Yes I am." Alvin Jin nodded. Duncan was his designer name.

"Hello, I'm Carol Qiao. It's my honor to meet you. You've always been my idol." Then, Carol friendly stretched out her right hand to him.

"Don't always stand here. Find a place to sit down first. Let's go. I'll treat you something to eat."

With a smile, Alvin grabbed Carol's hand and strode forward.

Carol was in a daze for a while, and her brain hadn't digested yet, so she could only let him pull her away.

It was an elegant dessert house.

The hall was in a strong European style, and the designs created by art were beautiful and exquisite. In the center of the stage, a young man was playing the piano, intoxicated and pleasant.

Most of the people sitting around were couples. The air was filled with the fragrance of grape wine, which was like thin lines, intoxicating and pleasant.

"Come on, let's sit here! The light here is good. "Said Alvin with a smile. He chose a place facing the window and sat down.

"Okay." Carol nodded.

A moment later, a waiter came over with a menu. Alvin Jin ordered a few dishes, and soon all the dishes were served. They were so rich. Eight main dishes, two steaks, one for each.

There were also some dishes, including side dishes, red wine, desserts, cold food, ice cream, fruit platter and so on. They were all made by top chefs. To be honest, Carol felt that she was very hungry now. Without a word, Carol began to eat with a smile on her beautiful face.

To be honest, Carol still felt that the food in her country was more delicious than that in foreign countries. She couldn't get used to it.

Seeing her eating like a hungry wolf, Alvin couldn't help smiling. His handsome smile almost made many women around him scream.

When Carol was halfway through the meal, she suddenly raised her head and found that the man was looking at her without blinking. There was an unnatural expression on her face.

"Why don't you eat! It tastes good. " Carol said awkwardly.

Alvin Jin raised his thick eyebrows, and his dark eyes blinked slightly, revealing a playful smile. "Did you just find out now?"

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