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   Chapter 14 The Exception

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Sebastian patiently explained in her ear, but Carol found that she didn't listen to him at all. She just felt that Sebastian was holding her and sometimes wiped her skin with the temperature. She felt that her temperature was going up.

'Was it the weather too hot? Why did she find that her heart beat so fast?' Carol thought in mind.

Carol wanted to struggle out, and she didn't want to learn, but she couldn't escape from this man's strong arms. The male aura made her feel a little suffocated.

"Well... I can do it myself. I know how to do it. "Carol said hastily. She straightened up but it made her approached him again. She jumped out of his arms in a hurry, quickly waved the ball arm and hit forward to hide her panic. Although Carol didn't hit the target, she acted as if she were an expert.

Sebastian looked at her expressionlessly for a while and picked up the ball arm to play with her.

The servant finally came in handy at this moment. Of course, they were responsible for picking up the balls.

Half an hour later, Carol felt muggy. Although the sunshine was not strong and it even hid into the clouds, Carol was still tired and exhausted.

The last shot was thrown out with the ball and the ball arm. Since Carol had a fall and couldn't stand up, it was not because she was weak. It was all because of the devil who had done something to her last night.

"Oh, my little wild cat, you are too weak!"

Sebastian sneered coldly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Carol was so angry that she gritted her teeth, but she couldn't stand up. She just buried her head inside the ground and didn't want to see him.

Carol vaguely felt that Sebastian was approaching her and squatted down in front of her. 'She had already been like this, was he still going to laugh at her?' When Carol was thinking about this, she was suddenly held in a broad embrace. She looked at him in surprise. Sebastian was came to hug her. Carol's heart trembled slightly, and the chaotic breath was still unable to calm down. It had to be said that Sebastian was a playboy. He changed women like clothes, but he had the ability to do so. Carol almost lost her sensibility.

'How could she have such an idea?' Carol was disdained herself.

'Maybe it was just because the weather was too hot.' Carol told herself.

There was a touch of tenderness in Sebastian's eyes. Ignoring her gaze, Sebastian quickly walked forward and put Carol in a clear pavilion. He patted her gently two times, and then a maid brought the breakfast up.

They were all delicious western food with several flavors, including two large cups of milk. 'In fact, it was a good feeling.'

Carol felt like having breakfast with her beloved man. But Sebastian was not her boyfriend. Sebastian was a man who liked to flirt with women. He would never stop. When Carol Qiao thought of this, she felt a little disappointed.

But she didn't understand this feeling.

"Sebastian Ouyang, let's live in peace these seven days! I want to be your girlfriend for seven days. "

Sebastian raised his head slightly with a sarcastic smile on his thin lips. 'How could she be his girlfriend? That's Interesting!'

"Well. Forget it." Feeling

disappointed, Carol picked up a sandwich and ate it. Judging from his expression, Carol knew that Sebastian didn't care about his woman at all.

"Okay. We can have a try." Suddenly, Sebastian opened his mouth, gently picked up the cup and drank a large mouthful of milk. With an expression of great interest, Sebastian agreed, which shocked Carol. She bit too much sandwich and almost can't swallowed it. Sebastian Ouyang quickly handed her a glass of milk, and Carol took it, but she didn't see it and then drank it all. After eating it, she looked at the milk and knew that it was his glass. Carol stared at Sebastian speechlessly, feeling angry.

"You just said you were going to be my girlfriend. Why don't you want to touch the glass which I drank?" Sebastian saw all her expressions. And it was a complicated expression on his face.

With a smile, Carol rolled her eyes at him and said nothing.

It was a different breakfast. Were the two people getting closer to each other? However, from this moment on, the fates of the two people, Carol and Sebastian, would never be interrupted.

Sebastian Ouyang frowned slightly, but his deep blue eyes concealed the complex feelings in his heart. He approached and waved his long arms around Carol's waist, and whispered in her ear, "Are there some conditions to be my girlfriend?"

'Conditions?' Carol was confused.

"How about call me Sebastian?" He said coldly.

What? 'No, I don't want it.' Carol was pretended not hear his words.

"Call me or not?" Sebastian's voice was a little loud. Looking at Carol's unhappy face, a cold light appeared on Sebastian's handsome face. He was confident to get her all and her heart.

'Why does he change his face all of a sudden?' Carol wondered.

'Well, I don't even have the right to be angry with him now.' After a pause, Carol smiled lightly and said, "Sebastian." Carol was shocked when she heard the mild voice. 'Did these gentle sounds come from my mouth?' Carol thought.

"Not bad." Sebastian couldn't help smiling.

But the expression on Carol's face was a little unnatural.

In fact, for Carol, Sebastian was new and special. He was different from all the men around her! Although sometimes Carol was displeased with his strength, most of the time, he gave her a sense of security and even felt that it was a matter of course that she was weak. 'But an excellent man like Sebastian wouldn't always fall in love with her, so she could just be his lover.' Carol thought.

"In the past, there were only two words' the lover 'in my life. You broke the rule and you will enjoy the treatment like my girlfriend."

Said Sebastian arrogantly, wrapping his arms around the waist of Carol. There was nothing in the world that Sebastian could not get, no matter it was a person or a thing. "That's interesting. Should I say I am really honor?" Speechless, Carol twitched her mouth, got rid of him and ran forward.

When Sebastian was about to catch up with her, his phone rang.

"Hello, what's up?" Staring at the direction in which Carol ran away, Sebastian said impatiently.

"It's from Cory Luo. He seems to have something important to discuss with you. Besides, your father called you."

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