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   Chapter 16 Safe Escape

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The man was hesitating. "Please, take me out. I was deceived." With tears in her beautiful eyes, Carol Qiao looked pitiful.

"All right! Just hide yourself in this big box. Don't move when someone comes to check you. Otherwise, not only you, but also we will be implicated. Maybe we can't even save our lives. Do you understand? "

The man said seriously word by word. To be honest, he didn't know why he helped her.

Carol nodded.

The next second, the man put the empty sack on the top of Carol and closed the box. Maybe the more casual it was, the easier she could avoid the inspection.

A strong smell of food rushed into Carol's nose in the wood box. Feeling a little uncomfortable, Carol covered her nose and thought, 'As long as I can get out of the island, I will go back directly and stay away from the devil!'

The smell was not good, so Carol told herself to hold on and there were still a lot of things waiting for her to do.

"May I sail now?" The man asked the inspector.

"Cut the crap. Get on the boat!" A fat man got on the boat and said impatiently.

This ship was specially sent fruits and vegetables to this mysterious island. In order to ensure the freshness of the food, this ship usually sent vegetables every other day.

In fact, there was nothing to check every time. This was the Highness's territory, It was heavily guarded, and there were micro cameras at every intersection. They didn't dare to do anything. They all knew the consequences. If they didn't do it well, not only would they lose their lives, but also the whole family would be implicated.

The ship finally started, and the nervous heart of Carol finally landed.

As long as Carol thought of Sebastian's cold handsome face and ghostly eyes, her palms were full of cold sweat.

Finally, she was about to leave the fiend. The ship continued to move forward. After a long time, the air in the wood box was thin, and Carol felt a little difficult to breathe. At this moment, the wooden box was opened and the sack was taken out. The dim wooden box was filled with bright light, and fresh air floated in. A thick voice said, "Come out. You are safe."

Now that Carol had left the island safely, she jumped out of the wooden box happily with her lips trembling. Seeing the scenery by the shore, the coconut leaves swayed gently with the wind, and the laughter of young men and girls playing on the shore.

She looked up at the sky. It was the most beautiful sunset time. The sun gradually set, and the West emitted a dazzling red glow. It was so magnificent and changeable.

Stepping on the familiar seaside land again, Carol felt very familiar. As for what happened on that island, she thought it was a dream. Carol wrinkled her nose in disgust. She didn't have to deal with that domineering devil anymore.

"I'm so hungry," said Carol, touching her belly. Then she found an elegant restaurant and ate a lot. Then Carol went to the hotel and took out her luggage. "Ding-Ding-Ding!" The phone rang. It was Lisa Gu. Everything Carol suffered was because of her. 'What a bad friend!' thought Carol, gnashing her teeth.

"Hello, what's up?" Carol said indignantly.

"I'm sorry, Carol. How are you doing on the island?" Lisa asked with concern.

"Thanks to you, I'm fine. I've left the island safely." Carol said coldly

and looked out of the window, with grievance in her eyes.

"Err..." The other side of the phone was stunned, and now it was Lisa's turn to be confused.

"Did Sebastian Ouyang take you out of the island?" Lisa asked softly.

"You have the nerve to ask. Lisa, I thought you were my best friend, but you betrayed me." Although Carol was angry, her beautiful eyes were still filled with tears.

"No, Carol, let me explain." There was a trace of anxiety on the other side of the phone.

"I don't want to listen." Carol was crying.

"Carol, on that day, Sebastian Ouyang told me that you had already been his woman. He wanted to take you to the island to keep a relationship with you. I saw that he seemed to be true to you, and then I agreed. You know, I have always been immune to handsome men. If a rich and handsome man treats me like this, I would have already married."

Hearing Lisa's explanation, Carol felt that the more she listened, the more meaningless it was. Carol knew that Lisa was such a person who was obsessed with handsome men. 'Well, forget it!' Carol felt that even her anger was in vain.

At last, Carol whispered to the chattering Lisa on the phone, "I'm not angry with you" And then Carol hung up. A few hours later, Carol took the last flight to China. The plane drew a beautiful arc in the sky and arrived at the beautiful Taipei or T city in a few hours.

At this time, the whole island seemed to be wrapped in a layer of frost. It had been four hours since the disappearance of Carol. In order to find her, Sebastian almost turned over the whole island.

It was not until Sebastian checked the micro camera on the island that he was sure that the woman had escaped. 'She had promise him for seven days, but she actually ran away under his watch. Damn it!' Sebastian cursed in a low voice, obviously unable to accept such a fact. Sebastian focused on the screen, and a fire of nameless gradually rose in his dark blue deep eyes, spreading in the bottom of his heart.

'Damn it! 'Carol Qiao! You can only be mine before I stop.

I believe we will see each other soon.'

As the night fell, Taipei was also brightly lit, dazzling. But Carol was not in the mood to appreciate it. The heavy suitcase in her hand made her a little out of breath. She stopped a taxi, told the driver the address of her hometown, and the car quickly drove home. It was not until she entered the door that Carol let out a sigh of relief.

When Carol got home in the middle of the night, her parents were shocked by the sudden noise.

"Carol, why do you come back suddenly? Where is your car? " Looking at the tired Carol, father Johnson asked worriedly.

"The car will be checked in. I'm going to bed." Since her brother told her that she was not the biological daughter, Carol felt awkward. 'Why wasn't she her parents' biological daughter?'

Carol didn't want to do that, but what should she do?

"Well, have a good rest. It's already three o'clock.

Johnson glanced at the bronze clock hanging on the wall and then looked at his daughter, who was lost in thought. He swallowed all the words he wanted to say.

'He would talk to her later.' With a slight sigh, Johnson turned around and went upstairs.

After standing in the large living room for a while, Carol slowly walked towards her bedroom.

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