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   Chapter 17 Job Interview

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The bedroom was still as clean and warm as it was when Carol went abroad. She put down her suitcase, walked to the bedside, and lay gently on the bed. She stared blankly at the ceiling above, and kept lying still. Too many things had happened in the past few days, which made her unable to digest.

When Carol closed her eyes, warm tears slid down from the corners of her beautiful eyes and fell into the soft silk quilt. The moonlight sprinkled in from the window, as if to warm up the girl in peace.

On the island of America.

Lowering his head, Ken stood carefully in front of the desk. The coldness and sternness radiating from the highness made him dare not move. After listening to his report, Sebastian had been silent for three minutes. These three minutes made Ken feel so long that cold sweat had oozed from his back.

"Continue to look for her. Even if we dig the ground and look for her everywhere in the United States!" Although Sebastian's voice was very low, his innate indifference and the great anger contained in his tone at this time made people shudder.

All of a sudden, there was a sense of lacking of oxygen in the air.

'Carol Qiao, you have aroused my interest. How can you suddenly disappear?'

Three days had passed, but there was no news of her at all. "Carol Qiao, you are really do such a great thing, right?" Sebastian said to himself. His evil and cold voice always broke the silence of summer night, and it also like a cold wind, making the air a little wet and cold.

"Yes! I will send more people to investigate it. My highness, what are your schedule today...? " Ken's body trembled slightly. Ken thought in mind, 'In fact, this woman was very important in the Highness's heart. It was afraid that the highness hadn't realized it yet.

Look at him. The highness was so angry that it seemed that a storm had come over the head.'

Ken had spent three days searching for the woman, but he couldn't find her. He wondered if the woman had disappeared all of a sudden.

"Cancel all of them! You may leave now. " Sebastian Ouyang slightly closed his eyes and slowly raised the corners of his mouth. He had made up his mind.

"Yes, sir!" Ken turned around and bowed his head slightly to agree. Without even raising his head, Ken slowly walked out of the door. In the room, Sebastian stood up and walked to the desk. He poured a glass of wine, gently shook the light red liquid in the crystal goblet and drank it up. A complicated expression appeared on his handsome and cold face, and there was a flicker of anger in his blue and cold eyes. His profound and unpredictable expression, like a cheetah finally met an exciting prey, aroused the flames in his heart.

In the video on the wall, Cory Luo's enchanting face was shown.

"Seban, I heard that you had been looking for a woman for three days. It's really surprising."

There was a cynical tone in Cory's words. Cory touched his chin with one hand and tasted the dry red in his hand, looking at Sebastian with interest.

Sebastian glanced at Cory and pursed his lips gloomily. Sebastian said in a low voice, "Don't worry. I'll find her out. Can she disappear?"

"I think you should adjust the plan. Maybe she has left the United States a long time ago, or you should go to China to look for her." Cory said slowly.

Sebastian had to admit that Cory's words made sense. Sebastian suddenly felt enlightened.

It seemed that he should chang

e his strategy.

The night wind in summer was incomparably fresh. On the balcony of the second floor, Carol was sitting on a wooden bench, reading a book and sneezing inexplicably. 'Who was scolding her?' She thought. Carol looked at her watch and found it was already twelve o'clock.

Putting away the clothing design book in her hand, Carol walked into the room. She decided to have a sweet sleep and apply for a job tomorrow.

While working, she finished her study. Carol didn't want to be an intern-policewoman anymore. She had forced herself to choose this major before, and only she knew that she was not fit for that job.

Maybe because she was not her father's biological daughter, she found that she did not have the gene for police investigation at all.

Now she could learn her favorite major with her own conception.

The next morning, the sun had jumped on the bed and circled it. Carol got up sleepily and stretched lazily. A good day began. A few minutes later, she brushed her teeth and washed her face. The quilt had been folded neatly.

Looking at the dressing in the mirror, Carol was wearing a white chiffon, light pink pencil pants, and her hair was casually put behind her head like a sea bath. She looked refined, so she smiled brightly in the mirror.

Carol ran downstairs.

"Carol! Where are you going so early? " Johnson Qiao stopped her at the table.

"Dad, I'm looking for a job." Carol turned around and said gently.

"Looking for a job?" Johnson was surprised at what Carol said.

"Dad, I want to do my favorite job and learn my favorite major. I don't want to be a police officer." Standing at the door, Carol lowered her eyes and spoke out what she really thought.

"Okay! It's up to you. Let's go after breakfast. "Looking at Carol's receding figure, Johnson muttered with pity. A moment later, he got up and went to work.

Carol ate a large glass of milk, a bread and a fried egg, muttering. The breakfast at home was delicious, and she went out.

Looking at the luxury clothing company in front of her, Carol adjusted the bag on her back and walked in with her head up.

Before setting out, Carol had set a goal for herself. Without a formal design diploma, it was a good chance for her to work in a clothing company while charging and learn the clothing design experience of others.

She could even do some chores, but she was very happy to work in a clothing company. So yesterday, Carol went to every clothing company to gather a lot of information, and then applied for a job one by one. And this clothing company was her first stop to apply.

"Miss, what can I do for you? No outsider is allowed to enter the company. " As soon as Carol walked to the door of the hall and looked inside, a well-dressed foreman came over.

"Hello, I'm here for an interview. Is your manager here?" Carol looked around the hall and asked politely.

"The manager is over there. I'll take you there."

The man looked Carol up and down, and the next second he took Carol inside enthusiastically.

"Thank you!" Carol said thankfully. Under the man's lead, she was arrived.

She quickly came to the manager and bowed, "Manager, nice to meet you! I've read your recruitment notice. I want to come here to apply for a job and learn design. I'm only an amateur in fashion, but I've won several awards. This is my previous works. Please have a look. " Then, Carol handed her resume respectfully.

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